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Writing about literature – an analytical essay. An analytical essay is NOT: a book review a retelling of the novel. An analytical essay is…. Writing about literature – an analytical essay. “Dysfunctional Communication” by Paige Horn (12 th grade student essay) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Writing about literature an analytical essay

Writing about literature an analytical essayAn analytical essay is NOT:a book reviewa retelling of the novel

An analytical essay isDysfunctional Communication by Paige Horn (12th grade student essay)Read the essay and annotate the text (underline, ?, !)Identify the parts of the paper that demonstrate good writing about literature.Feel free to note anything that doesnt work too.Writing about literature an analytical essayPre-write/brainstormIn your notebook, I want you to write questions about anything weve read this semester, as many as you can think of, in paragraph form.NO lists.Questions that begin with I wonder or How or Why seem to yield the best results.Feel free to answer your own questions as you go along.Writing about literature an analytical essayTonights HomeworkUse the list of Idea Seeds to help you think more deeply about your book.

In your writers notebook, write for 10 minutes (or more) about as many or as few as you want.

Write freely, allowing your ideas to come to you as your pen moves across the page.Essential Elements of Literary Analysis EssaysUnity




Essential Elements of Literary Analysis EssaysUnityThe essay has a single, clear thesis. All of the ideas in the essay support that thesis.

InsightThe ideas in the essay are thoughtful and interesting. They are also reasonable and true to the book.

ArgumentThe essay proves its own thesis clearly, logically, and completely, The writer prepares the reader to understand each point and its purpose in the paper.

EvidenceThe quality and quantity of evidence strongly support the ideas in the essay and demonstrate a deep understanding of the book.

Parts of a well-organized essayAn introduction - Must engage the reader - Must have a clear thesis

Logical paragraphing- Each paragraph should focus on one idea

Pacing and flow- Use of transitions- Paragraphs are in an effective order

A conclusion- Reminder of the thesis- Discussion of the significance of ideas presented

Student Essay On Catcher in the RyeRead this example of a literary analysis paper.

Draw a symbol next to each paragraph: - interested - bored ? puzzled

Also, note in the margins anything you are thinking as you read.

Tonights HomeworkCreate a thesis statement using the template:

Thesis Template

In the _______________(adjectives)________________________(title of book), _____________________________ (authors name) explores how _________________________________________________ so that the reader______________________________________.

In addition, you need 3 to 5 pieces of evidence from the text to support your thesis.

Quotation AnalysisUse the text to find 3 5 quotations that will support your thesis. Write these below your thesis. Note the page number on which the quotation appears.

I will be walking around to check on your thesis. Be prepared to explain it to me.Quotation AnalysisUsing the handout, lets analyze one of the quotations together.Copy the quote word for word into the first column.Explain what the quotation means in your own words.How does this particular quotation support your thesis?Why is this quotation important to the novel and your thesis?First draft of literary analysis essayUse the working thesis from last nights homework as the first sentence of your draft.Use your pieces of evidence and explore what they mean and why they are important.When you run out of things to say about one piece of evidence, move on to the next one.Use this time to focus on what you want to say about this piece of literature.You have 25 minutes to write. Remember to write on every other line. I will be collecting these drafts at the end of that time.SharePlease pass your paper to the person on your right. You will have one minute to look over your peers draft. Pass the paper to the person on your right. You will have one minute to look over your peers draft. Pass the paper to the person on your right. You will have one minute to look over your peers draft.Return the paper to its writer.What did you notice about your classmates essays?

Tonights HomeworkPlease pass your drafts forward. As I read through your drafts, Im going to be looking for what is promising in your paper, not for errors.

Tonights homework is to reread the first five pages of the book you are writing about. Authors work especially hard on their opening scenes and introduce many of their important themes in the first few hundred words.When we read these pages the first time, we dont understand enough about the theme of the book to fully appreciate them.I think rereading these pages will mean a lot more to you now and possibly give you additional ideas for your essay.

The language of literary analysisWe want to move words from our reading vocabulary into our writing vocabulary.Writing about literature is easier when you have vivid verbs and precise adjectives at your fingertips.Look at The Language of Literary Analysis word list.Read over the list. Circle the adjectives that apply to your novels tone, mood, and style.Circle the adjectives that apply to a key character from your book.Revise draftsI am returning your drafts. Please read over my comments and compose one question that you would like to ask me about your essay.

Begin revising, using the language of literary analysis.

I will be coming to each of you for a brief conference. Have your question ready!

EditingDefinition of EDIT1 a : to prepare (as literary material) for publication or public presentation b : to assemble (as a moving picture or tape recording) by cutting and rearranging c : to alter, adapt, or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose 2: to direct the publication of 3: delete usually used with out EditingIn your group, you will read the drafts for a single editing feature.If you see an error, simply draw a squiggly line under the place you believe needs correction.Each person in your group has been assigned a specific editing role:SpellingPunctuationRun-ons and fragments

Consider revising your openingDO NOT begin with, This is a book aboutRead over the opening paragraph of The Power of Voice by Molly StraussWhat makes this a good opening?Examples of weak openings:All good novels have an underlying message.Every book is made up of words.Different experiences in a persons life shape who they areIt is hard to pinpoint human nature.Tonights HomeworkProofread and edit your essay

Revise your opening

Rewrite a second draft of your literary analysis essay

From second draft to finished essayTonight will be your final opportunity to make improvements to your essay before turning them in.Here is the 9-point scoring guide I will be using to assess your papers.Understanding this rubric can help you make good final changes and help you make sure you havent overlooked any important elements of a literary analysis essay.Using the 9-point rubricRead The Chosen EssayAssess it based on the 9-point rubricCompare scores with your neighborAssess your second draft using the 9-point rubricExchange paper with your neighbor. Score each others paper and discuss.Tonights HomeworkYour literary essays are due tomorrowDont forget you need a title (something more enticing than Literary Analysis Essay)Please type or NEATLY handwrite your final draft. If you type, please double-space.If you handwrite, please skip every other lineDo NowPlease pass up your final literary analysis essay Today, we will practice writing a literary analysis essay in response to a promptOne mistake that many students make is NOT responding to the task assignedCarefully read the directions for Writing About Literature Prompt: A Poison TreeYou have 25 minutes to respond to this prompt.Go!