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<p>YEAR BOOK </p> <p>AND ( </p> <p>OFFICIAL MINUTES </p> <p>OF THE </p> <p>FOOCHOW CONFERENCE </p> <p>OF THE </p> <p>METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH </p> <p>1938 </p> <p>Minutes of the Sixty-second Ses-sion of the Foochow Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Held at Foo-chow, China, December 7th-12th, </p> <p>One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-eight. </p> <p>Printed By The Christian Herald Industrial Mission Press </p> <p>Foochow, China. </p> <p>TABLE OF CONTENTS </p> <p>SecretaryYs Certificate Back of Table of Contents Page </p> <p>J. Officers of the Conference 309 </p> <p>II. </p> <p>III. IV V-</p> <p>Vf. </p> <p>VII. VIII. </p> <p>Boards, Commissions, Committees (a) Conference Boards (b) Conference Committees (c) Miscellaneous Boards (d) Episcopal Appointments (e) Missionary Organization </p> <p>Journal of Proceedings Disciplinary Questions </p> <p>Appointm ents </p> <p>Reports (a) District Superintendents (b) Standing Committees and Boards (c) Standing Committees (d) Special Committees (e) Statistical Tables (f) Conference Treasurer (g) Other Treasurers (h) Miscellaneous Reports </p> <p>"When the Roll is cal1ed up Yonder" Historical </p> <p>1. Sessions of Mission Conference 2. Sessions of the Conference 3. General Conference Delegates 4. Central Conference Delegates </p> <p>309 310 313 314 314 </p> <p>315 </p> <p>340 </p> <p>347 </p> <p>3~6 361 375 384 386 414 414 416 </p> <p>433 </p> <p>434 435 437 438 </p> <p>X. Miscellaneous </p> <p>(a) Plan of Conference Examinations 440 (d) Lay Conference Minutes 441 (e) Women's Conference Minutes 442 </p> <p>XI. (a) Pastoral Record and Directory 447 (b) Accepted Supply Pastors 451 (c) Lay Conference Members 453 (d) Missioriaries of the Board of Foreign Missions 457 (e) Missionaries of the W. F. M. S. 458 </p> <p>~sssssssssssssssssssss~ss~ (f; CERTIFICATE (I) (!) This is to certify that this is a complete and (I) ~ ~ (!) correct record of the proceedings of the Sixty- ~ (f: second Session of the Foochow Annual Confer- ~ (fj ence, and that it was adopted as the authorized ~ (f; English version of the Official Record. (1) (fj (I) (f; ~ ~ 00 (fj (I) (f; ~ (f; ~ (f; Pusiding Bishop (I) (f; ,~ (I) </p> <p>~ ~7 II /\.:::j~ ~ (f; ~ (f; (I) (f; English Secretary (I) </p> <p>~SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~ </p> <p>I. OFFICERS OF THE CONFERENCE </p> <p>Annual Conference </p> <p>Presiding Bishop </p> <p>John Gowdy </p> <p>Chinese Secretary </p> <p>Assistant Chinese Sec1'etary </p> <p>English Secretary </p> <p>Assistant English Secretary </p> <p>Statistician </p> <p>Assistant Statistician </p> <p>Interpreters </p> <p>Lall Nai.bui Song Ing-hok Henry V Lacy E. Pearce Hayes Ding Le-gang </p> <p>Palll P \Viant </p> <p>long Chiong oong Harry \"1. \\'orley </p> <p>lay Conference President </p> <p>Vice President </p> <p>Secretary </p> <p>Treasurer </p> <p>Palll P VViant </p> <p>Sidney Chen Ding Iu~kong </p> <p>Ding Dung-king </p> <p>II. BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, AND COMMITTEES </p> <p>(a) Conference Hoards </p> <p>Trustees of Conference