Year-End Open Enrollment Checklist - ?· Year-End Open Enrollment Checklist ... As year-end approaches…

Download Year-End Open Enrollment Checklist - ?· Year-End Open Enrollment Checklist ... As year-end approaches…

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<ul><li><p>Year-End Open Enrollment Checklist</p><p>Done ActivityEnsure your benefit plans are complete and accurate in Ascentis HR This means making sure existing eligibility rules are calculating correctly, new rates are in place for existing plans with the correct effective dates and all covered participants are enrolled in their existing elections. Verify that new plans are created with accurate start dates and eligibility rules. </p><p>Configure your employee self-service open enrollment period This entails defining the open enrollment period dates and enabling benefit plans to be offered within those dates. You will need to define your approval policies for changes made by employees and make certain your links to plan documents, carriers and providers are current and complete. Also organize your Plan Types in the order you want them to display and build your plan comparisons. Remember you have the ability to customize the instructions on every screen and can customize it using HTML.</p><p>Roll out the open enrollment wizard Conduct an information session for employees, making sure their accounts are enabled and they have the URL and account information to access the self-service open enrollment wizard. Review the New Hires tab in the self-service administration section and delete employees who have not started. if In process, ensure they confirm before the open enrollment start date is current. On the start date - run the Benefit Calculation utility in Ascentis HR which will kicks off the open enrollment wizard when the employee logs into ESS.</p><p>Actively manage the open enrollment process after it begins Monitor the Self Service Administration &gt; Open Enrollment tab daily. Send reminders to employees who havent completed open enrollment, and review and approve/reject pending changes. Also, this screen gives you the ability to reset open enrollment statuses for employees experiencing problems or who have made mistakes. </p><p>After the open enrollment period is closed Approve/reject all open enrollment changes in the Pending tab (open enrollment changes will be marked as such). Review the open enrollment tab to make sure all employees have Confirmed. Finally verify the deduction changes have been approved in payroll. If you need to pass deductions to payroll for benefits starting on 1/1/2015 PRIOR to that date, you can utilize the Closing Date feature in Ascentis HR. This is known as processing payroll in arrears.</p><p> 1.800.229.2713</p><p>As year-end approaches we encourage you to start thinking about how you will position benefits choices in front of employees in ways they can understand them. Doing so diminishes the most repetitive and time consuming questions HR departments receive during open enrollment. </p><p>This checklist covers, in a sequential order, the basic steps required to configure open enrollment through Ascentis HR and Employee Self-Service and ensure an effective and smooth open enrollment period. </p></li></ul>