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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs The implications of digital career literacy for higher education Tristram Hooley (Professor of Career Education)
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Overview
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Overview
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Generational differences? Digital native vs digital immigrant? GenerationalvsExperiential Visitor vs resident?
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Just because you know about this
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Doesnt mean you know about this
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Equally just because you know about this
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Doesnt mean you dont know about this
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Online/digital requires Skills Knowledge Experience Some of these are new for online Some of them are old skills used in a new context
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  • Key concepts Information literacy Employability Career management Digital literacy Digital career literacies
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Do your institutions care about this stuff? Why? Who cares?
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Overview
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs What do you think the internet offers career builders?
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Looking for a job in Australia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyJDnS5qNvk
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs The internet issues us all with
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Employers views Some employers are advertising vacancies on social media Hiring (just) through social media is rare. Some employers are using it for screening applicants. But employers are unsure exactly what to do with this information and whether it helps the hiring process. Many applicants are unaware that this is the case. But some applicants are actively managing their online profiles with this possibility in mind. See Betances et al. (2012); Girard et al. (2013); Joos, J. G. (2008); Ladkin, A. & Buhalis, (2016); Pike et al. (2012); Vicknair et al. (2010). www.derby.ac.uk/ic egs
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs The internet is a career resource library through which individuals can find information that informs and relates to their informational needs
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  • The internet is an opportunity marketplace where individuals can transact with opportunity providers (employers and learning providers)
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs The internet is a space for the exchange of social capital within which conversations can be undertaken, contacts identified and networks maintained
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs The internet is a democratic media channel through which individuals and groups can communicate their interests and concerns to the wider world, raise their profiles and manage their reputations
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Overview
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  • 7 Cs of digital career literacy ChangingCollectingCritiquingConnectingCommunicatingCreatingCurating
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs 1. Changing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdvo5Fl RqmM
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs 2. Collecting www.derby.ac.uk/icegs
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs 3. Critiquing
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs 4. Connecting
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs 5. Communicating Dear Sir I would like to apply for the advertised job. I believe that I have the necessary skills required for the post and that I would be a great addition to your team. Yours faithfully Tristram Hooley dEr Sir I wud lIk 2 apply 4 d advRtizd job. I BlEv dat I hav d neceSrE skills required 4 d post & dat I wud b a gr8 aDitN 2 yor team. urs faithfullyTristram Hooley
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs 6. Creating
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs 7. Curating
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs How are people currently addressing these issues with students?
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Overview
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs What does it do to practice? Or transform
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs The internet changes The tools you have to have conversations The role you can play Your clients access to information The conversations you need to have So what are the implications for practice? What are the implications for ethical practice?
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs Approaches to digital career literacy Intra- curricular Embedded within a course e.g. mapping the 7Cs onto course learning outcomes Co- curricular Linked to the course e.g. promoting subject relevant online professional networking sessions (#edchat) to students Extra- curricular Outside of the course e.g. Careers services workshops on using social media in job search
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs General books on the internet Doctorow, C. (2014). Information Doesnt Want to be Free.Information Doesnt Want to be Free Eggers, D. (2013). The Circle.The Circle Shirky, C. (2008). Here Comes Everybody.Here Comes Everybody Shirky, C. (2010). Cognitive Surplus.Cognitive Surplus OHara, K. & Shadbolt, N. (2008). The Spy in the Coffee Machine.The Spy in the Coffee Machine Weinberger, D. (2007). Everything is Miscellaneous.Everything is Miscellaneous
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs The internet and career Bright, J. E. (2014). If you go down to the woods today you are in for a big surprise: seeing the wood for the trees in online delivery of career guidance. British Journal of Guidance & Counselling, (ahead-of-print), 1-12. Betances et al. (2012). Personal social networking: Affects on companies hiring decisions. Girard et al. (2013), Integration of Social Media in Recruitment: A Delphi Study, in Bondarouk & Olivas-lujn (ed.) Social Media in Human Resources Management Joos, J. G. (2008), Social media: New frontiers in hiring and recruiting. Empl. Rel. Today, 35: 5159. Kettunen, J., Vuorinen, R., & Sampson Jr, J. P. (2013). Career practitioners' conceptions of social media in career services. British journal of guidance & counselling, 41(3), 302-317. Ladkin, A. and Buhalis, D., 2016. Online and Social Media Recruitment: Hospitality Employer and Prospective Employee Considerations. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. (In Press) Lloyd, B. (2012). The use of internet applications for the dissemination of knowledge for career management. Curtin University. Osborn, D. S., Dikel, M. F., & Sampson, J. P. (2011). The Internet: A Tool for Career Planning. Broken Arrow, OK: National Career Development Association. Pike et al. (2012) "You Saw THAT?: Social Networking Sites, Self-Presentation, and Impression Formation in the Hiring Process" AMCIS 2012 Proceedings. Paper 8. Vicknair et al. (2010). The use of social networking websites as a recruiting tool for employers. American Journal Of Business Education, 3 (11). Vuorinen, Raimo, James P. Sampson, and Jaana Kettunen. "The perceived role of technology in career guidance among practitioners who are experienced internet users." Australian Journal of Career Development 20.3 (2011): 39-46.
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  • www.derby.ac.uk www.derby.ac.uk/icegs For more of my thoughts on this Cann, A., Dimitriou, K. & Hooley, T. (2011). Social Media: A Guide for Researchers. London: Research Information Network.Social Media: A Guide for Researchers Goss, S. & Hooley, T. (2015). Symposium on online practice in counselling and guidance (Editorial). British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 43(1): 1-7.Symposium on online practice in counselling and guidance (Editorial) Hooley, T. (2011). Careers work in the blogosphere: Can careers blogging widen access to career support. In: Barham, L. & Irving, B.A. (eds) Constructing the Future: Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice. Stourbridge: Institute of Career Guidance.Careers work in the blogosphere: Can careers blogging widen access to career support Hooley, T. (2012). How the internet changed career: framing the relationship between career development and online technologies. Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling (NICEC). 29.How the internet changed career: framing the relationship betwe


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