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<ul><li> Slide 1 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education MA Education www.derby.ac.uk/education </li> <li> Slide 2 </li> <li> MA Education Which programme is right for you? Full time Part time (on campus) Part time (delivered to a group in their workplace) Specialist pathway (part time) </li> <li> Slide 3 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Value for money fees compared with other providers Range of module choices and specialist pathway awards Step off awards so your learning is acknowledged Flexible entrance requirements that take account of previous experience and learning Why study for an MA Education? </li> <li> Slide 4 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Practical research elements are based on your own professional practice so the course is relevant to your individual career progression. We are a learning community - we research what we practice and practice what we research. Why study for an MA Education? </li> <li> Slide 5 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Share your experience with other professionals, to broaden your professional development in education and understanding of prominent issues. Why study for an MA Education? </li> <li> Slide 6 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Tailor the course to your interests by selecting from the modules to achieve a full MA Education or one of nine specialist pathway awards. You will personalise your learning by choosing from a range of modules according to the schedule of delivery. Why study for an MA Education? </li> <li> Slide 7 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Our teaching team are friendly and approachable with specialist knowledge, which they pass on to you. You can be sure that you'll be up to date with the latest theory and practice. Why study for an MA Education? </li> <li> Slide 8 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education This course can enhance your progress in your educational career. Many of our graduates found the course was the catalyst that encouraged them to apply for new posts. Why study for an MA Education? </li> <li> Slide 9 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Start date: September or January Course length: Full time: one academic year Campus: Kedleston Road site, Derby Campus Department: Post Graduate and Initial Teacher Education Fees:4,500 MA Education full time: </li> <li> Slide 10 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Studying full time enables you to concentrate fully on your masters. You'll gain a postgraduate qualification quickly, without compromising on quality. Enhances your CV and career prospects. Why study full time? </li> <li> Slide 11 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Explore education in its fullest sense - from its pivotal role in society to the theories, policies and practices which influence, change and enhance it. Why study full time? </li> <li> Slide 12 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Full time modules include: Core Studying at Masters Level (20 Credits) Evidence Based Practice (20 Credits) Independent Study (60 Credits) Options Comparative Education (20 Credits) Applying Educational Thinkers and Theorists in Practice (20 Credits) Curriculum Challenges (20 Credits) Learning Theories in Action (20 Credits) Pathway modules - may also be taken as optional modules </li> <li> Slide 13 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Start date: September or January Course length: Part time: two to three years. Campus: Kedleston Road site, Derby Campus Department: Post Graduate and Initial Teacher Education Fees*: 500 per 20 credit module 4,500 for the full 180 credit MA Education Award *Current fees for 2013-14 MA Education part time: On Campus </li> <li> Slide 14 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Studying for a qualification that helps you to combine your practice with current an emerging theory over a period of time. Offers more time to fund your study and reflect on your learning. You'll gain a postgraduate qualification quickly, without compromising on quality. Enhances your CV and career prospects. Why study part time? </li> <li> Slide 15 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Nine part time specialist pathway routes available: MA Education: Career Learning MA Education: Community Learning MA Education: Early Years MA Education: Emotional Education MA Education: English for Speakers of Other Languages MA Education: Leadership and Management MA Education: Leadership Coaching and Mentoring MA Education: Lifelong Learning MA Education: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities </li> <li> Slide 16 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education Start date: Flexible -to be agreed Course length: Part time: choice of single or multiple modules up to the whole three year programme studying 180 credits Delivery scheduleFlexible to be agreed Off campus: A group of up to 20 colleagues from one or several institutions studying an agreed programme of study at their workplace. Department: Post Graduate and Initial Teacher Education Fees: 5,500 per 20 credit module for a group of around 20 to study 49,500 for 20 staff to achieve a full 180 credit MA Education MA Education part time: Off Campus (in the workplace) </li> <li> Slide 17 </li> <li> Do I have the entrance requirements? If you have an undergraduate degree you have direct entry, however, a typical student would be difficult to define. We consider a wide range of qualifications, many of these have degree equivalence, and provide direct entry. If you have been teaching for some time and