wtf is social marketing? campaigns, behaviour change and behavioural economics

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  • 1.So WTF is socialmarketing?Max St John April 2010

2. def.The systematic application ofmarketing, alongside other concepts and techniques toachieve specific behavioural goals,for a social good 3. or (better)...Consumer behaviour is ourbottom line 4. starting pointidentifying behavioural challengesdeveloping behavioural interventions 5. the rootssocial policymarketing_social sciences_commercial_social reform_public sector_social campaigningAllied with: behavioural economics, health promotion, publichealth, behavioural psychology, environmental advocacy. 6. three factorsset of tools or technologiessocial marketing via the core concept of marketingto create a socially just and fairer society 7. why it matters: joyless growth 8. why it matters: an unequal society 9. core principles: focus on behaviourtypically want people to do one of four things: _accept a new behaviour _reject an undesirable behaviour _modify and existing behaviour _abandon an old, undesirable behaviour 10. core principles: people first mindsetin-depth understanding of audience: deep truthssystematic audience understandingbeneficiary is the individual, group or society: not us. 11. principle elements_Customer or consumer orientation_Behaviour and behavioural goals_Intervention mix and marketing mix_Audience segmentation_Exchange_Competition 12. Where demographics fail Demographicmale born 1948 British2nd marriageaffluentwell known family 13. the individual in a wider contextIndirectly influence Global context Wider societyCommunities and neighborhoods Friends and familyIndividual Directly influence 14. what is behaviour?Not a single actionBut a series of actions over timeThe result of conscious decisions but often drivenby learned patterns or unconscious decisionsBehaviour is inherently dynamic.Variation and inconsistency is common 15. behavioural modelsTermination Pre-ContemplationMaintenance ContemplationActionPreparation 16. ways of influencing behaviourInformCommunicate Remind Make aware TriggerEducateTeach EngageInspireSkillSupportService ProvideAssist ModelDesignAlter environment Change context EngineerControl Regulate LegislateMonitor Police 17. Some examples 18. Making it funWhat about this...? 19. behavioural economicsDecision making under uncertainty. 20. the differencestandard economic model behavioural economics_rational _?_governed by selfishness_treat all assets as fungible_motivated by expected utilitymaximisation_consistent time preferencesaccording to discounted utility 21. economics meets psychologywhy we shop and buy things the way we dowhy we behave the way we dohow we make choiceshow choices affect marketshow to influence choices 22. two kinds of behaviourreflective automatic/limbic_thinking_emotional_rational_intuitive_self aware_unconcious_turbulence is fine_were all gonna die_deductive _associative_mr spock_homer simpson 23. behavioural economicsanchorsheuristicsprospect theoryloss aversion / the endowment effectetc