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<ul><li><p>NEWS</p><p>6</p><p>particles within the ultra-fine nano-fibre net move and become attached to its structure. The firm relies on patent-pending software that is able to use images from a scanning electron microscope to automatically determine the diameter distri-bution of the nano-fibres. This distribution is primarily responsible for the deposition rate, flow resistance and the fibre stability of the medium.</p><p>Contacts: </p><p>Mann+Hummel GmbH, Hindenburgstrasse 45, 71638 </p><p>Ludwigsburg, Germany. Tel: +49 7141 980, </p><p>www.mann-hummel.com</p><p>Xylem celebrates its first anniversary</p><p>US-based Xylem Inc has celebrated its first anniversary as a stand-alone water technology company, after spin-ning off from ITT Corp in October 2011.</p><p>Xylems first year, guided by its vision of changing the way the world addresses its water issues, was filled with extraordinary achieve-ments, commented Gretchen McClain, President and Chief Executive Officer, Xylem.</p><p>I am confident that our business strategy, global talent and our focus on creating value both economic and social will lead us to an even stronger future in our second year and beyond.</p><p>In its first year as a stand-alone company Xylem delivered strong operating results, executed its growth strategy and was recognised by industry for its high performance, while also increasing its presence and business focus in the emerging mar-kets of Brazil, India, Panama and Vietnam.</p><p>During the past 12 months it completed two acquisitions to bolster its growth platforms. To complement its existing global analytics portfo-lio, the firm acquired MJK Automation A/s, a Denmark-based, privately owned manufacturer of flow and level sensors, and measurement and control technology for water and wastewater applications. It also acquired Heartland Pump Rental &amp; Sales Inc, which specialies in dewater-ing pump rental, services and systems design.</p><p>In addition to introducing a number of new products and services to help customers more efficiently transport, treat and test water and wastewater, its name was also added to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index a major acknowledgement of all the work it has done to advance sustainable business practices.</p><p>Contact: </p><p>Xylem Inc, Suite N200, 1133 Westchester Avenue, </p><p>White Plains, NY 10604, USA. Tel: +1 914 3235700, </p><p>www.xyleminc.com</p><p>Palls technology produces fresh water on board US and UK warships</p><p>US-based Pall Corp has been select-ed by BAE Systems Plc to supply fresh-water generator systems for the UK Royal Navys Type 45 Destroyer. The filtration, separation and purifica-tion company has also been awarded a contract to design a water treatment system for the US Navy.</p><p>The Type 45 ships, designed and built by the British multinational defence, security and aer-ospace company, are among the most advanced warships ever produced in the UK. </p><p>The Pall Integrated Membrane System (IMS)/fresh-water generator is designed to transform any type of sea water into drink-able water. Sea trials have demonstrated that it works efficiently with the high contamination levels found in some coastal waters. The fully automatic, cleanable IMS helps reduce mainte-nance tasks and has a lower cost of ownership, compared with conventional water treatment systems, says the firm.</p><p>Tom Quaye, head of BAEs Type 45 Class output management team, said: The Type 45 is the largest and most powerful air defence destroyer ever built for the Royal Navy. It is a versatile platform capable of contributing to worldwide maritime and joint operations in multi-threat environments.</p><p>It is essential that these ships can produce fresh water wherever they are operating. We were pleased with the performance of Palls IMS for delivering fresh-water supplies during the ships deployment.</p><p>Vince Northfield, President, Pall Aerospace, added: In addition to implementation on the </p><p>UKs Royal Navy ships the IMS has operated successfully at many other military, commercial and disaster relief sites around the world.</p><p>The IMS fresh-water generator combines hollow-fibre microfiltration (MF) and reverse osmosis (RO) modules. It removes suspended solids bacteria and viruses, dissolved compo-nents (such as salts) and other contaminants from sea water. The system significantly reduces the need to store spare filter cartridges and can be used to boost water production on a perma-nent or temporary basis.</p><p>In other news, the US Navy under the Office of Naval Research (ONR) has awarded a contract to Pall for a multi-phase project to develop an advanced shipboard desalination system specifically for the challenging opera-tions in coastal waters. The company will create a detailed design for Navy ship water treatment that will increase the volume and reliability of fresh-water generation while reducing energy and maintenance requirements. The system to be provided to the US Navy will also include Palls hollow-fibre MF and RO membranes.</p><p>Pall is honoured to be selected to design cus-tomised, automated MF and RO technologies for the US Navy, continued Northfield.</p><p>Our engineers and scientists will bring to this project the experience of developing and commissioning hundreds of membrane systems worldwide.</p><p>During the first six-month phase of the pro-ject, Pall scientists will adapt the latest mem-brane technologies to design a system that is capable of producing 15 m3 (4000 gallons) of potable water per day. In the year-long second phase of the programme, a prototype system will be developed and tested on land. In the final 18-month phase, a fully compliant system will be tested for six months on a naval ship.</p><p>Contact: </p><p>Pall Corp, 25 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington, </p><p>NY 11050, USA. Tel: +1 516 484 5400, www.pall.com</p><p>Membrane Technology December 2012</p><p>Pall Corp is supplying its Integrated Membrane System fresh-water generators for use on board the UK Royal Navys Type 45 Destroyer (photograph UK MOD/Crown Copyright 2012).</p><p>http://www.xyleminc.com</p></li></ul>