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USPTA New England Fall Newsletter 2014


  • New England Division

    YANKEE PROseOctober 2014

    2014 USPTA New England Convention

    November 7-9

    Chatham Bars Inn Cape Cod, MA

  • 2Directed by Chris Drake, Bob Dallis, and Dave Jones,the Dartmouth College Tennis Coaches


    Located at Dartmouth College Celebrating our 27th year!

    One of Tennis Magazines10 Best Junior Tennis Camps in the Country!

    June - July - 2015Dates TBA

    www.kjtctennis.com or call (603) 646-0751

  • Presidents Message


    Dear USPTA New England Pros and Coaches,

    We have our annual USPTA New England Convention coming up in a few days! If you didn't attend the Tennis Teachers Conference in New York, this is the next best event of the year. USPTA and PTR both have man-datory educational requirements. So encourage all your certified pro friends to attend as it is only $75 for USPTA/PTR members. We have a terrific line-up of speakers at Chatham Bars Inn and Willy's Gym on Cape Cod. See you there!!

    We are also planning to move the 2015 USPTA New England Convention to May. Not that far away!


    PRESIDENTDoug Eng, Ed.D, Ph.D.

    30 Revere Beach Pkwy. #302Medford, MA 02155Cell/H 617-281-8368



    3 Woodside RoadFramingham, MA 01701

    H 508-877-8903W 508-358-7355

    Cell 617-794-8898lftennisdirector@hotmail.com

    SECRETARYMichael L. Mercier

    108 Lovett StreetBeverly, MA 01915Cell 978-273-6500


    TREASURERHelaine Vrana20 Lyman Road

    Framingham, MA 01701H 508-788-8027

    Cell 508-740-5554hvrana@verizon.net

    VICE PRESIDENTStephen Thuot, Ph.D.

    9 Garfield StretMaynard, MA 01754

    W 978-369-7349Cell 617-283-7340


    VICE PRESIDENTJohn Ciarleglio

    20 Southpont LaneIpswich, MA

    H 978-356-3925Cell 781-697-6639



    502 Springbrook Circle Portsmouth, NH 03801

    W 603-610-0183Cell 603-969-2648



    Duxbury, MA 02331Cell 339-236-6073


    USPTA also has added renewed and new benefits including Rezilient Direct and Power Plate. Rezilient Direct offers additional health coverage for our members. If you didn't know, Rafael Nadal uses Power Plate to help him train. The vibrating plate in-creases muscle contractions making workouts more effective. It's amazing how advances in sport science and technology can elevate our game.

    Speaking of sport science and mandatory education, we are planning to have a specialty course in every state in New England this winter and early spring. The courses will be quite inexpensive and have a social side (e.g, lunch). And you get educational credits for your accredited professional coach classification and mandatory education. If you have a topic in mind and want a specialty course at your facility, please contact me at douglas.w.eng@gmail.com or our Education Committee Chair and Regional Vice President, Phil Parrish at lftennisdirector@hotmail.com

    And finally, speaking of sport science and education, you probably already know that one of our great legends, Vic Braden passed away. USPTA inducted Vic into the Hall of Fame just this past year. Vic made more people laugh than Adam Sandler and Will Farrell combined and taught tennis to more people than the entire population of New Englandat least, if you saw his old PBS shows or read his books, during the tennis boom of the 70s. If you got a chance to listen to Vic, he'd make you laugh telling jokes referring to donkeys, elephants and tennis.

    How many of us own one of Vic's books? How many of us have filmed our students? Braden was a pioneer in biomechanical analysis and sport psychology. He had a collection of tens of thousands of video that ESPN deemed important enough to digitalized and archived. He even had his own ESPN show. Vic Braden was also an original member of the USTA Sport Science Committee. Regarding video analysis and the USTA committee, he was personally an influence on me. Several years ago when I first joined the USTA Sport Science Commit-tee, I was ecstatic. It's the group that had great tennis minds like Jim Loehr, Jack Groppel and Vic Braden. Unfortunately my timing wasn't great since they no longer served on the committee. Over the years, I had several chances to share ideas with Vic regarding footwork, brain-typing or expertise in sports. Vic was always generous and willing to give his time to others, especially children.