Claimants' Funds Term Expires 1939 :-Harry R. Caldwell, U Cll de, Dong </p> <p>Bing. 10k. Term Expires 194o:-Ding Hung Gi, Go Seuk.heng, </p> <p>Harry W "Vorley Term Expires 1941 :-Ding Hung-kuang, E.Pearce Hayes </p> <p>Lau Heng-tong. </p> <p>Board of Ministerial Training 'vV. S, Bissonnette, Harry R. Caldwell, Ding Ceng-ek, Ding Hung-gi, E. Pearce Hayes, Hu Ing-haung, long </p> <p>310 F'OOCHOW ANNUAL CONFERENCE </p> <p>Chiong-dong, Lau Ngo-ming, Li Deung-mingJ </p> <p>Ling Bing. cio, Ling Guong-ing. Ling Siu-ung, Sie Cung-ing Siek Ing-hiong, U N ai-cio, Uong Bing-10k. </p> <p>Board of Stewards \V. S. Bissonnette, Ding Hung-gi (Convenor), H uong Do-tai, Henry V Lacy, Lau Nai-bui, Ling Chiong-i, Ngu Dung-ong, Sia Cung-gieng, Go Seuk.heng, Sie eu-ung. </p> <p>Board of Ed,ucation Represetltatives of the T01nell'S Confere1"ce </p> <p>Janet Ho, Charlotte Ling, Mary Mann, Ruby Sia, Myrtle Smith. </p> <p>R.epresentat-i-ves of the Annual Conference long Chiong-dong, Lan Nai-bui, Sie Cung-ing, Siek Jng-hiong. </p> <p>Representatives of the Lay Conference </p> <p>Ding H ung-ciong. </p> <p>Board of Religious Education Representatives of the Women's C onferellce </p> <p>Dr. Roxy Lefforge (Ex Officio), Mary S. G. Carleton, Carol Chen, Mrs. David Ling. :Martha Graf, Lois Hwang, Louise H wang, Rose Mace, Mary Mann, Stella \Vang. </p> <p>Representatives of the Annual Conference Samson S. Ding (Ex-Officio), "V. S. Bissonnette, Tong Chiong-dong, Lau Heng-tong, Ling Guong-il1g, Sia Dung-lell, E. M. Stowe, U. lng-siong, Ung Seng-gie. </p> <p>Representatives of the Lay Conference </p> <p>Geo. K. T. "Vu. </p> <p>Commission on Worship.And Music E. P. Hayes, Roxy Leftorge Ling Guong-ing, Sia Dung-lell, Harry W. Worley. </p> <p>(8) Conference Committees </p> <p>for tbe 1938 Session. Conference Relations Committee </p> <p>W. S. Bissonnette" Harry R. Caldwell (Convenor), Bau </p> <p>BOARDS COMMISSIONS AND COMMI'i'TEES 3II </p> <p>lng-seng, Ding Dng-ciu, Hu Ing-l1Uang, Henry V Lacy, E. Pearce Hayes, Lau Ngo-ming, Ling Su-hua, Ngu Dung-ong, Sie Cu-ung, U. Gi-chai. </p> <p>Evangelistic Program </p> <p>W. S. Bissonnette, Lau Nai-bui, Ling Ging-ang, E. p, Hayes, Harry R. Caldwell, Sie Cuung, Uug Seng gie Dong Bing-10k. I </p> <p>Resolutions </p> <p>Hu Gu-sieng, Ling Ging-ang (Convenor), Ling Seng-ong, Ling Ung-liong, Ding Dung-king, Li Hung ciong. </p> <p>Self Support Ciu Sik de, Ding Guok-ging, Go Seuk.heng, Huong Dug-ciong, Lau N ai-bui (Convenor), Ling Chiong-i, Sie </p> <p>Cung ing, U Nai-ciD, Diong Cung-dai, Li Hung-ciong. </p> <p>Social Work Bau lng-seng, Hu Gu-siellg, Ling Gi-hok, Ngieng Ki-hua (Convenor), SOllg Ing-hok, l\gu Dung ong, Vr. Lng Soi-ging, Paul P, \Vlant. </p> <p>State of the Church U. Seuk-sing, (Convenor), W. S. Bissonnette, Lang lng-liong, Ling Sing-jng, Ling Ung-liong, U Nai-cio, Sia Cung gieng, Uong Bing-10k, Uong Dlllg-ching, Harry W \,yorley, Hu Ung-Ie, Ding Hung-ciong~ </p> <p>for the Year 1939. </p> <p>Apportionment Committee Ding H u!!g-kuang, E, P Hayes, Liug Ging-allg, Harry W. Worley, Diong Cung-dai. </p> <p>Conference Claiments Endowment Fund Campaign </p> <p>E. Pearce Hayes, Henry V. Lacy, Paul P. VViant. </p> <p>Conference