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WTF is Penetration Testing


<ul><li> 1. WTF IS PENETRATION TESTING?AN OVERVIEW OF WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, AND WHYAKHIL.. </li></ul> <p> 2. Presentation Overview WHAT IS A PEN TEST? WHY DO COMPANIES PEN TEST? WHO DOES PEN TESTING? WHAT SKILLS ARE REQUIRED?NON TECHNICAL SKILLSETBASIC TECHNICAL SKILLSETOFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE KNOWLEDGE WHAT ARE SOME COMMON TOOLS? PEN TESTING AS A CAREER ATTACK DEMO: SQL INJECT WORLD QUESTIONS 3. What is Penetration Testing?Our Definition:The process of evaluating systems, applications, and protocolswith the intent of identifying vulnerabilities from the perspective of an unprivileged or anonymous user to determine the real-world impactlegally and under contract 4. Why do Companies Pen Test?Compliance RequirementsValidate Existing ControlsIdentify Unknown Security GapsPrioritize Existing Security InitiativesPrevent Data BreachesTest IDS / IPS / IRP 5. What are the Technical Objectives?Client specific objectives firstIdentify and verify all entry pointsIdentify critical escalation pointsGain unauthorized access to:Application functionalityCritical systemsSensitive data 6. Assessment VS. Penetration :Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Answer:-What are my system layer vulnerabilities?Where are my system layer vulnerabilities?How wide spread are my system layer vulnerabilities?Can I identify attacks?How do I fix my vulnerabilities? 7. Assessment VS. PenetrationPenetration Testing Answers:What are my high impact network layer issues?What are my high impact application layer issues?Can an attacker gain unauthorized access to: critical infrastructure that provides privileged access or cause service disruptions critical application functionality that the business depends on sensitive data that the business would be required to report on if a breach occursCan an attacker bypass our IPS / WAF?Can an attacker pivot from environment A to environment B? 8. Common Penetration Test Approach Kickoff: Scope, cost, testing windows, risks etc Information Gathering Vulnerability Enumeration Penetration Escalation Evidence Gathering (Pilfering) Clean up Report Creation Report Delivery and Review Remediation 9. Rules of EngagementHave fun, butHack Responsibly!Written permissionStay in scopeNo DoSDont change major stateRestore stateClear communication 10. What Skills are Needed?Non TechnicalBasic TechnicalOffensiveDefensiveCommon Tools 11. Non Technical SkillsetWritten and Verbal CommunicationsEmails/phone callsReport developmentSmall and large group presentationsProfessionalismRespecting others, setting, and meeting expectationsTroubleshooting MindsetNever give up, never surrenderWhere there is a will, there is a wayEthicsDont do bad thingsPros (career) vs. Cons (jail)Hack responsibly 12. Basic Technical SkillsetWindows Desktop AdministrationWindows Domain AdministrationLinux and Unix AdministrationNetwork Infrastructure AdministrationApplication DevelopmentScripting (Ruby, Python, PHP, Bash, PS, Batch)Managed languages (.Net, Java, Davlik)Unmanaged languages (C, C++) 13. Offensive and Defensive KnowledgeSystem enumeration and service fingerprintingLinux system exploitation and escalationWindows system exploitation and escalationNetwork system exploitation and escalationProtocol exploitationWeb application exploitation (OWASP)Reverse engineering client-server applications + AV EvasionSocial engineering techniques (onsite, phone, email) 14. Common Tools Knowledge &gt; ToolsUnderstand the core technologiesUnderstand the core offensive techniquesUnderstand the core defensive techniquesNetwork Penetration TestingBT, CAIN, YERSINIA, NCAT, NMAP, NESSUS,NEXPOSE, WCE, MIMIKATZ, AirCrack-ng,METASPLOIT and NATIVE TOOLS!Application Penetration TestingBURP, ZAP, NIKTO, DIRBUSTER, SQLMAP, SQLNinja, and BEEF. and commercial tools 15. Pen Testing as a Career:Common PathsInternal PathsHelp DeskIT SupportIT AdminSecurity AnalystSenior Security AnalystInternal ConsultantCISOSecurity Consulting PathsInternshipConsultantSenior ConsultantPrinciple ConsultantTeam LeadDirector Security&gt;Consultants often end up in malware research or exploit development, but some go corporate.&gt;Internal employees often stay internal. 16. BE SAFE and HACK RESPONSIBLYQuestions,comments, curses?</p>


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