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<ol><li> 1. XERISCAPE LANDSCAPE DESIGN PinelandsLuminaireIrongate FrenchpressXeriscaping is the new genetically-engineered landscape. A sort of handpicked DNA, this style matches up chromosomes nicelyso it always looks great, never over-consumes, can live through a drought, and thrives in its native environment. For more gardendesign ideas, visit: www.landscapingnetwork.com/garden-stylesDECOR Planted Bird BathSmall Fountain Dry Riverbed Lounge ChairsMATERIALS Retaining Walls Plaster FlagstonePebblePLANT PALETTE Acacia spp.Palo Verde CeanothusOregon GrapeLavenderPomegranateFABRICS Darby BirchCoventry Bronze PHOTO: www.boxhilldesign.com; COLORS: www.benjaminmoore.com; DECOR: www.myyardrocks.com, www.bourgetbros.com, www.whackyfunster.com, www.rockinrollinrock.com; MATERIALS: www.huettldesign.com, www.manniz.com, www.waterwiselandscapes.com, www.stakerparson.com; PLANTS: www.monrovia.com; FABRICS: www.sunbrella.com</li></ol>