Program The Pastor of the Entertaining Church (Ling Guong-ing), the District Superintendent and the District Missionary of the District where held (Sia Dung-leu, Harry W Worley), The Chinese Secretary CLau Nai-bui), the English Secretary (E. Pearce Hayes). </p> <p>312 FOOCHOW ANNUAL CONFERENCE </p> <p>Conference Hostel Ding Hung~kLJ.ang (Convenor), Cong Gu-deng, Go Seuk-heng, Lau Heng-tong, Li Deung-ming, Ling Gi-hok, Ling Bing-cio, U Cu-de. Executive Committee, Chai Ciu-soi, Ho Tieng-Iok, Uong Bing-10k, Paul P Wiant, The Foo-chow District Superintendent (Sia Dung-leu), The Foo-chow District Missionary (Harry W. Worley), and Pas-tor of Tieng-ang- dong (Ling Guong-ing). </p> <p>Conference Entertai n men t </p> <p>Bau Ing-seng. Ciu Sik-de, Guoh Ca-ong, Lau Ngo-ming, Ling Gi-hok, Ling Chiong-i, Sle, U Nai-sing (Conve1lor), Ho Tieng-lok (Co-opted), </p> <p>Finance Committee </p> <p>Term Expires 1939:-] ames L. Ding, Hl1 lng-huang, Henry V Lacy, Sia Dung-leu. </p> <p>Term Expires 1940 :-\rV. S. Bissonnette, Ceng Ung-gi, Guoh Siel1-gi, H 11 Sie-guong, </p> <p>Term Expires 1941 :-Ding Dung-king, Lau 1'\1 ai- bui, Ling Bing-cio, U Cu-de. </p> <p>Term Expires 1942 :-Ding Hung-kuang. H a r r y R. </p> <p>Literature and Publicity </p> <p>Caldwell, Ho Tienglok, Ung Seng gie. </p> <p>Ding Lik.hung, Lau Nai-bui, Sia Ling-huong, Sitk lng-hiong, C. M. L. Sites (Convenor), Ung Seng-gie, Ling Guang-daik, Ling Ungchung. </p> <p>Nominating </p> <p>Ding Ceng-ek, E. Pearce Hayes, Lau Ngo.ming, Ling Bing-cio, Ling Ung-li(Hlg, Sia Dung-Jeu, Sie Cu-ung, Paul P! \Niant, Harry \N Worley. </p> <p>Summer School Administrative Hu lng-huang, Sla Dung-leu, U Seuk-sing, Uong Bing-10k. </p> <p>Triers of Appeals </p> <p>Ding Hung-gi, Ding Ung-ciu, E. Pearce Hayes, Ling Ging-ang, U Seuk-~ing. Reserves, Ding Hung-kuang, Lau Heng-tong. </p> <p>BOARDS, COMMISSIONS AND CO:vrMITTE;ES </p> <p>(c) Miscellaneous B9ards </p> <p>Anglo Chinese College </p> <p>Term Expires 1939 :-Hu 1ng huang Term ExpIres J940 :-PhilJip S. S. Yu. Term Expires 194[ :-Harry R. CalJwdl. </p> <p>Billgtang Hospital </p> <p>Harry R. Caldwell, Ceng Ung-gi, Li Hi-Cll, 1V1. D., Martha McCutchen, U lng-siong. </p> <p>Willis F. Pierce Memorial Hospital </p> <p>Term Expires 1939 :-Ling Guong-ing, Elsie Reik, Term Expires 1940 :-H11 lng-huang, Mary S. G. Carleton, Term Expires 1941 :-Bishop John G,,)wdy, Pres. Lucy </p> <p>'Nang. </p> <p>Fukien Chl"istian Educational Association Samson S. Ding, Ling Guong iug, Sia Dung-leu, Ruby S~a. Ethel vVallac:e, Isabel \Vang, </p> <p>Fukien Christian Council </p> <p>I"lClrry R. Caldwell, Ding Hung-gi, Hu lng-huang, Bishop John Gowdy, Long Chiong-dong, Henry V Lacy, Lan Ngomlng, Ling Guong-ing, Dong Bing-10k, Ruby Sia, Carol Chen. </p> <p>Fukien Christian University </p> <p>Term Expires 1939 :-IOllg Chiongdong Term Expires 1940 :-Bishop John Gowdy. Term Expires 1941 ;-U Seuk-Sing. Term Expires 1942-Paul P Wiant. </p> <p>Fukien Union Theological School </p> <p>Term Expires 1939 :-Ding HUl1g-kuang. Term Expires 1940 :-W. S. Bissonnette (E. P Hayes </p> <p>Alternate when 'vV S. Bissonnette goes on furlough). Term Expires 1941 :-Sia Dung-leu. </p> <p>Hwa