yamaha news,eng,no.7,1981,july,july,excitement packed 1981 ?· bhd.,et500,malaysia,a wonderful dia...

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  • Yamaha News,ENG,No.7,1981,July,July,Excitement Packed 1981 All Japan SL Motocross Meeting,Welcoming Guest Riders From Four Countries A Success,Motorcycle,All Japan SL Motocross Meeting,Sportsland Sugo,2-Aug,Summer Festival in Sugo,Summer Festival,Hamakita Trail-lnad,Yamaha Road Show on the Isle of Man,World Championship Formula 3,Mitsui Yamaha,Jock Taylor,RD250LC,Isle of Man,Benga Johamsson,Barry Smith,Ever-growing motorcycle market,Sales promotion reached a climax!,AcCulloch of Australia,Australia,Sydney,Royal Easter Show,Royal Easter Show,Extracts from Communicator (USA),Prestigious tournament features Yamaha,Golf Car,U.S. Open Golf Tournament,Merion Golf Club,Jack Nicklaus,USA,Tom Watson,Ben Crenshaw,YZR500,Lee Travino, TZ500,Arnold Palmer,Snowmobile dealers meetings,Snowmobile,Yamaha Motor Corporation U.S.A.,BR250F,Canada,ET340TF,First prize winner!,Centro Moto S.A.,Panama,Orders can't be filled fast enough on the suddenly popular Yamaha Passola SA50 in Taiwan,Kung Hsue She Co., Ltd., Passola SA50,Taiwan,Wan Sun Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd.,250 mechanics attend service seminars,Siam Yamaha,RX-S,Thailand,DT125MX,One in every two persons has a driver's license,National Police Agency,Japan,LTR is rising in public estimation,Learn-To-Ride Safety Program,Yousuf Habib Al Yousuf,Tadao Takahashi,Egypt,ET500 demonstration enjoys a great response,Outboard Motor,Syarikat Associated Marin Industries Sd. Bhd.,ET500,Malaysia,A wonderful Dia Campestre Yamaha,Canellas S.A.,Guatemala,Dia Campestre Yamaha,New YZ machines dominate championship motocross,YZ250H,Colombia,Wachara Punchamul, Thaikand Motocross Champion!,Molla Thailand Motocross Championship,Wachara Punchamul,Chaleamsak Thongyam,Dutch Yamaha Moto-ball Team,Dordrecht,DT175,Holland,World Championships Results,Road Race,Motocross,The race track is a running laboratory for Yamaha!,World Championships Results,Kenny Roberts,Marc Velkeneers,On and off the circuit,The barbecue breakers!,Yamaha Motor N.V.,Kel Carruthers,A letter from our reader,A joy to use!,EF2000,Yamaha portable generator,Generator,Erv Kanemoto,Australia,No sight-seeting,Ken Fletcher,Trevor Bromley,Stephen Gall, Mr. Motocross,Australian Unlimited Motocross Championship,McCulloch,Stephen Gall,NSW Yamaha Dealer Team,Yamaha Cup Racing,Yamaha Mini Motocross Championships in Venezuela,Yamaha Mini Motocross Championship Series,Venemotos, C.A.,Johnny Cecotto,XS400,Venezuela,Caracas,XS400 Yamaha Cup Racing,YAMAHA XS400 Cup-Racing,Latin American Motorcycle Union,Andres Ippolito,DT100,West Germany,German Mitsui YAMAHA ,DT125MX,Safe Riding And Psychology - Part 7,The Psychology of Riding,New Yamaha Products,New FRP fishing boat - DD-40,Boat,DD-40,Kerosene portable generators - EF2800K/2000K,Generator,EF2800K/2000K,Portable light - YL10-mini,Portable light,YL10-mini,New ad tools