writing in apa style your instructor may require you to write the research paper in apa style, which...

Download Writing in APA Style Your instructor may require you to write the research paper in APA style, which is governed by the Publication Manual of the American

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  • Writing in APA StyleYour instructor may require you to write the research paper in APA style, which is governed by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th edition, 2001. This style has gained wide acceptance in the social sciences, and versions similar to it are used in the biological sciences, business, and earth sciences. Research is paramount in the sciences; in fact, the APA style guide says, No amount of skill in writing can disguise research that is poorly designed or managed. Thus, you will need to execute your project with precision.

  • Writing in APA StyleIn the sciences you may choose between three types of articles, or your instructor will specify one of these:Theoretical articlesReports of empirical studiesReview articles

  • Theoretical ArticleThe Theoretical article draws upon existing research to examine a topic. This type of paper is the one you will most likely write as an underclassman. You will trace the development of a theory or compare theories. Your theoretical analysis will examine the literature to arrive at the current thinking about topics, such as autism, criminal behavior, dysfunctional families, learning disorders, and so forth. It generally accomplishes four things:

  • Theoretical Article (2)1. Identifies a problem or hypothesis that has historical implications in the scientific community.2. Traces the development and history of the evolution of the theory.3. Provides a systematic analysis of the articles that have explored the problem.4. Arrives at a judgment and discussion of the prevailing

  • Report of an Empirical StudyWhen you conduct field research and perform laboratory testing, you will need to report the details of your original research. The report accomplishes these four things:Introduces the problem or hypothesis under investigation and explains the purpose of work.Describes the method used to conduct the research.Reports the results and the basic findings.Discusses, interprets and explores the implications of the findings.You will need to work closely with your instructor to accomplish each of these stages.

  • Review ArticleYou may be required to write a critical evaluation of a published article or book, or a set of articles on a common topic. Its purpose is to examine the state of current research and to determine if additional work might be in order. It does several things:Defines the problem to clarify the hypothesis.Summarises the article or book under review.Analyses the literature to discover strengths and possible weaknesses or inconsistencies in the research.4. Recommends additional research that might grow logically from the work under review.

  • FURTHER DISCUSSIONFurther discussion on Writing in APA Style will include:Writing in the Proper TenseUsing In-text CitationsPreparing a Student Paper or ThesisPreparing the References ListVariations on the APA Style for Other Disciplines in the Social SciencesFormatting an APA PaperWriting the AbstractFor detailed discussion of the above issues, please refer to your books WRITING RESEARCH PAPERS (pp. 302 325) and PRINCIPLES OF WRITING RESEARCH PAPERS (pp. 202 231)