Nan College </p> <p>Term Expires 1940 :-Ling Guong-ing. North Fukien Religious Tract Society </p> <p>Samson S. Ding, Harry VI/ 'vVorley. </p> <p>314 FooeHOW ANNUAL CONFERENCE </p> <p>Union High School Term Expires 1939:-Henry V Lacy. Term Expires 1940 :-Ling Term Expires 1941 :-Lau Nai-bui. </p> <p>(d) Episcopal Appointments </p> <p>To Preach the Conference Sermon, I939 Session. Ling Guong-ing; Alternate. Lau N ai-bui. </p> <p>To Preach the Missionary Sermon, 1939 Session. Guoh Ca-ming; Alternate, Lau Ngo-ming. </p> <p>Board of Ministerial Training See C nder Boards. </p> <p>Wiley General Hospital Administrative Committee. H. N. Brewster, 11. D., Superintendent. C!ong ming-siong, M. D., Ltng Guong.hua, Miss Ding Duang.ung, Superin. tendent cf Nurses; Ling Btng.cio, W S. Bissonnette, Treasurer; Paul p, vViant, U </p> <p>( e) Missionary Organ ization. </p> <p>Officers Chai1'1na.n W S. Bissonnette Secretary, Paul P \Viallt </p> <p>Auditing:-W. S. Bissonnette, A. \V- Billing. Building &amp; Property:- H. V Lacy, H. W. Worley, E. M. </p> <p>Stowe, Miss E, Simester, Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Gowdy. </p> <p>Cemetery:-Harry W- \Vorley. Choral Union:-Harry vV. Worley. Entertainment:-Mrs. Pilley, Miss Simester. Library:-Mrs. Pilley, Miss Simestel', </p> <p>Missionary Preparation:-E. M. Stowe, H. V, Lacy, H. W-Worley, Ruby Sia, Ling Guong-ing, Charol Chen. </p> <p>Publicity:-E. M. Stowe, E. P. Hayes, J. A. Pilley, Edith Simester. </p> <p>JOURNAL OF PROCEEDINGS 315 </p> <p>Missionary Finance Committee :-H. R. Caldwell. H. v. Lacy, \V. S. Bissonnette, C, R. Kellogg, E. !vI. Stowe, E. P Hayes, H. W Worley, A. W. Billing, Paul P Wiant. </p> <p>Union Architectural Service Governing Board :-E. M. Stowe, H. R. Caldwell, \;V. S. Bissonnette, C. R. Kellogg. </p> <p>The Secretary is Ex-officio member of all committees. </p> <p>III. JOURNAL OF PROCEEDINGS </p> <p>First Day </p> <p>Tuesday, December 6, 1938 </p> <p>The Sixty.second session of the Foochow Annual Confer-ence met in Tieng Ang Church, on Tuesday, D{cember 6th, 1938 -et 7 :30 P. M. for the opening session and the Conference Com-munion Service. under the presidency of Bishop John Gowdy. Bishop Gowdy aGdress~d the Conference from the text, "But ye are they that have continued with me in my temptation." (Luke 22 :28). Follow ing the sermon, assisted by the District Super-intendents and the pastor of Tieng Ang Church. the Bishop ad-minstered the Lord's Supper to the large number present. </p> <p>Second Day </p> <p>Wednesday, December 7th 1938 </p> <p>At 8:;50 A. :M. on Wednesday December 7th, 1938, in Tieng ang Church the morning devotional service was opened with the singing of hymn 505. "\Vhat a Friend we have in] esus," folluwed by prayer led by Ding Hung-kuang, Superintendent of the Futsing District, who also read the scripture lesson from Psalm IS. Bishop Gowdy then spoke to the Conference basing his remarks on the Psalm already read. After the morning ad-dress Bishop Gowdy led in prayer, and the Conference adjourned for a short recess. </p> <p>316 FOOCHOW ANNUA~ CONFERENCE </p> <p>Business Session </p> <p>At 9 :30 the Bishop called the Conference to order with the singing of hymn 512, "Nearer my God to Thee" and Li Deung-ming'l'ed in prayer. </p> <p>Roll Call </p> <p>The Chinese secretary of the sixty. first session of the Conference. Lau N ai bui, called the roll and fiftyeight effective members of the Conference, five retired mini::.ters, one supernu-merary minister. five probationers, and eight Accepted Supply Pastors, responded to their names. </p> <p>Organization </p> <p>On nomination from the floor the following officers of the Conference were elected by i1cclamCi tion :-Chinese Secretary, Lau Nai bui; Assistant Chinese Secretary. Song Ing-hok; English Socretary, Henry V Lacy; Assistant English Secretary. E. Pearce Hayes; Treasurer. Harry R. Caldwell,; Statistician, Dillg Le-gaIlg; Assistant Statistician, Paul P \Viant; Interpreters, long Ch lOllg-doug and Harry 'IN-\Vorley. </p> <p>Question 38 Bishop Gowdy asked "\\,ho have died ?" and the nall1eS of </p> <p>Myron C. Wilcox, Ling Cengsing, and Ling Uk-ling were given, as well as Mrs. lek Ing-guang, Mrs. Ling Ung-Iiollg, and ~\'1rs. H u Gu sieng. </p> <p>Memori~.I Service Go Seuk.heng took charge of the Memorial Service. and </p> <p>aher leading in prayer he announced hymn 2T4, "Now the La borer's Task is O'er" and spoke from the text "And which of you by being anxious can add oue cubit unto the measure of his life?" (Matt, 6:27). Hu lng-huang led in closing prayer, hymn 5 I I, "!viust I go and Empty Handed?" was sung and the Con-ference joined in repeating the Load's Prayer. </p> <p>Business Session After a short recess the Bishop called the conference to-</p> <p>gether again and hymn number 3. "Ancient of Days" was sung. </p> <p>Memoirs On motion of Ling Guong-ing the Conferenced ordersd </p> <p>that memoirs of the deceased should be prepared as follows;-</p> <p>JOURNAL OF PROC~EDINGS 317 </p> <p>Harry VV. Worley for tv!. C. Wilc0x, U Gi-chai, for Ling Ceng-sing; U Cu-de for LIng Uk-ling; Li Deuug-ming for lek Ing-guang; Go Diek-u for Mrs. Ling Dng-liong, and Lau Ngo-ming for Mrs. Hu Gu-sieng. </p> <p>Question 1 </p> <p>Paul P. \Viant, chairman of the Laymen's Conference re ported forty-two members present, as follows:-</p> <p>Lau Nu-ang, Mrs. Ding Chiu-nguong, Uong Liong-bieu, Hung Ko-ung. Ding H ung-ciong, Tiang Cu-kung, P;}ul P. vViant, Ding iu-kong. Hu Ung-Ia, Ding Dung-king, Ung Seuk-liong, Ung H uD-ding, Diug Cai-ming, Ding Caik-de, U Chiong-ging. Song Neng-ieng, Siu De-uong, Li Hung-ciong, Ding Bek-tung, Dong Guong-hok, Ding Siudiong, Li Guong-bik, Uong Hok-jng, DiDllg Cung-dai, Sia Bing-de, Uoug Tieng-bing, Hu Cu-chuang, Sie Cai-cieu, LaLl Guang-king, Lau Dung-hie, Dang l\1ing-gang, Ling Sing-sien~. Ciu Suoi-do, Li Ging-ging, Ding Hie-ging, Li Tieng-hong, Ciu Hung-gu, Ling Tieng-co, Ling Ging-ung, Lu Guong-grk. Dng Suoi-ging. Ling Cieu-liong, Ling SiLl-seng, Hung Nguong-chie. Dong Meng-song, U Mi-dong, Ung Ditl1-cie, Ho Dung-iu, Uong Ciung-sing, Bu Daik-gong, Ding Gong-bing Diong Gi-lL1ng, LJong Chung-guang. Ngu Cing-chiong, Ding GUang-ngung, Ling Ciong-hua, Uong Hau-nguk, </p> <p>Mr. VViant further reported that the following officers had been elected for the coming year :-President, Paul P. \Viant, Vi...</p>