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WRC Champions Guide


  • How to become a

    championthis ramadan


    STEP 1Know the

    statistics and understand what

    the problems are.

    STEP 2Create your own

    plan based on suggestions from 'how to raise $300'



  • what is the BIG DEAL?four times more likely to report being threatened or harmed, or

    having someone close to them threatened or harmed

    Know These Stats... [compared to men]


    1 lack of GROUP SUPPORT








    four times more likely to report being denied ac-cess to family income

    HIGHER INCIDENCE of being iso-lated from family and friends; and rate of name-calling and put downs

    HIGHER INCIDENCE of sleeping problems, suffer depression or anxiety attacks, or have lowered self-esteem as a result of being abused.

  • How to effectively communicate the campaign?

    1 AS K T H E M I F T H E Y A R E AWA R E O F T H E S TAT I S T I C S .

    2 T e l l t h e m w h at i s l a c k i n g t o h e l p w o m e n i n t h o s e c i r c u m s ta n c e s .

    3 T e l l t h e m a b o u t t h e s o l u t i o n s t h at W o m e ns R e s o u r c e C e n t r e o f f e rs


    Start off making the sincere intention to start this

    challenge & knock off the first pledge with yourself.


    There are 4 Jummahs during Ramadan, use EACH one to speak to 3 different


    SOCIAL MEDIAChange your icon to the

    social media icon, share the vide: ,and everytime you get a new pledge, let everyone


    RENEW YOUR INTENTIONSThroughout this entire challenge, renew your

    intentions. The reward will only come from having pure



    Engage 3 of your family and friends to pledge $30 a

    month.HOST AN

    IFTAARHost an iftaar for your family and friends and make this an

    opportunity to pledge.


    Speak to 1 person before or after every tarawih you


    SMSAt the beginning of

    Ramadan, send a personal text message to your

    friends and family about the challenge you are taking on and ask them to take part.

    HOW TO RAISE $300

    Social Media Icon:


  • 8. HOW DO I KNOW MERCY MISSION WILL USE MY MONEY TO THE CAUSEMercy Mission has been in operations for over 4 years and has established programs in over 8 regions around the world. Mercy Mission believes donation funds should be appropriate used at all times and channelled the areas where the donars have given funds to. Mercy Mission fears Allah greatly in this matter.

    1. I don't have the money to donate. $30 a month is only $1 a day. If you make the sincere intention to cut one snack or coffee a day, donating this amount of money on a monthly basis will be easy. If you decide to cut 1 fast food night a week, you will be able to afford $30 a month. By simply cutting off luxury items from your lifestyle, your donation will help hundreds of Muslim sisters find the comfort and support they are lacking.

    2. I don'twant my money to go towards overhead.We often want to see all of our dollars go directly to the people that require assistance. In order for those people to receive that assistance, a number of backend requirements are needed such as phone line equipment, appropriate training, website infrastructure, building rental and so forth. These items are essential to run the service and deliver much needed support to Muslim sisters.

    3. My Money won't Help. Just 5 dollars can go along way. $5 is enough to pay for 30 minutes of a trained volunteer speaking to someone in need through the HelpLine. Dont think of your donation as being the end, but instead as money that will be added to the donations of many others to effect real change. Every dollar helps. You can never donate too little.

    4. My Money IS NOT NEEDED.According to statistics, this is an ongoing problem in our community and although it does not receive media attention, it does not mean that it is not important and wont develop into a crisis at a later time. At this moment, there are hundreds of Muslim sisters who lack the Islamic naseehah and support they need to get themselves out of situations like domestic strife, depression, breavement, or emotional trauma.

