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Magazine about Taekwondo WTF



    All of your smile is beautiful after finishing the game. Win or lose doesn't matter anymore as you have fought through a long & arduous training. However KP&P will do the best to prevent any wrong deci-sion that might affect your training. And KP&P will cheer you up

    You can get to know there are fairness & accuracyinside KP&P electronic protectors.

    1st Generation 3rd Generation2nd Generation

    Electronic body protector impact sensor should be made of seamless sur-face but dot or line. All protectors should express the same intensity value if it is selected any, please check impact sensor first in case you need ac-curate & fair body protector.

    It is almost impossible to see every kicks as it happens 2~3 times per second. KPNP referee scoring box helps referees to determine by vibrat-ing when body or head kick is precise which will support referees to have more accurate calls.

    Kick point & fist point can be divided & given by RFID tag & Antenna; fist point can be awarded separately. Case of fist, it is certified to point only where theres a specific part of some impacts, automatic or semi-automatic (Vibra-tion) mode can be selected

    The first generation of Electronic pro-tector released by A companys impact sensor was attached on the protector as a dot that wasnt accu-rate or uniform to detecting the striking impact. In addition some of kicks didnt detected because there was no sensor to the whole body protector.

    The gaps between the line to line make difficult for detecting the uni-formity of intensity value in case of using line types of impact detecting sensor & it may recognize improper kicks. It is likely to be unable to work properly, if the line is broken which leads to durability issue.leads to durability issue.

    KP&P Electronic protector has surface type of impact sensor makes uniform intensity values no matter which parts is being hit. It has received affirmative feedback as it is faithful to the basics of Taekwondo; it distinguishes irregularity kicks, with good quality and easy to manage.manage.

    KP&P Electronic protector internal sensor deployment diagram


    Accurate impact sensor makes a right electronic body protector.

    Vibration tells you where cannot be seen.

    Proximity Antenna distinguishes kicks and fists.


  • Presidents Message

    Chungwon Choue

    PresidentWorld Taekwondo Federation

    onumental development and unprecedented pop-ularity have been enjoyed by the WTF and the tae-kwondo family over the past 40 years. Though the di-aspora of taekwondo started years before the WTFs foundation, the formalization of the governing body

    enabled the institutionalization of the taekwondo movement and laid down the infrastructure of what has evolved into one of the most popular sports in the world.

    The legacies that have been forged by the forefathers of taekwondo, and new legacies that are currently being created, will last for years to come and inspire generations. Over the past nine years, technological revolutions have carried taekwondo into the 21st century and made it one of the fairest and most transparent sports in the world. These innovations led to the successful results of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

    With its membership now standing at 204 member national associa-tions, the WTF is very proud of how far we have come. Not only have

    we created a competition system that ensures our athletes fair results, but we have also ensured that each voice of our members is heard. With the implementation of brainstorming sessions, the hard work of each of our committees, and the diligence of the WTF Council and General Assembly, we have established values of good governance via an all-inclusive democratic process.

    Each of our member nations has invested great time and effort into various development programs. It is through these tremendous initia-tives that we offer dreams to those who are in greatest need of hope. Stories in this issue like the ones on Uganda and Ukraine highlight the vision and purpose of both the taekwondo and Olympic movements. I urge all readers, who are in a position to help, to reach out to these nations and individuals.

    The images of taekwondo champions throughout this magazine of-fer a jolt of energy to those of all ages who take up taekwondo and demonstrate that we are truly a sport for all. Dreams do not stop at the age of 16, they stay alive forever and no person shall be left

    behind. Taekwondo and the WTF are open to any and all, regardless of affiliation, who wish to compete in WTF-sanctioned or -promoted events and who are willing to follow WTF rules and regulations.

    During this time of innovation, new initiatives to display the dynamic nature of our sport are being implemented. Events such as the WTF Grand Prix Series will allow more opportunities for the top athletes around the world to compete head-to-head for coveted qualification places. More emphasis on sport presentations during championships will also allow for a more spectator-friendly experience and greater opportunities for promotion. These are just a few of the ideas that have emerged from the free flow of ideas from our members and will be a driving force toward the future.

    More milestones are heading our way as we celebrate the 40th year of the WTF. There is no doubt that great things lie ahead for our organi-zation and our sport as we continue to stand together in our common cause. Inspiration lies in every corner for the world and it is taekwon-do that is leading the way to this destination.

