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  1. 1. WTFisaproduct-led digital transformationanyway? Prepared by Tim Malbon at Made by Many Wednesday 28 June, 2017
  2. 2. Part1 IsntDigitalTransformation astupidphrase? (aka my lighthearted intro) Great to be here talking about Digital Transformation its one of my favourite subjects Ill start by sharing some research into the semiotics of Digital Transformation. Yeah, Ive been doing some research - its properly rigorous
  3. 3. Digital Transformation Ive been using Google Image search I did warn you about the rigour. But seriously, what I nd fascinating is the symbolism, the symbolic themes, that come across very strongly when you do a search for the term Digital Transformation
  4. 4. Itsblue First thing to say - like most stock photography used by businesses to talk about business, Digital Transformation is overwhelmingly connected to the colour blue Digital Transformation is like 99.9% blue
  5. 5. Itslikemagic So much of the imagery is magical. I guess because its such an abstract concept - so dicult to visualise I guess that the designer who work for B2B stock image libraries dont have a lot to go on, except that it contains this word transformation - which maybe makes them think of Harry Potter. Whatever it is, theres a lot of magical symbolism
  6. 6. Like this guy in his suit and tie, whos holding a kind of magical arrow
  7. 7. And this guy, whos holding err some electricity
  8. 8. And whatever is happening here - whatever it is its quite magical
  9. 9. And of course this GIF of a Unicorn that represents a type of billion dollar transformation
  10. 10. Itinvolvesfingers So, yeah magical - but also a lot of pointing. One thing that all of these business illustrators seem to agree on is that the future is all about touch interaction. Theres ngers everywhere.
  11. 11. Activate the digital transformation crystals by touching them with your phone nger
  12. 12. Andascendingthrough tunnelsofcodetowards abrightlight Bizarrely, digital transformation is also depicted in the same way as a near death experience
  13. 13. Menonly I found very few images of women doing digital transformation. Certainly, in my research, digital transformation is very much a thing being carried out by people with penises
  14. 14. InfluencedbyTron The whole topic is heavily inuenced by the original 1982 movie Tron'
  15. 15. Im sure we all remember this scene when the main human protagonist, Flynn - played by Je Bridges, undergoes his own digital transformation and actually gets maliciously digitalised by a rogue computer intelligence seeking to protect itself. So ahead of its time!
  16. 16. Flynn gets taken into the computer world. I went to see this movie with my Dad because it was a Parental Guidance (PG) rated lm. I think it turned me on to the idea of a computer world. Whats interesting is how the symbolism and imagery is still so similar to Tron
  17. 17. This is actually real
  18. 18. So is this.
  19. 19. Weve all felt like this
  20. 20. Not really sure what this sad dehumanised outline represent
  21. 21. DigitalTransformation Really silly phrase but everyones doing it
  22. 22. Part2 Theactualtalkbit Basically, were stuck with the phrase. You may nd it awkward, but in a way it doesnt matter because whatever you call it everyones doing it. Clients are appointing Chief Transformation Ocers Digital Transformation is at the top of their shopping lists. Deal with it. I found it really hard to get over my disgust. I tried everything
  23. 23. I made some badges. They say Im having a digital transformation right now I resisted the phrase - it sounded stupid and a bit naive. This is surely what the internet has always been about, right?I mean were 15-20 years into the most all encompassing transformation of human life like, business people, havent you noticed?!But we thought about this at Made by Many. We set up in 2007 to make new digital products and services for global corporate clients products and services that unlock new models, experiences, growth that are useful, and get more useful over time. These things sat outside the campaign lifecycle and we were clear they werent marketing
  24. 24. Wed always recognised even going way back 10 years before Made by Many when we did the same thing at other companies that when you make a successful new digital product or service you end up changing the company you are working for.By change I mean that when you create a successful new digital product or service (and weve taken 60 successfully to market over the last 10 years) you end up creating new workow, sometimes you have to to hire and train people, you introduce new processes and methods and it all leaves a permanent mark on the organisation youre working for: they become more agile, more lean, more focused on the user, quicker to market whatever it isWell, over the past 18 months what weve recognised is that the change bit is the most valuable part of what we do - and the product is just the means to an end. So, we did what anyone would do when faced with this challenge: we simply reversed the polarity
  25. 25. TheProductis nowaby-product The goal is transformation. We now think about the Product as a by-product.
