yanting zhang.  genres are categories of game characterized by particular kinds of challenge,...

Download YANTING ZHANG.  Genres are categories of game characterized by particular kinds of challenge, regardless of setting or game-world content

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  • Genres are categories of game characterized by particular kinds of challenge, regardless of setting or game-world content.
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  • Asteroids(action games) Asteroids Deus Ex(RPG/shooter) Deus Ex(RPG/shooter) Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space
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  • Construction Puzzle solving Unusual physical mechanics.
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  • Shooter Games Shooter Games Action and Arcade Games Action and Arcade Games Strategy Games Strategy Games Role-Playing Games Role-Playing Games Sports Games Sports Games Vehicle Simulations Vehicle Simulations Construction and Simulation Games Construction and Simulation Games Adventure Games Adventure Games Puzzle Games Puzzle Games
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  • Takes action at a distance Using ranged weapon. Aiming is a key skill Limited ammunition.
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  • Awesomenauts, a multiplayer 2D shooter Viewed from top-down or side-view fixed first-person Rare to keep track of ammunition (except for particularly powerful weapons)
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  • Crysis 3, a 3D shooter with a particularly rich environment First person perspective (FPS) Third-person perspective Gravity sound shadows collisions
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  • Action games Physical challenges Incorporate puzzle, races Variety of conflict challenges Simple economic challenges Seldom strategic or conceptual challenges Subdivided into variety of subgenres Arcade games business model of earning money Unwinnable
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  • Spelunky, 2D platform game Supernatural jumping ability Unrealistic physics
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  • Skullgirls, a cartoonish fighting game Reaction time Timing Hand-to-hand combat
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  • Strategic, tactical and logistical challenges. Economic and exploration challenges Fall into two main subgenres: Classical turn-based games Real-time strategy games.
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  • Allow player to interact with a game world Growing from person into superhero Computer role-playing game (CRPG) Quest or story of the game and character growth Quest requires some combat Rules define character growth occurs
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
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  • Cockpit view of Forza Motorsport 4 Verisimilitude an apparently close relationship to reality Feeling of movement
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  • Vehicle simulations Flight simulators Driving simulators Boats/trains,e tc. CivilianMilitary Organized racingImaginary racing
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  • Also called construction and management simulations (CMSs) Farm Ville, a hugely successful browser-based CMS
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  • Heavy Rain
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  • A series of related challenges Recognizing patterns Logical deductions
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  • Genres are not meant to constrain your imagination, but they provide a framework for design, a sort of scaffold upon which to build your game without inventing everything from scratchwhich lowers some of the risk in designing a new game.


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