    Frequent Excuses & Responses5. I'll DONATE LATER. Often times the Shaytaan prevents people from doing good by making excuses in their heads. Dont let the Shaytaan deter you from donating. InshaAllah, whatever you donate will be multiplied during the month of Ramadan, so now is the best time to donate. Remember the words of the Allah, who said, You will not attain righteousness until you give of that which you love. [Quran: 3:92]

    6. THERE's SO MANY CAUSES, HOW DO I KNOW THIS IS IMPORTANT?No doubt, there are many people in the world who need assistance. There are so many causes, its often hard to choose which cause is the most important right now. We believe it is important to focus on the prevention of problems becoming larger issues. In the tradition of the Prophet, upon whom be peace, this program focuses on those in need in our own communities first.

    7. BUT YOU ARE NOT A CHARITY? Mercy Mission is a not-for-profit organization. All funds are invested into the programs that are run. We have applied for Charity Status and are awaiting approval.

    The Prophet (peace & blessings be upon him) said, Imam Tirmidhi relates in the Jami, he said: Three things I take oath upon, No mans wealth will decrease if he spends in the path of Allah. No mans in the time of the Prophet (pbuh), the Prophet (pbuh) came home and he asked Aisha (RA): Has anybody come to the house? And she said: A man came but all we had was a bit of food for you Oh Messenger of Allah so I kept it for you and the Prophet (pbuh) said: No, no, Aisha, what you wouldve spent is that you wouldve kept that for me, because it wouldve been by Allah and it wouldve been stored. Whatever you have would perish, but whatever is stored by Allah will remain and this had a profound impact of Aisha (RA) and after the demise of the Prophet (pbuh), a beggar came to the house of Aisha (RA) and her slave opened the door, Barira (RA) and the beggar said: Oh family of the Messenger of Allah, give me something and she said we have nothing, and Aisha (RA) was listening to this and Aisha (RA) said: Who is it? and Barira (RA) said: Its a beggar, and all we have is a hand full of Barley for you to open your fast with it and it was at the time of Asar, and Aisha (RA) said: Give it, Allah will provide and she gave it.

    Comes Maghrib time and theres no food, and Aisha (RA) opened her fast with some water and she began her Maghrib salat and Barira (RA) sitting there, and shes sarcastically saying, jokingly saying: Oh Allah will provide, Allah will provide and theres a knock on the door and a man comes and he gives a goat as a gift and Aisha (RA) finished the salah and she said: Oh Barira, who is it? And she said: It was a man who lives in the area, by Allah, he has never even given us anything before but today he bought us a goat and Aisha (RA) said: Oh Barira, isnt that goat better than the hand full of wheat that you had? And then she said something which really, signifies the imaan of these people, she said: I swear by Allah, none of you can be a true believer, until his trust in Allah is stronger than that which he has in the palm of his hand, you see it, but your trust in Allah is stronger than which you have in your hands and we see the Dunya.

  • Through the Helpline, Muslim women will have access to trained volunteers that will provide free,

    confidential, and anonymous support over the phone. The support available may be in the form of crisis

    counseling, emotional support, and advocacy. Though the Helpline will be noninterventionist, if needed, information and referrals will be made available to our callers regarding local legal and health related

    resources, as well as shelters. Anyone will be able to call to discuss a problem they may be facing.

    what is the SOLUTION?

    What else does WRC do? The Womens Resource Centre focuses on empowering Muslim sisters to be successful in all facets of their lives. By facilitating knowledge, awareness and acquisition of necessary skills, the Womens Resource Centre enables Muslim women to take control of their personal growth and success. Womens Resource Centre offers Empowerment Seminars, Peer - to - peer Counselling, and social Events.

    What DOES WRC NOT DO?Housing accomodations or partnerships (emergency or long term)

    House visits

    Private contact of counsellors

    Financial Funding

    Directly deal with abuse cases or those with illegal status

  • Congratulations CHampioN



    (905) 608-0004PHONE

    Mercy Mission is a community development organisation seeking to create A world where every Muslim is able to live faithfully to their belief, building an exemplary Islamic community that benefits humanity. It is operational in Canada, Australia, UK, Malaysia, South Africa, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and France.

    Mercy Mission MadinahUnit #47, 3176 Ridgeway DriveMissisauga ON L5L 5M6


    ...Please send in your pledge forms every