Year 1 and Year 2 How can I help my child at home?

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<p>Year 1 and Year 2 How can I help my child at home?</p> <p>Year 1 and Year 2How can I help my child at home?</p> <p>Reading</p> <p>Reading book practising a range of reading skillsretelling the storyasking questionsPredictionLibrary book a sharing experience</p> <p>Spelling</p> <p>SpellingLetters and Sounds44 different sounds to learncvc words catccvc ship cvcc golfword families ai ay a-eLearning the sound (phoneme) and the letter patterns (grapheme)Applying this knowledge to other words</p> <p>MathsKIRFS one area to work on each half termUsing practical apparatus to support the learning of these factsPlaying with numbers</p> <p>Year 1 all number bonds for 5Year 2 all number bonds for 20</p> <p>Games such as Ping PongUse of IT Save the Whale Funky Mummy</p> <p>ResearchMay be literacy based, topic based or skills based, May often link to Espresso</p> <p>Big talk/Big WriteBig Talk/Big Write takes place fortnightly in our classThinking timeTalking timeSharing timeIndependent writing time</p> <p>If a child cant SAY it a child cant write it.Writing is formed through thought, and thinking is interpreted through an inner voice in our brain. This voice talks to us and the voice we are hearing in our brain is most usually our own voice. It can only use the language that we own. Ros Wilson</p> <p>Talk homework</p> <p>Allowing for on going discussion over a longer period of timeInvolving the whole schoolEncouraging sharing of ideasInvolving the parish/community</p> <p>Community ChatHalf-termly involving the whole schoolTopic for the chat will be announced at the end of the weekChildren have a talk buddyThere is time in school during the following week to talk about the topic and share their ideasDisplay wall in the hallRecap at the end of the week</p> <p>The future</p> <p>Talk lunchesInvolve Fr Bede and the parish/community</p>


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