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XCRI in the East Midlands Linking London LLN 26 th January 2011 Kirstie Coolin Centre for International ePortfolio Development Research and Learning Resources Division Information Services University of Nottingham www.nottingham.ac.uk/eportfolio www.nottingham.ac.uk/eportfolio Slide 2 The Centre for International ePortfolio Development (CIePD) are an autonomous Centre within the University of Nottinghams Information Services School. Our aims are to deliver projects that maximise the efficiency of information flow in order to support educational stakeholders access seamless ICT services and quality information. Slide 3 Slide 4 The East Midlands Slide 5 Developed XCRI for 2 Lifelong Learning Networks Nottinghamshire Derbyshire Leicestershire Lincolnshire Northamptonshire Rutland and on JISC-funded XCRI projects Slide 6 Finished projects 2008/9: Leap Ahead Lifelong Learning Network for Notts & Derbys Developing XCRI awareness and exports among FE/HE partners in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire 2009:JISC 14-19 Prospectus Pilot in the East Midlands Piloting export and aggregation of Connexions Area Prospectus data within the East Midlands 2009:JISC XCRI/X-Border Project Developing export and import with Area Prospectuses to support x- border, recommendations to Department For Education XCRI: CIePDs East Midlands Projects Slide 7 2010:JISC Robust Transformation Import for XCRI (ROBOT-xcri) Improving the export/aggregation with Aimhighers Your Future East Midlands 2010: SSCLLN Lifelong Learning Network for Leics, Northants, Lincs & Rutland Developing XCRI awareness and exports among FE/HE partners XCRI: CIePDs East Midlands Projects Finished projects Slide 8 2010-2011: Shared Aggregation of LAbour Market Information (SALAMI) Linking XCRi to raw LMI data for dynamic aggregation and new LMI services 2010-2011: CUMULUS Led by Roehampton, Developing XCRI webservices around Unit4 ACMS to allow it to plug in to other systems. Current projects XCRI: CIePDs East Midlands Projects Slide 9 5 Area Prospectuses Prospectus vendors (S-cool/ UCAS) 9+ Further Education Colleges Your Future East Midlands 14-19 local course prospectus websites 3+ Higher Education Consuming services XCRI Export I M P O R T S UCAS Skills Funding Agency Imports being developed by national course aggregators Import/export to neighbouring local prospectus for x- border searching XCRI feed export providing search services for external websites Kirstie Coolin University of Nottingham November 2010 Possibility of reusing aggregated XCRI exports East Midlands XCRI implementation technical overview LMI / data linking services Re-use XCRI to connect with other data sources, e.g. LMI (SALAMI project) Vendors Slide 10 Our Results | XCRI Castle College New College Nottingham University of Nottingham North Notts College Derby College West Notts College Nottingham Trent University Gateway College Wyggeston & QEI College Northampton College University of Lincoln Lincoln College Leicestershire Area Prospectus Lincolnshire Area Prospectus Nottinghamshire Area Prospectus Derbyshire Area Prospectus Northamptonshire Area Prospectus Your Future East Midlands Aggregator CHEA North Midlands (Consuming) The Centre for International ePortfolio Development Slide 11 XCRI: Implementing XCRI A two phase approach Phase 1: 1. Meet with the Web Development, MIS and Marketing Managers. 2. Obtain an overview of current systems (e.g. platform/software/database) 3. Identify how the website courses are populated 4. Allocation technical resource to develop the XCRI export feed 5. Identify how resultant XCRI export fits into their future plans. A straightforward export will take around 1-2 days to develop, but where systems and processes are more fragmented, then the discussions will form around phase 2 6. Publish the XCRI feed to the web Slide 12 XCRI: Institutional benefits What courses do we actually offer? Phase 2 A wider institutional approach to data management Goal An accurate, authoritative and re-usable single source of course information Slide 13 XCRI: Institutional benefits Benefits of the journey -Identifies a common goal -Cross-institutional, technical and non-technical working group - generally IT, MIS, Marketing, admissions -Discussion of the full course journey, systems and procedure More efficient information management XCRI feed re-usable amongst internal and external systems More responsive to change Slide 14 XCRI: What changes have to be made? Remember: XCRI is not a system Changes to databases or servers are minimal, XCRI sits on top of existing services Cost of initial implementation is low, involving some initial software development from IT/MIS ** XCRI implementation will mean improving current internal processes the scale of implementation is up to you ** Slide 15 XCRI links National XCRI website http://www.xcri.co.uk/ http://www.xcri.co.uk/ CIePD XCRI website http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/eportfolio/xcri http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/eportfolio/xcri Self assessment framework http://xcrisaf.igsl.co.uk/http://xcrisaf.igsl.co.uk/ Slide 16 Thank You Kirstie Coolin Kirstie.Coolin@nottingham.ac.ukKirstie.Coolin@nottingham.ac.uk Stuart Wood Stuart.Wood@nottingham.ac.ukStuart.Wood@nottingham.ac.uk University of Nottingham Centre for International ePortfolio Development www.nottingham.ac.uk/eportfolio