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  • www.gokulbhajan.comGokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies*Vedic WisdomGuru Tattva G1

    Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies

  • *Mata+Pitha - Love&Support2. Guru - Guide3. God - DestinyMata, Pita(Material World)God(Spiritual World)GuruThe Guru Tattva

  • *Definition of Guru Spiritual Master One who realized God before starting teaching Acts only on behalf of God, never on behalf of himGu = DarknessRu = Light

    Guru = One who brings one from darkness to lightGuru: He who is heavy, weighty

  • *Kinds of GurusCaitya Guru The paramatma inside every soul guidingJagat Guru Vande Krsnam Jagad-GurumSiksha Guru Friendly, Easily Accessible, Shows the waySravana Guru Instructs on Bhagavan, Jiva, BhaktiDiksha Guru Gives Initiations, Takes Responsibility

  • *Why do I need a guru?I do not need any Guru! I can reach God by myself !.. Guru comes here only to help us It is Lords arrangement for us Even when Lord comes, He follows the rule: Lord Krishna - Garga Muni - Santeepani Muni Lord Rama - Vasistha Muni - Visvamitra Muni Sripad Sankaracharya (Lord Siva) - Govinda Bhagavad Pada

    Spiritual Knowledge not possible by our endavour! Did you learn even ABC by yourself?

  • *What does the scripture say?Prathaman Tu Gurum Pjym Tatas caiva mamrcanamKurvan siddhim avp-noti hy Anyath niphalam bhavet - Hari Bhakti Vilasa 4.344Sri Krishna says, One must always worship ones Guru first and only then worship Me. This is the right way to attain perfection. It is fruitless if one tries to worship Me directly.How should one serve to the Guru? We will hear from a story.

  • *Story of UpamanyuRishi: Dhaumya Disciples: Upamanyu, Aaruni, Ved

    Upamanyu: Fond of eating. No knowledge (dull) He was not intelligent & also very Fatty. Guru,Upamanyu! From tomorrow, herd our cows Do not eat anything!

  • * Guru called him after few days. Still fat and healthy! You are still fat! Did you eat anything? No Guruji! I drink the milk from cows Dont drink milk from cows without my permission Yes, Guruji.

  • * Guru called him after few days. Still fat and healthy! You are still fat! Are you still drinking milk? No Guruji, I lick the left-over foam from the mouth of the calves after they drink their milk Upamanyu! Dont do that anymore! Yes, Guruji

  • * Next day Upamanyu was not seen ! Guru started searching for him all over... Upamanyu! Where are you?... Finally he heard Upamanyu from a deep well !. Why are you in this well?

  • * Guruji! I was hungry... I obeyed your order. I drank the milk from Aak Leaves, became blind & fell into the well

    Oh!. You followed my orders perfect. Pray to Ashwini Kumaras. They will come and give your eye sight back!

  • * Ashwini Kumars (Medicine God) appeared! Here is the medicine. You eat this and you will be fine

    As usual I offer this to my Gurudev and then eat

    Guru: I am extremely happy for obeying my orders. Let all Brahma Jnana manifest in your heart right now!.

  • *Yasya prasdd bhagavat prasdo Yasy-prasdn na gatih kuto pi By the mercy of Sri Guru one receives the mercy of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Without Gurus grace one cannot attain spiritual perfection.

  • *Yasya prasdd bhagavat prasdo Yasy-prasdn na gatih kuto pi Yasya of WhomPrasdd by the graceBhagavat Of Lord KrishnaPrasdo The mercyYasya of Whomprasdn Without The GraceNa noGatih Goal (Spiritual Perfection)Kuto pi - anywhere

  • www.gokulbhajan.comGokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies*Gurus by Their methods..Pushing Guru - Both legs in Material world2. Lifting Guru - One leg in spiritual world - One leg in material world3. Pulling Guru - Both legs in spiritual world

    Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies

  • *How To Find A Guru?1. Google Search?

    2. Hire a private investigator?

    3. Give an advertisement in Newspaper?

  • *What is the Real Process to find Guru?

    If you are NOT honest, you get a fake Guru

    If you are honest, you get a qualified guru ! Pray to God genuinely crying for help Caitya Guru within you then takes over The Lord then sends the right Guru for you!

  • *Yasya prasdd bhagavat prasdo Yasy-prasdn na gatih kuto pi Moral & SummaryMeaning of GuruCaitya, Sravana, Siksha & Diksha GurusWorship God only after GuruEven God follows this ruleJnana is not possible by our own endavourOnly service to Guru can give Spiritual KnowledgeWhat does Upamanyu story reveal?Pushing, Lifting, Pulling GurusHow to get a Guru

  • www.gokulbhajan.comGokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies*Guru Carana Kamala Bhaja ManGuru Carana Kamala Bhaja ManO mind! Just worship the lotus feet of Gurudeva!End of Episode: Guru Tattva G1

    Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies