WQD2011 – INNOVATION – GOLD WINNER – Liquid of Life - Implementing a sustainable source of drinking water

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Innovation case study Gold Prize winning submission by Liquid of Life during 3rd Continual Improvement & Innovation Symposium organized by Dubai Quality Group's Continual Improvement Subgroup to celebrate World Quality Day 2011.


<ul><li> 1. Innovation StoryboardLiquid of Life LLC Implementing a sustainable source ofdrinking waterStarted: January 2011Completed and implemented: May 2011</li></ul> <p> 2. Liquid of Life Established in 2009, located in Dubai and Sharjah Provider of sustainable, cost effective, qualitydrinking water solutions Products: Air-to-water systems, bespoke waterltration systems Educate, inform and advise on issues of watermanagement Clients include: TDIC, Microsoft, CrownRelocations, Pampa Industries, Matrix PR 3. Implementing an Air-to-water system ina school in Sharjah - Background Sharjah English School (SES), committed to reducingand eliminating the use of plastic bottled waterthroughout the school. SES had previously installed a water ltration systemwhich was inadequate leaving no option for theschool but to revert back to purchasing plasticbottled water. An air-to-water system was considered as a potentialsolution to meet the drinking water needs of theschool. The project was given a high priority and a pilotproject was agreed and implemented. 4. Implementing an Air-to-water system ina school in Sharjah - Background A number of alternatives were considered including areverse osmosis system, however there would be ahigh water wastage associated with such a system asit would waste 4 liters of water for every 1 literdispensed. Conventional ltration systems were inadequate dueto the quality of the output water as the quality ofthe input water was very poor. The input watersupply had a high TDS level. 5. Air-to-water Pilot A team of engineers were trained to install apilot system which consisted of one largewater generator, one StandUp Dispenser. 6. 1. Water is extracted from the humidity in the air2. Purified and stored3. Kept pure, healthy and clean with Ozone 6 7. Air-to-water Pilot The Pilot project was supported entirely byLiquid of Life. The Pilot was important to gauge feedbackfrom students, staff members, parents andalso the Board of Governors. The Pilot also gave us an opportunity to testthe water output specically for the schoolto ensure quality drinking water standardswere maintained. The Pilot lasted for one month. 8. Process Site survey was conducted to feed into a feasibilityreport, including installation plans, costings as wellas environmental and social benets. Risks in the system were identied, including watergeneration capacity on a fuller scale and waterquality assurance. Adequate water meters were sourced to determinecorrectly when lter changes would be required. High quality external and internal piping wassourced to keep future maintenance costs down. 9. Pilot Results/ FullScale Implementation The Pilot was extremely successful with positive feedback from staff and students. Zero complaints Full support and nancial sign off was obtained from the Board of Governors at theschool following various meetings. Further site surveys were conducted to implement a full scale air-to-water system.Three separate air-to-water systems were implemented in the Primary School section,Foundation and Sports hall. A more centralized system would not have been feasible andwould have required more infrastructure. Ideal locations were selected to keep the water generators in areas which were wellshaded and also away from students. Additional shading was built for some dispensers which were placed outside, namely inthe playground. 3 quality 7-layer external water tanks were sourced capable of holding a combinedcapacity of over 2,000 liters. Implementation of the system was supervised in full by the Technical Director of Liquidof Life. The hot water switch was turned off on all dispensers so that students would not burnthemselves. Each dispenser was checked for water pressure and water quality, especially taste. 10. 10 11. Results The current system is running as planned and Sharjah English Schoolbecame the rst school in the region to have a completelysustainable source of drinking water. The school no longer pays for plastic bottled water, and does nothave the administration headache of moving plastic bottles all overthe school. The school had fantastic media coverage, including a whole pagespread in The National Children at the school are more aware of water and the environment. Follow up meetings have been held to ensure the system continuesto provide an adequate supply of water. Keep in regular touch with staff and students and member of theBoard of Governors. As per Municipality Laws, the tanks and the systems were cleanedand maintained over the summer break ready for the start of the newacademic year. 12. Before Pictures.. 13. After pictures 14. Learning Overall the project went well and was successful. After initial implementation there was an issue with some of the waterpumps from the water generators to the dispensers as they were notpowerful enough to pump the water to all the dispensers in the school soadditional pumps were sourced which are working extremely well. Lessons Learnt? Over-estimate the water generation requirements. Install a computerized board in the water generators which switches thewater generators off for a few hours when the humidity is less. This givesthe compressors a rest and will help to prolong their life span. Paint the units white using a special paint available from Jotun Paintswhich reect sunlight and will keep the water generators cooler insideprolonging their life span. What would you do differently the next time you do a similar project? Submit more detailed plans on implementation, to reduce installationtimes. 15. Way Forward Future development of the idea Create mobile units Attach solar as an energy source Using the same idea in differentapplications Reducing humidity in large openoffices and hotels, as AC units arestruggling. 16. Thank You </p>