  26. 26. DigitalTransformationis themosturgentchallenge forleadersinevery businesstoday Weve now bought Transformation front-and-centre - for all its aws. This is what youll see at the top of our website now Visit
  27. 27. Changebymaking Learnbydoing Product-ledtransformation
  28. 28. Whatis Changebymaking? The way we work is to form a Lean and Agile product innovation team with our clients. Its a cross functional team so not only does it involve clients it involves technologists, strategists, data scientists, designers and product managers from the very outset and all the way through Its a social and experiential model of learning. People learn best by doing - by making together - in teams. We help companies change by getting them to do it instead of telling about it. They learn how to get things to market faster, or how to become more customer-centric by doing it instead of talking about it. What can you learn by working like this? How to make innovation continuous How to do agile planning & estimation How to be customer-obsessed How to experiment, prototype, and iterate How to innovate in a way that makes ideas testable very rapidly How to measure progress How to treat ideas as hypotheses to be validated, instead of requirements simply to be delivered How to develop a digital mindset and product culture
  29. 29. Abreakthroughdigital productinyourcustomers handswithin100days To add to the list - crucially, they also learn: How to work fast How to fail fast How to learn fast
  30. 30. Product is a catalyst and lever for big change As we saw from my rigorous Google Image research at the start, transformation as an idea suers from being too abstract and ambiguous. Product turns change into a tangible object around which people can rally and work together, to learn practically what they need to be able to do, and how they need to work and behave in the future.
  31. 31. Transformingintowhat? Whats the end state..? We think that one of the reasons Change by making succeeds is because the end state for any digital transformation project probably looks quite similar to the way a Lean and Agile product innovation team works. The end state for any digital transformation is a set of ongoing capabilities, the ability to do transform continuously as the world, markets and consumer behaviours all continue to evolve. The end-state is the ability to thrive in this environment, and not get broken by it Some characteristics of the end-state are
  32. 32. Self-organising, cross-functional teams Strategy, Technology, Data science, Product Design, Product Management Continuous innovation Not a one-o, a continuous behaviour Customer-centric A shared commitment to CX/EX at every level of the org Lean, Agile and full-stack Rapid, adaptive, competitive advantage of less Intentional, managed org change Building new capabilities, embedding new structure, processes and culture
  33. 33. WhatTheProduct cantdoonitsown The product, and the experience of making it together and operating it, undoubtedly change things profoundly and make you more digital. This sort of project can plug into and embed within a broader transformation initiative, and act as an accelerant. The product is a catalyst and a vehicle for making change happen. It forces change, but it might not get you all of the way there on its own. We believe that you also need to support it with coaching, learning and development, tons of storytelling and communication, community-building (communities of practice) and deliberate organisation redesign.
  34. 34. Whatdoesthat looklike? But when you get it right, the invention, creation and development of new product can take you a long way very quickly - it adds momentum, reality and self-belief. It leaves traditional change looking a bit toothless, a bit like a simulation of something that needs to be real to work. Im going to very quickly tell you about a project weve been working on with a well- loved global brand for just over a year. Its an Employee Experience. We had working software in the hands of this companys sta within 6 weeks. Last week we released the app to al 15,000 of their UK employees.
  35. 35. A well-loved, global fast casual dining brand Employee Experience Product-led transformation from outset Co-designed Fast Start small & iterate Power of community Deliberate change Designing a new EX immediately gets you into redesigning behaviours and org This project was conceived by client exec team as With end users throughout 6 weeks to MVP in one restaurant, 12 to MLP in two; scaling to ve, then thirteen etc Very focused on most obvious value rst to build relationship foundation plus what I said is in these boxes Two-way process that harness the power of many Product-led process backed up by coaching, process redesign and org redesign
  36. 36. So, thats a good project. Its impact upon real people and the org - that we are continuously measuring - has been really positive. All good, and I dont want to bring you down but Digital Transformation is a morally neutral term. There are no values attached to it. It can be used for good or for evil. GoodandEvil
  37. 37. drones Like for example the digital transformation of the ancient human pursuit of warfare and killing. Already AI is being used to process video that humans dont have time to look at and deliver potential targets for human analysts building kill-lists. Im sure no-one here is working on autonomous killing systems, but
  38. 38. Umair Hacque Maras boss sits in the back. Monitoring all twelve, or fteen, or twenty people that work in the store. On a set of screens. A drone-pilot piloting a eet of human drones pressure-selling disposable mass-made shit Bad Words on Medium This is a post by Umair Hacque about his friend who has two graduate degrees but ended up in a retail job where she wears an ear piece through which her boss directs her how to sell to people, using an AI assisted sales system designed to exploit human weaknesses to sell them stu they dont want or need
  39. 39. Umair Hacque [Maras job is to] wage advanced psychological warfare on her customers. If Jerey Dahmer, Rasputin, and Michael Bay designed a store together, they couldnt do any better. Bad Words on Medium
  40. 40. Transformorwither Digitalspringtimesavesyou Productseedswillgrow* HAIKU And, following that supremely depressing ending, Ill leave you with a haiku that is a brilliant and economic way to explain our approach to driving digital transformation through the experience of collaborative making of digital products . *You get a game-changing new product and you get a product-driven transformation for free