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2. WITH A COST OF $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS BEGAN IN 1966 CONSTRUCTION 3. By the end of 1970,one of the two towers was readyfor its first occupants.At the moment the upper floorshad yet to be completed. NEW YORK A DREAM 4. IN 1972 Construction was completed in 1973 THE UPPER FLOORS WERE FINISHED THE WORLD TRADE CENTER WAS A REALITY 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. AND AN ARCHITECTURAL JEWEL AN ECONOMY SYMBOL IN USA THE WTC 19. 20. 21. ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001NO ONE IMAGINED THAT AMERICA WOULD WITNESS SUCH AN INCOMPREHENSIBLEACT OF CRUELTY 22. AT 8:50 AM THE NEWS WAS HEARD: "THERE HAD BEEN AN EXPLOSION AT THE W.T.C. 23. NO BODY KNEW WHAT EXACTLY HAD HAPPENED THE EXPLOSION WAS HEARDAT 8:45 IN THE MORNING 24. But the news was not over.It was just beginning. A second airplane pilotedby muslim terroristswas nearingwith calculated precision. 25. 26. THE EXPLOSION WAS HORRIBLE 27. 28. DIABOLICAL PERVERSE 29. 2001 30. THE U.S.A WAS ATTACKED TREASONABLY 31. TERROR WAS GREAT INSIDE THE W.T.C. 32. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WERE ENTRAPED THE HEAT WAS INFERNAL 33. MANY... PREFERRED A QUICK DEATH 34. SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 35. TERRIFYING 36. FDNY 37. SUDDENLY... A TERRIFYING SOUND WAS HEARD 38. THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BEGAN COLAPSING 39. EL HORROR DOMINABA Y NADIE ENTENDIA PANIC SPREAD 40. 41. 42. AMERICAN FLIGHT No. 11 8:45 AM UNITED FLIGHT No. 175 9:03 AM 43. 44. 45. TONS OF DEBRIS BURIED SOME 3000 PEOPLE 46. 47. OF RESCUE 48. REMEMBER IT DON'T FORGET IT 49. And what about you?Are you one those who thinks we should play around with the terrorists? Dont forgetTo preserve peace we must be prepared for war! 50. TO BE ASLEEP IT IS VERY DANGEROUS 51. AFTER SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 EVERYTHING CHANGED 52. 53. THIS HAS BEENA REMEMBRANCEAND BROTHERHOOD WITH THE PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ANTI COMUNIST CUBANS AND ANTI TERRORISTS 54. [email_address] Carlos Luis Brito THIS REMEMBRANCE HAS BEEN POSSIBLE WITH THE HELP OF Gary Brunner and Ins Anido Translation from spanish to english by: Leonard Fox