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www.smartershade.com Investor Presentation November 2012 Slide 2 SMARTERSHADE PRODUCT SMARTERSHADE Windows that tint on command to control glare, and privacy, and energy Slide 3 PROBLEM SMARTERSHADE THERE MUST BE A SIMPLER SOLUTION ! Traditional treatments have wide adoption, BUT Awkward to use Interrupt view Mechanics break Limited Energy Control Too expensive Requires special wiring Slow switching Not a privacy application (does not replace blinds) The Department of Energy named smart glass #1 must have technology, BUT Slide 4 A simple approach to smart-glass allows any window to be a smart window. SOLUTION SMARTERSHADE Unique Features of SmarterShade: Can be completely wire free Retrofit or new window Instant Switching Privacy application Roll to roll film base = low cost Slide 5 DYNAMIC SHADING LANDSCAPE SMARTERSHADE PlatformGlarePrivacyEnergyVariable Tint Blinds/ Shades Electrochromic Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Thermochromic SmarterShade WE HAVE CREATED AND PROTECTED AN ENTIRELY NEW CATEGORY Existing Smartglass Technologies Slide 6 SCALABILITY SmarterShade Technology Transportation Automotive RV/Boat Airplane Other Office Military Etc Windows Residential Commercial Home Appliance Bathroom SMARTERSHADE SmarterShade is an enabling technology that makes glass smart. Initial Market Focus Benefits: 1)Energy control 2)New construction or retrofit 3)Fits many types and sizes of windows 4)Leverages existing glass/ window supply chains Slide 7 @ cost of current technologies MARKET - WINDOWS Addressable market = residential and commercial windows. Cost per square foot @ projected EC cost $4.2B Market @ current SmarterShade cost $5.3B Market @ projected SmarterShade cost SMARTERSHADE Slide 8 VALUE CHAIN SmarterShade suppliers 3-4 strategic relationships SPECIALTY FILMFABRICATION of CARTRIDGEGLASS / WINDOW SALES SmarterShade customers 5 pending JDAs SmarterShade products via JV partners SMARTERSHADE Slide 9 INVISIBLIND SMARTERSHADE Continuous change 2 State http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ keJuYtXqK4&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watc h?v=OjZq2dj2pE4 SMARTERSHADE Slide 10 GO TO MARKET PLAN COMMERCIAL WINDOWS TRANSPORTATION RESIDENTIAL WINDOW/ DOOR 32 1 Market entry: Q2 2013 2017 sq ft sold 4M # of fabricators: 1-2 Market entry: Q1 2014 2017 sq ft sold: 3.5M # of fabricators: 4-6 Market entry: Q3 2014 2017 sq ft sold: 5.7M # of fabricators: 10+ SMARTERSHADE Slide 11 COMMERCIALIZATION MILESTONES MilestoneTimeframeDetails Supplier JDADec 2012Liquid Crystal and a film supplier Fabricator JV/ JDA Dec 2012 In discussions with multiple companies in U.S., Canada, and Europe Gen 2 PrototypeJan 2013Manufacturable prototype for 1 st product Durability testingApr 2013Lifecycle testing of components and system File international patents Apr 2013 File in specific countries outside of the U.S. where end product will be sold Supply Chain Readiness May 2013Final product development, manufacturing tooling Product LaunchJun 2013Launch product 1 (Invisiblind) for select applications Slide 12 Management Team TEAM SMARTERSHADE Mike Stacey, CEO 12 years mgmt consulting - focus on energy industry Prior owner/ operator of home renovation businesses Ryan Tatzel, Film Development Construction industry and machining experience BS Chemical Engineering Will McLeod, Window Systems Development Industrial design/ mechanical engineer MS engineering Ted Willoughby, Business Development Window and building products industry veteran Former sales executive for Milgard Windows Technical Resources Brandon Tinianov**, Former CTO Serious Energy Rick McCurdy, Former VP Product Development at Milgard Windows Court Hiniricher, Windows engineer Clay Shepherd, Display industry expert Colin Lines, Optics analyst Chris Riordan, Mechanical engineer Tom Hood**, Former CEO Southwall Technologies, Will Glaser*, Founder of Pandora, Marc Tarpenning, Founder of Tesla Motors, Steve Abramson, President Pace Windows Additional Business Advisors Slide 13 BUSINESS MODEL SMARTERSHADE 1 3 2 License application and pattern to film makers Joint Development/ Partnership Opportunity Product sales of full window systems Joint Venture Relationships with initial Glass Fabricators License of window system manufacturing IP JV/ Strategic Partner License of Manufacturing Process Phase 2 Slide 14 FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS SMARTERSHADE Scale achieved through strategic partnerships and adding new markets, and licensing. Market 2 Launch Market 1 Launch Market 3 Launch Application/ Mfg Licensing Slide 15 EXIT OPPORTUNITIES SMARTERSHADE Q4 2012 Q1 2014 Q4 2015Q1 2017 Suitors 1)Window: Prelco, Milgard, Nashville Tempering etc 2)Film: LG Chemical, Merck, BenQ, etc 3)Glass: St. Gobain, AGC, PPG, etc Opportunity 1 Opportunity 2 Sale Price : $100M+Sale Price : $15-$25M Slide 16 FUNDING SOURCE/ USES SMARTERSHADE SOURCES: USES: CURRENT $1.3M CURRENT $1.3M PLANNED $3M PLANNED $3M 1.Window system final development 2.Utility and foreign patent filing 3.Supply chain readiness 4.Full lifecycle testing 5.Product launch 1.Strategic (500K) 2.Grant match (500K) 3.Equity funding (2M) 1.Grants (870K) 2.Conv note (325K) 3.Customers / bootstrapping (145K) 1.R&D 2.Patenting 3.Customer acquisition 4.Value chain development Slide 17 SUMMARY SMARTERSHADE 1.BREAKTHROUGH AND SCALABLE TECHNOLOGY 2.DISRUPTIVE PRICE CHANGE CREATES HUGE NEW MARKET 3.CUSTOMER TRACTION IN MULTIPLE SEGMENTS 4.MANUFACTURING PARTNERS HAVE ABILITY TO MEET DEMAND ACROSS INDUSTRIES 5.LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT INVESTORS