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Writing for Publication by William Allan Kritsonis, PhD


  • 1. WRITING FOR PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATION IN NATIONAL REFEREED JOURNALSWilliam Allan Kritsonis, PhD ProfessorPhD Program in Educational LeadershipPVAMU/The Texas A&M University System

2. 1. Professional reasons forwriting for publication 3. 2. Personal reasons for writingfor publication 4. 3. How real writers behave 5. 4. Writers write for the followingreasons 6. 5. How to get started 7. 6. What will sell the editor onyour work? 8. 7. Formula: Brilliant Ideas +Good Luck + Knowing the RightPeople = Publication 9. 8. On scholarly work 10. 9. Reasons to write and publishjournal articles 11. 10. Writing and publishingjournal articles enables you to 12. 11. Three basic types of articles:practical review or theoretical -research 13. 12. Quantitative Studies 14. 13. Qualitative Research 15. 16. Some reasons to write a book 16. 17. Where does the dollar go aftera book is published? 17. 18. What do editors andreviewers really want? 18. 19. Earning approval fromeditors and reviewers 19. 20. What to remember about badwriting 20. 21. How to get fired as a reviewer 21. 22. Publish or perish or teach orimpeach 22. 23. Ive been rejected many times should I give up? 23. 24. In writing, how you read isimportant 24. 25. How teachable is writing? 25. 26. I cant seem to tell how mywriting is going while I am doingit. Can you help? 26. 27. Remember your purpose inwriting 27. 28. What differentiates ordinarywriting from writing with style 28. 29. It must get somewhat easierto write, otherwise, how wouldsome authors become so prolific? 29. 30. If writing for publication doesnot prove to be lucrative, whybother? 30. 31. Why creative work isworthwhile 31. 32. Show respect for yourwriting. It is about what thereaders should know. If this putsa strain on a professionalrelationship, then so be it. 32. 33. Why I Write (Orwell)Sheer egoism, aestheticenthusiasm, historicalimpulse, and political purpose. 33. 34. What really makes anacademic write? 34. 35. The Writers Essential Tools words and the power to faceunpleasant facts. 35. 36. No human activity can sapthe strength from body and lifefrom spirit as much as writing inwhich one doesnt believe. 36. 37. Because it was there.Edmund Hillary. And with thiscomment he supplied generationswith a ready-made andunanswerable defense for anynew undertaking even writing. 37. 38. Why we write. 38. 39. Climbing Your OwnMountain 39. 40. Be yourself. Have fun writing. 40. Contact InformationDr. William Allan KritsonisProfessorPhD Program in Educational LeadershipPrairie View A&M UniversityWhitlowe R. Green College of Education Delco 233Prairie View, Texas 77446williamkritsonis@yahoo.com281-550-5700 Home / 832-483-7889 Cell