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yds kelimeleri testleri yds ingilizce kelimeleri testleri 1 yds kelimeleri testleri ingilizce kelimeleri testleri çıkan kelimeler sınavında en çok çıkan kelimeler yds kelimeleri pdf indir


  • 1. VOCABULARY FOR YDS httpJ/www.hikmetsahinemom 121 ACADEMIC VOCABULARY FOR YDS
  • 2. 122 ACADEMIC VOCABULARY FOR YDS - 1 `> Abandon - Terketmek By the time the rebel troops arrived, the village had already been abandoned. iv Abstract - Soyut Truth and beauty are abstract concepts. iv Academy - Akademi a mi/itay/po/ice academy the Royal Academy of Dramatic Ait > Access - Ulam eriim l giri The only access to the village is by boat. The main access to (-- entrance to) the building is at the side. S Accommodate - Kalacak veya brakacak yer bulmak New students may be accommodated in halls of residence. There wasn 't enough space to accommodate the files. DR. HKMET AHNER l Accompany - Elik etmek The course books are accompanied by four cassettes. Depression is almost always accompanied by insomnia. The salmon was accompanied by (-- yannda olmak) a fresh green salad. Would you like me to accompany you to your room ? "May l accompany you to the ball?" he asked her. l have two tickets for the theatre on Saturday evening - would you care to accompany me? >v Accumulate - Biriktirmek, birikmek As people accumulate more wea/th, they tend to spend a greater proportion of their incomes. The company said the debt was accumulated during its acquisition of nine Individual businesses. A thick layer of dust had accumulated in the room. lf you don't sort out the papers on your desk on a regular basis they just keep on accumulating. Accurate - Doru an accurate machine an accurate description The figures they have used are just not accurate. Her novel is an accurate reflection of life in post-war Spain. We hope to become more accurate in predicting earthquakes.
  • 3. VOCABULARY FOR YDS http:llwww.hikmetsahinercom 123 > Achieve - Erimek, ulamak The government's training policy, he c/aimed, was achieving its objectives. She final/y achieved her ambition to visit South America. I've been working all day, but l feel as if I've achieved nothing. X Acknowledge - Kabul etmek, tanmak, farknda olmak [+ ing form of verb] She acknowledged having been at fault. [+ that] She acknowledged that she had been at fault. You must acknowledge the truth of her argument. Historians generally acknowledge her as a genius in her field. [+ object + to infinitive] She is usually acknowledged to be one of our best artists. They refused to acknowledge the new government. Please acknowledge receipt ofthis letter. He didn't even acknowledge my presence. The government won't even acknowledge the existence ofthe problem. Acquire - Almak, elde etmek, kazanmak: He acquired the firm in 1978. l was wearing a newly/recently acquired jacket. l seem to have acquired (- obtained although l don't know how) two copies of this book. During this period he acquired a reputation for being a womanizer. l Adapt - Adapte etmek, uyarlamak, uydurmak Many software Companies have adapted popular programs to the new operating system. The recipe here is a Iamb roast adapted from Caroline O'Neill's book 'Louisiana Kitchen', [+ to infinitive] We had to adapt our plans to fit Jack's timetable. The play had been adapted for (-- changed to make it suitable for) children. Davies is busy adapting Brinkworth 's latest novel for television. v Adequate - Yeteri kadar, yeterli Have we got adequate food for twenty guests? l didn't have adequate time to prepare. lt's not by any means a brilliant salary but it's adequate for our needs. The council's provision for the elderly is barely adequate (-- is not enough). [+ to infinitive] l/l/i/l future oil supplies be adequate to meet world needs? > Adjacent - Yan banda, yaknnda They work in adjacent buildings. They /ived in a house adjacent to the railway. > Adjust -Ayarlamak, almak lf the chair is too high you can adjust it to suit you. As a teacher you have to adjust your methods to suit the needs of slower children. l can't adjust to living on my own. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the dark.
