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www.nasa.gov Constellation Space Transportation Planning Office July 30, 2009 Slide 2 2 Agenda Charter Evolution CSTP Implementation Plan Program and Technical Authority Relationships Slide 3 Constellation Space Transportation Planning Office Charter 3 SOMD Established with concurrence of ESMD in December 2008 Develop methodology and corporate processes to manage NASA Human System Operations activities while continuing to develop further NASA Human Systems capabilities Constellation Space Transportation Program Manage the production, sustaining engineering, launch preparations, and recovery of the Ares I/Orion vehicle configuration that will transport crew safely to/from the ISS ESMD/CxP will manage DDTE test flights through Certification completion SOMD/CSTP will manage post-DDTE operations flights Slide 4 Status of CSTP Implementation Plan 4 Initiate definition of Program Processes Continue Program Planning, Prepare Program Plan Develop System Integration Plan Define Production Structure and WBS Structure FY09FY10 FY11 FY12 Effective November 23, 2008 Establish Project Offices/ Managers Partner Sub-System Managers assignments Establish Sharing for DDTE Production Engineering with MSFC and JSC Facility and System O&M Support T&E Flight Tests Establish Planning Office Prepare draft Formulation Authorization Document Initiate Multi-Center agreements for Program support Initiate CSTP WBS Structure with CxP Prepare initial CSTP level II FY10-15 resource requirements Slide 5 5 Constellation Space Transportation Planning Office - Evolution FebApr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct 2008 Jan Feb Mar Apr Jul Aug Sep Nov Bill Hill Team Implementation of Hawes-Geyer Recommendations 05/20/2008 Status to SMC 09/24/2008 Out-brief to SMC Agency approved CSTPO Kickoff 06/11/2008 KSC Implementation Plan submitted to Bill Hill team. Feb Mar Apr May Jul Dec May 12/10/2007 Out-brief to Administrator Bill Hill team kicked off Dec CSTPO 12/04/2008 SOMD/ESMD letter establishing CSTPO 2009 07/2009 CxP CSTP Strategic Alliance Agreement Signed Hawes-Geyer Team Methodology for Development & Operations 10/18/2007 Out-brief to SOMD/ESMD 02/2007 Hawes-Geyer Team Kickoff Mar Jan Oct Jun 2007 Nov Slide 6 6 Constellation Space Transportation Program Established a partnership between ESMD and SOMD Post-DDTE Programmatic Structure with authority and responsibility for: Program control, including budget, schedule, and program content Maintaining requirements baseline Maintaining technical capability to perform systems engineering within established performance criteria Maintaining configuration control system and Certification of Flight Readiness process Manufacturing and Production of the flight and ground hardware to support the manifest. Directing pre-launch processing, launch execution, mission operations, recovery operations, and turnaround operations Partnering with ISS Program Customer and Mission Operations Directorate at the JSC End State Slide 7 Constellation Evolution 7 CxP DDT&E CSTP Production and Operations Slide 8 8 Establishing CSTP / CxP Partnership - Director is matrix CxP APM for Operations and Sustaining implementation - Member PDR/CDR Review Boards - Member of programmatic boards CSTP Organization - Establishing interfaces between CxP and CSTP (ESMD and SOMD) - Interfacing with CxP Boards and Panels - Embedding into Design Centers Processes - Evaluating Cost Drivers during the next 2 PPBE cycles - Sustaining Production members an integral part of the Development Program CSTP Technical Authority Support Engineering - Co-located 24 Flight Sustaining Engineers w/ DDTE Design Engineers - Grow Sustaining Engineers as we proceed through CDR, Qualification and Certification Testing Safety & Mission Assurance - Defining Sustaining Flight Hardware Safety Organization Structure Operations Program Imbedding into Development Program Slide 9 9 Summary Operations Program Planning established early enough to Gain Sub-System Sustaining Design Experience Participate in Flight Hardware Evolution Create Solid Engineering Relationships Operations Program Elements imbedded at all critical levels Sub-system engineering SE&I Development and Products Mission Planning and Operations Elements Program and Program Elements SMA and Engineering Technical Authority NASA recognizes the unique demands of pursuing development and operations within Human Space Systems. We have a solid programmatic plan to provide space system operations while developing the next series of exploration Human Space Systems


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