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9111TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does the term "blind transmission" mean?A transmission from one station to another station in circumstances where two-way communication cannot be established but it is believed that the called station is able to receive the transmission.A transmission of information relating to air navigation that is not addressed to a specific station or stations.A transmission of messages relating to en-route weather information which may affect the safety of aircraft operations that is not addressed to a specific station or stations.A transmission where no reply is required from the receiving station.9112TRUETRUEFALSESelect the air traffic service in charge of control of local traffic, take-offs and landings at an airport.TowerRadarControlAir Traffic Centre9112TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does the abbreviation "AFIS" mean?Aerodrome flight information service.Automatic flight information service.Aeronautical flight information system.Aerodrome flashing identification signal.9112TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does the abbreviation "FIR" mean?Flight information region.Flight information required.Flow information received.Flight information radar.9112TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does the abbreviation "HJ" mean?Sunrise to sunset.Sunset to sunrise.No specific working hours.Continuous day and night service.9112TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does the abbreviation "HX" mean?No specific working hours.Sunrise to sunset.Sunset to sunrise.Continuous day and night service.9112TRUETRUEFALSEWhich abbreviation is used for "Co-ordinated universal time"?UTC.CUT.GMT.COUT.9112TRUETRUEFALSEWhich abbreviation is used for the term "control zone"?CTR.CZ.CTZ.CTA.9113TRUETRUEFALSEIf you are requested to report your height, to which Q-code-setting would you refer ?QFEQNHQDMQBI9113TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does QDM mean?Magnetic heading to the station (no wind)Magnetic bearing from the stationTrue heading to the station (no wind)True bearing from the station9113TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does QDR mean?Magnetic bearing from the stationMagnetic heading to the station (no wind)True bearing from the stationTrue heading to the station9113TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does QTE mean?True bearing from the station.Magnetic bearing from the station.True heading to the station (no wind).Magnetic heading to the station.9113TRUETRUEFALSEWhat is the Q-code for "magnetic bearing from the station"?QDRQTEQDMQFE9113TRUETRUEFALSEWhat is the Q-code for "magnetic heading to the station (no wind)?QDM.QDR.QNE.QTE.9113TRUETRUEFALSEWhat is the Q-code for "true bearing from the station"?QTEQDRQDMQFE9113TRUETRUEFALSEWhich Q-code is used to report altitude ?QNHQFEQFFQNJ9114TRUETRUEFALSEA message concerning aircraft parts and material urgently required is:A flight regularity message.An urgency message.A flight safety message.A flight security message.9114TRUETRUEFALSEA message concerning an aircraft being threatened by grave and imminent danger, requiring immediate assistance is called:Distress message.Flight safety message.Urgency message.Class B message.9114TRUETRUEFALSEAir traffic control messages (clearances, instructions, etc.) belong to the category of:Flight safety messages.Class B messages.Flight regularity messages.Service messages.9114TRUETRUEFALSEFlight safety messages are:Air traffic control messages.Operation messages concerning non-routine landings.Messages concerning the safety of an aircraft, a vessel, any other vehicle or a person.Messages relating to direction finding.9114TRUETRUEFALSEThe clearance: "cleared for immediate take-off runway 03" is:A flight safety message.An urgency message.An unauthorized message.A flight regularity message.9114TRUETRUEFALSEThe message addressed to an Area Control Centre "request radar vectors to circumnavigate adverse weather" is:A flight safety message.A meteorological message.An urgency message.A message relating to direction finding.9114TRUETRUEFALSEThe message to an aeronautical ground station "please call a taxi-cab for us. We will arrive at 1045" is:An unauthorized message.A flight regularity message.A flight safety messages.An urgency message.9114TRUETRUEFALSEThe order of priority of the following messages in the aeronautical mobile service is:Distress message, urgency message, direction finding message.Direction finding message, distress message, urgency message.Distress message, flight safety message, urgency message.Meteorological message, direction finding message, flight regularity message.9114TRUETRUEFALSEThe order of priority of the following messages in the aeronautical mobile service is:Flight safety message, meteorological message, flight regularity message.Meteorological message, direction finding message, flight safety message.Flight regularity message, distress message, meteorological message.Flight safety message, direction finding message, urgency message.9114TRUETRUEFALSEThe priority of the instruction "taxi to runway 