    For those of us too young to know who Vic Braden was, think again. Your coach was prob-ably influenced by Vic. He influenced virtually all of us, directly or indirectly. Vic was every tennis pro's mentor.

    He never left us. If we carry on Vics legacy, pursue your coaching education. be like Vic.


    VICE PRESIDENTConnie McHugh P.O. Box 1823

    Edgartown, MA 02539H 508-627-9200W 508-696-8000


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    Drag Brushes and Linesweepers

    Reid Tennis Courts, Inc.Tim Reid

    P.O. Box 1551Avon, CT 06001860-678-0479


    Find-a-Pro Visit USPTA's free job listing service,

    Find-a-Pro, at www.uspta.com, to find a job, list a job

    or find other USPTA Pros.

    You can get a Prince tennis ball grant (up to two cases) for grassroots tennis events. Submit a written request describing your program details, the location and dates of the event. Also, what pros are involved and the type of people that your program will serve (preferably novices and beginners). Programs that qualify are any type of free or low-cost programs or an event of your own creation. The grants are sponsored by USPTA New England Division. E-mail your request to President Doug Eng at douglas.w.eng@gmail.com for processing. Apply early as there are a limited number of cases of Prince balls for this program.

    Tennis Ball Grants

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    Having almost now been in the athletic/sports industry for 20 years, as an athlete and now sports performance coach, theres one major thing that stands out for me in athletes. This one thing that clearly separates the ordinary from the extraordinary, the good from the great. What is it you ask? - Its that the best athletes are the ones who can best manage their bad or off days. The days where it feels like nothing is clicking' or going right.

    Having spoken to a former Wimbledon Champion about this, he let me in to the fact that as an elite athlete, you will probably only experience that in the zone feeling or moment no more than 3 or 4 times in your career. That perfect performance or match if you like.

    Now, to some of you that might sound very pessimistic, but its true. You see, It doesnt always go perfectly or to plan out there, a bit like life. In my experience, the biggest mistake a lot of athletes make is comparing their current performances to their best one. They feel that having achieved that in the zone performance they should be playing like that every time. Probably the hardest thing for an athlete to realize is, that in a 365 day year, you will have more days that you arent going to be playing to your expectations and ability.

    However, it is no excuse for not always giving your best effort and attitude. Great athletes like Roger Federer, Rory McIlroy and Serena will tell you that theyve won some of their biggest matches and tournaments playing far less from their best. They simply did what they needed to do that day to get through. That, my friends is the difference.

    The difference between the best athletes and the restis in how they handle their bad' days Allistair McCawMcCaw Method Sport Performance

    Here are 6 things a successful athlete does better:

    1. A successful athlete accepts that they arent going to play their best every time they step onto the court, track or playing field.

    2. They understand that success doesnt lie in a one-off upset against a big player or just having a few good results. It lies in consistent control of their emotions and mindset.

    3. A successful athlete understands that in order to win on their bad days, they need to always give their best and believe they can actually win.

    4. A successful athlete doesnt spend their time compar-ing themselves or current level to their best ever perfor-mances.

    5. The success of an athlete lies in their ability to play well enough to pull out a win on that day. They under-stand it gives them another day and chance to make it better!

    6. They dont ruin their chances of winning or playing better (even when playing poorly) by letting a negative or bad attitude get in the way.

    So, in summary, we need to teach our athletes to get rid of the quest for perfection and rather aim for consistency and improvement in their daily performances - "controlling the controllables". Also, that they learn to accept that they arent going to play great every time they step onto the court, but through the right mindset, it can still be good enough to get them through that day.

    They end up letting matches slip away that they should have won by being frustrated that they werent playing the way they would have liked to. In other words: They beat themselves.

    Also, In my experience of working with athletes, Ive found that its those with perfectionist like personalities who are