  • 4. 124 The lifestyle is so very different -it takes a while to adjust. S Administer - Ynetmek, idare etmek The country was administered by the British until very recent/y. The economy has been badly administered by the present government. B Adult - Yetikin An adult under Turkish law is someone over 18 years old. Adults pay an admission charge but children get in free. Advocate - (Birfikri, dnceyi) savunmak [+ ing form of verb] She advocates taking a more long-term view. He advocates the return of capital punishment. > Affect - Etkilemek Both buildings were badly affected by the fire. The divorce affected every aspect of her life. lt's a disease which affects mainly older people. l was deep/y affected by the film (-- lt caused strong feelings in me). DR. HKMET AHNER B Aggregate - Toplam, toplamak They purchased an aggregate of 3000 shares in the company. Snowflakes are loose aggregates of ice crystals. Arsenal lost the second game, but got through to the final on aggregate (-- adding together all their goals). l Aid - Yardm, vasta, ara gere He gets about with the aid of a walking stick. She went to the aid of a man trapped in his car, A woman in the street saw that he was in trouble and came to his aid. teaching aids, such as books and videos A thesaurus is a useful aid to writing, Turkey has agreed to donate $80, 000 in humanitarian/emergency aid to Iraq affected by the war. About a fifth of the country's income is in the form of foreign/overseas aid. Fr Albeit - ...masna ramen The evening was very pleasant, albeit a little quiet. He tried, albeit without success. S Allocate -Ayrmak, denek vermek, maletmek The government is allocating $ 10 million for health education. [+ two objects] As project leader, you will have to allocate people jobs/allocate jobs to people. lt is not the job of the investigating committee to allocate blame for the disaster/to allocate blame to individuals.
  • 5. VOCABULARY FOR YDS http:llwww.hikmelsahinercom 125 B Alter - Deitirmek, deimek, (elbise) bedenini ayarlamak We 've had to alter some of our plans. Although long-distance phone calls are going up, the charge for local calls will not alter. Giving up our car has radically altered our lifestyle. l took the coat back to the shop to have it altered. B Alternative -Alternatif, are, yol an alternative to coffee There must be an alternative to people sleeping on the streets. I'm afraid l have no alternative but to ask you to leave (-- that is what l have to do). B Ambiguous - Karanlk, kark, anlalmaz His reply to my question was somewhat ambiguous. The wording of the agreement is ambiguous. The government has been ambiguous on this issue. D Amend - (Kanunda, metinde) deiiklik yapmak MP5 were urged to amend the law to prevent another oil tanker disaster. In line 20, 'men' should be amended (- changed) to 'people Until the constitution is amended, the power to appoint ministers will remain with the president. B Analogy - Benzerlik He drew an analogy between the brain and a vast computer. lt is sornetimes easier to illustrate an abstract concept by analogy with (-- by comparing it with) something concrete. B Analyze - Analiz etmek, incelemek Researchers analyzed the purchases of 6300 households. Water samples taken from streams were analyzed for contamination by chemicals. Annual - Yllk an annual event/visit/holiday annual income/salary/profit Companies publish annual reports to inform the public about the previous year's activities. Fr Anticipate - Beklemek We don't anticipate any trouble. We had one or two difficulties along the way that we didn't anticipate. Are you anticipating a lot of people at the party tonight? [+ ing form of verb] They anticipate having several applicants for the job. [+ that] They anticipate that they will have several applicants for the job lt's always best to anticipate a problem before it arises. [+ question word] At this stage we can't really anticipate what will happen. The anticipated inflation figure is lower than last month 's, The army anticipated (-- took action in preparation for) the explosion by evacuating the town.
  • 6. 126 > Apparent - Apak, belirgin, anlalr, aikar Her unhappiness was apparent to everyone. [+ that] lt was becoming increasingly apparent that he could no longer look after himself. l was on the metro this morning when for no apparent reason the man opposite suddenly screamed. There are one or two apparent discrepancies between the two repots. She has this apparentinnocence which, l suspect, she uses to her advantage. B Append - (Bir metnin sonuna) ek yapmak The author appends a short footnote to the text explaining the point. B Appreciate - Deerini bilmek/anlamak, deerlendirmek, mteekkir olmak, deeri artmak There's no point buying him expensive wines - he doesn't appreciate them. We appreciate the need for immediate action. [+ that] / appreciate that it's a difficult decision for you to make. [+ question word] / don't think you appreciate how much time l spent preparing this meal. lNVe appreciate... used when you are thanking someone or showing that you are grateful: We really appreciate al

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