    The WTF Grand Prix Series will allow moreopportunities for the top athletes around

    the world to compete head-to-headfor coveted qualification places

  • 49AFRICA






    The WTF now boasts a global membership of 204, and is still expanding across the world

    EUROPE (49)1. Albania 2.Andorra 3.Armenia 4.Austria 5.Azerbaijan 6.Belarus 7.Belgium 8.Bosnia & Herzegovina 9.Bulgaria 10.Croatia 11.Cyprus 12.Czech Republic 13.Denmark 14.Estonia 15.Finland 16.France 17.Georgia 18.Germany 19.Great Britain 20.Greece 21.Hungary 22.Iceland 23.Ireland 24.Isle of Man 25.Israel 26.Italy 27.Latvia 28.Lithuania 29.Luxembourg 30.Macedonia 31.Malta 32.Mol-dova 33.Monaco 34.Montenegro 35.The Netherlands 36.Norway 37.Poland 38.Portugal 39.Romania 40.Russia 41.San Marino 42.Serbia 43.Slovak Repub-lic 44.Slovenia 45.Spain 46.Sweden 47.Switzerland 48.Turkey 49.Ukraine

    ASIA (43)1.Afghanistan 2.Bahrain 3.Bangladesh 4.Bhutan 5.Brunei 6.Cambodia 7.China 8.Chinese Taipei 9.Hong Kong 10.India 11.Indonesia 12.Iran 13.Iraq 14.Japan 15.Jordan 16.Kazakhstan 17.Korea 18.Kuwait 19.Kyrgyzstan 20.Laos 21.Leb-anon 22.Macao 23.Malaysia 24.Mongolia 25.Myanmar 26.Nepal 27.Oman 28.Pakistan 29.Palestine 30.Philippines 31.Qatar 32.Saudi Arabia 33.Singapore 34.Sri Lanka 35.Syria 36.Tajikistan 37.Thailand 38.Timor-Leste 39.Turkmenistan 40.United Arab Emirates 41.Uzbekistan 42.Vietnam 43.Yemen

    AFRICA (49)1.Algeria 2.Angola 3.Benin 4.Botswana 5.Burkina Faso 6.Burundi 7.Cameroon 8.Cape Verde 9.Central African Republic 10.Comoros 11.Cote dIvoire 12.Con-go 13.D.R. of the Congo 14.Egypt 15.Equatorial Guinea 16.Ethiopia 17.Gabon 18.Gambia 19.Ghana 20.Guinea 21.Kenya 22.Lesotho 23.Liberia 24.Libya 25.Madagascar 26.Malawi 27.Mali 28.Mauritius 29.Morocco 30.Mozambique 31.Niger 32.Nigeria 33.Ruanda 34.Sao Tome & Principe 35.Senegal 36.Sey-chelles 37.Sierra Leone 38.Somalia 39.South Africa 40.Sudan 41.South Sudan 42.Swaziland 43.Chad 44.Tanzania 45.Togo 46.Tunisia 47.Uganda 48.Zimba-bwe 49.Zambia

    PAN AMERICA (44)1.Antigua & Barbuda 2.Argentina 3.Aruba 4.Bahamas 5.Barbados 6.Belize 7.Bermuda 8.Bolivia 9.Brazil 10.British Virgin Islands 11.Canada 12.Cayman Islands 13.Chile 14.Colombia 15.Costa Rica 16.Dominican Republic 17.Cuba 18.Dominica 19.Ecuador 20.El Salvador 21.Grenada 22.Guadeloupe 23.Gua-temala 24.Guyana 25.Haiti 26.Honduras 27.Jamaica 28.Martinique 29.Mex-ico 30.Netherlands Antilles 31.Nicaragua 32.Panama 33.Paraguay 34.Peru 35.Puerto Rico 36.St. Lucia 37.St. Kitts & Nevis 38.Surinam 39.St. Vincent & the Grenadines 40.Trinidad and Tobago 41.Uruguay 42.U.S.A. 43.Virgin Islands 44.Venezuela

    OCEANIA (19)1.American Samoa 2.Australia 3.Cook Islands 4.Fiji 5.French Polynesia 6.Guam 7.Kiribati 8.Marshall Islands 9.Micronesia 10.Tuvalu 11.New Caledonia 12.New Zealand 13.Palau 14.Papua New Guinea 15.Samoa 16.Solomon Islands 17.Ton-ga 18.Tuvalu 19.Vanuatu

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