have a range of experience, this may also qualify for degree equivalence. Details of your qualifications and experience must be dealt with on application to ensure your programme of study progresses smoothly www.derby.ac.u k/education </li> <li> Slide 18 </li> <li> If you already have M-level credits? From 2007 Schools based PGCE awards included M level credit (60- 120 credits), these can be used towards your Masters award (180 credits), if achieved within the last 5 years. You can carry 60 credits from another MA programme if the content is equivalent. If you move from Derby, your credits can be used at another UK University in the same way. You may be able to claim Masters (Level 7) credits towards your programme if you can evidence research, teaching at Level 7, staff development delivery, or similar. www.derby.ac.uk/education </li> <li> Slide 19 </li> <li> What if I move, or have to take a break? Your study can move with you You can take a break in study and return up to a year afterwards: Exceptional extenuating circumstances (EEC) Authorised break in study (ABS) You can step off with an interim award www.derby.ac.uk/education </li> <li> Slide 20 </li> <li> How do we know this model works? Our partners say that our work based programme has: Improved recruitment, retention and promotion of staff. Facilitated sharing of good practice and stronger relationships between staff teams and departments. Encouraged the value of a learning culture within an establishment. Theory into practice has built confidence to try new ideas to improve classroom and leadership practice. Contributed to many individual success stories of our students and schools *current fees for 2013-2014 www.derby.ac.uk/education </li> <li> Slide 21 </li> <li> Current MA Partner Schools www.derby.ac.uk/education Kirk Hallam Community Technology &amp; Sports College </li> <li> Slide 22 </li> <li> Current MA Partner Schools www.derby.ac.uk/education John Taylor High School </li> <li> Slide 23 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education What our students say "I enjoyed the Teaching style as it was very participative. The sessions were delivered at a variety of times in the evenings and weekends. This helped me to fit the course around my work commitments." Emma Hyde, current student </li> <li> Slide 24 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education What our students say Access and feedback has been prompt and easy to achieve. This is not true for some of my colleagues at different Universities. There has not been an evening that has been a chore to attend. Christine Paice, graduate </li> <li> Slide 25 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education What our students say "I have found that the MA Education programme has developed my professional confidence and has strengthened my understanding of my professional goals. Chris Dale, student </li> <li> Slide 26 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education What our students say "The support from the lecturers has been exemplary be it by e-mail, phone and tutorials. The lectures are always thought providing, well designed and very supportive of the aims and outcomes of the modules." Andrea Allen, current student </li> <li> Slide 27 </li> <li> www.derby.ac.uk/education What our students say "I thoroughly enjoyed my course at Derby, and it gave me the confidence and qualifications to progress in my career." Kathy Hardy, recent graduate </li> <li> Slide 28 </li> <li> Interim Awards www.derby.ac.uk/education </li> <li> Slide 29 </li> <li> Bespoke programmes for in house CPD We can discuss your settings specific CPD needs and offer a bespoke programme at Level 7 Staff teams can work together on projects You can target school/college priorities www.derby.ac.uk/education </li> <li> Slide 30 </li> <li> Our CPD offer One off sessions tailored to your school or college staff needs Series of activities and sessions providing a bespoke CPD package negotiated with your CPD leader to suit your staff and timetable Opportunity for staff to convert their Taster CPD learning into MA Education credits www.derby.ac.uk/education </li> <li> Slide 31 </li> <li> Our CPD offer MA Education Taster CPD sessions designed to meet your development priorities and available to small or whole staff groups an experience of learning at masters level within a context of your choice Flexible delivery times and competitive costs Delivery team of specialists can support a range of unique requirements www.derby.ac.uk/education </li> <li> Slide 32 </li> <li> What people say about our CPD delivery The training last night was a real success! Your team delivered an inspiring and exciting session and I am currently organising the twilights for next year and will certainly be asking Derby University to deliver another session. Vicky Marsh, Deputy Headteacher, Oldfields Hall Middle School We all came away from the session feeling energised and enthusiastic about inputting new ideas into our teaching with regards to questioning and talk. Y 6 Teacher, Junior School, Derby Really enjoyable, interesting session. An excellent speaker very knowledgeable, credible and entertaining! Thank you for some insightful thoughts. Whole staff Behaviour Management Secondary School in Derby www.derby.ac.uk/education </li> <li> Slide 33 </li> <li> Contact details for further information MA Education Programme Leader - Full time and Part time study Vanessa Cottle v.cottle@derby.ac.ukv.cottle@derby.ac.uk Programme Administrator for information about applying Hazel Thompsonh.thompson@derby.ac.ukh.thompson@derby.ac.uk For queries regarding school and college cohorts and CPD Nia Suttonn.sutton@derby.ac.ukn.sutton@derby.ac.uk </li> </ul>