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Year 11 Mock Exams. Monday 9 th December to Friday 20 th December 2013. Mock Exams. Monday 9 th December - Friday 20 th December 2013 All pupils will have mock examinations over two weeks Mock Results Day Wednesday 15 th January. Why have mock exams?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Year 11 Mock Exams</p> <p>Year 11 Mock ExamsMonday 9th December to Friday 20th December 2013Mock ExamsMonday 9th December - Friday 20th December 2013</p> <p>All pupils will have mock examinations over two weeks</p> <p>Mock Results Day Wednesday 15th January</p> <p>Why have mock exams?Preparing them for their GCSE exams in the summer</p> <p>They will get into the habit of revising and understand how long it takes them to revise everything.</p> <p>They will have practice in sitting a lot of exams in a short period of time.</p> <p>They will get used to sitting in the hall under exam conditions hopefully they will be less nervous next time. </p> <p>The results will give teachers, pupils and parents a clear indicator of what grade they are currently achieving. Mock ExamsPupils should be revising at home</p> <p>The best revision methods involve being active:Writing revision notes, discussing topics with someone else, testing themselves, revision websites, trying past exam papers. Pupils should have something to show for it at the end. </p> <p>Passive revision such as just reading through notes or a textbook wont help them to understand and they will probably get bored. </p> <p>Parental Help during revisionTalk to your son/ daughter about how you can support them Help them stick to their revision timetableA good balance between revision and social lifeSupport, praise and recognitionProvide snacks and drinksBe flexible and sensitive to their needsGet actively involved in the revision processHelp them to create their revision timetable as you will know best how they spend their time outside of school. The revision timetable must be achievable with the right balance between revision and social life. It helps to get them into a good routine from the start. Support them in sticking to their revision plan and praise them when they do5Parental Help during the mock examsMake sure your son/ daughter goes to bed earlyMake sure they have packed their bags and are prepared for the next dayMake sure they eat a good breakfast before they leave the houseRemind your son/ daughter that you still love and value them whatever happens, remind them of strategies for keeping calm and wish them luckAfter the exam ask how it went but dont insist on a long post mortemReduce chores around the house to relive the pressure on themBe sensitive to stress and pressureEncourage them to be positive and to continue with revision most evenings</p> <p>Websites for </p>