05" is:the same as "line-up runway 07 and wait".greater than "transmit for QDM".greater than "caution, construction work left of taxiway".less than "cleared to land".9114TRUETRUEFALSEThe priority of the pilot's message "request QDM" is:Greater than "turn left heading..."Less than "request climb to flight level..."Less than "descend to flight level..."Same as "latest QNH 1018".9114TRUETRUEFALSEWhich of the messages listed below shall not be handled by the aeronautical mobile service?Radio teletype messages.Meteorological messages.Flight safety messages.Urgency messages.9121TRUETRUEFALSEHow shall a pilot ask for a QFE ?request Quebec Foxtrot Echorequest Queen Fox Easyrequest Quebec Fox Easyrequest Quebec Fox Echo9121TRUETRUEFALSESelect the letter code for HB-FBO.Hotel Bravo Fox-trot Romeo OscarHotel Bravo Fox Roma OlkaHector Brasil Fox-trot Romeo OscarHotel Bravo Foxy Romeo Oscar9121TRUETRUEFALSEWhat is the correct way of spelling out HB-JYC in a radio message?Hotel Bravo Juliett Yankee CharlieHotel Bravo Juliett India KiloHotel Bravo India Yankee CharlieHotel Bravo India Victor Charlie9122TRUETRUEFALSEDuring the transmission of numbers containing a decimal point:The term DECIMAL must always be transmitted.The term DECIMAL can be omitted with friendly ATS units only.The term DECIMAL can be omitted if no chance of misunderstanding exists.The term DECIMAL must be spoken only if followed by three digits.9122TRUETRUEFALSEFrom your cruising altitude at FL 240, you want to descend to flight level 100. Your transmission to the radar controller is:request descent to flight level one-zero-zerorequest flight level one-hundredrequest to descend one-hundredwe would like to start descent to flight level one-zero-zero9122TRUETRUEFALSEIn order to avoid CB a pilot wants to turn right to a magnetic heading of 100 degrees. The correct way to ask the ATC unit for permission is:Request right turn, heading one-zero-zeroRequest right turn to heading one-hundred degreesRequest right turn to heading one-double-0Request right turn to heading one-point-zero-zero9122TRUETRUEFALSEWhat is the correct way of transmitting 1001 as a QNH ?QNH one zero zero oneQNH one double "O" oneQNH one thousand and oneQNH one double zero one9122TRUETRUEFALSEWhat is the correct way of transmitting the number 3500 when indicating an altitude or an height ?three thousand five hundredthree five zero zerothree five hundredthree five double zero9123TRUETRUEFALSERegardless of your position, time figures are transmitted with reference to:UTCLocal timeWinter timeGreenwich time9123TRUETRUEFALSEThe time is 9:20 A.M. What is the correct way of transmitting this time if there is no possibility of confusion about the hour?Two zero.Twenty.Two zero this hour.Nine twenty A.M.9123TRUETRUEFALSEWhen transmitting time, which time system shall be used?Co-ordinated universal time (UTC)Local time (LT), 24-hour clockLocal time (LT) A.M. and P.M.No specific system, as only the minutes are normally required9124TRUETRUEFALSEMy message will be more effective and understandable if I:Maintain the speaking volume at a constant levelUse the words twice methodStress the end of messageStress every beginning of message9124TRUETRUEFALSEWhat is meant by good microphone technique ?Use a normal conversation tone, speak clearly and distinctly.Speak very loudly into the microphone.Keep the microphone far away since it improves the readability.Make large use of hesitation sounds as "er".9124TRUETRUEFALSEYou have been calling a station without getting an answer. How long time it is recommended to wait at least before making a second call?10 sec.Wait until the station calls you.30 sec.3 sec.9125TRUETRUEFALSE What does the phrase "Go ahead" mean:Proceed with your messageTaxi onPass me the following information...Yes9125TRUETRUEFALSE What does the phrase "Read back" mean:Repeat all, or the specified part, of this message back to me exactly as receivedLet me know that you have received and understood this messageDid you correctly receive this message?Check and confirm with originator9125TRUETRUEFALSE What does the phrase "Roger" mean:I have received all of your last transmissionA direct answer in the affirmativeA direct answer in the negativeCleared for take-off or cleared to land9125TRUETRUEFALSEHow shall a pilot inform the control tower that he is prepared for take-off:Ready for departure or readyReady for take-offReady to line-upReady to go9125TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does the instruction "Go around" mean ?Carry out a missed approachOvertake the aircraft aheadMake a 360 turnProceed with your message9125TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does the instruction "Orbit right" mean ?Make 360 turns to the rightTurn right to avoid other trafficRight-hand circuits are in useLeave the runway to the right9125TRUETRUEFALSEWhat does the instruction "Vacate left" mean ?Turn left to leave the runwayGive way to aircraft from the leftClear the runway immediatelyHold position on the left side of the runway9125TRUETRUEFALSEWhich of these phrases is used to inform the control tower that a pilot perform a missed approach:Going aroundOvershootingWill make another app