would you like to drown your competition?

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Would you like to DROWN your competition? Pool Pro Office can assist you


  • 1. Would you like to Drown Your competition?

2. We assist pool builders in DrowningTheir competition How do we do it? We accomplish this by increasing their sales and personnel productivity, reducing costly mistakes and overhead costs and increase their customer satisfaction and referrals by providing their customers with the very best in project management and communications 3. How do we increase sales?

  • By promoting your company as an industry leader in project management and communications. You will separate yourself from your competitors and give your potential clients the peace of mind they are making the right choice in pool builder.

4. By managing your leads database you can email leads to designer, track appointments and status, review all information and documents on each lead. You can create management reports to ensure every lead is followed up on. Increase your sales thru proper leads management.CONTROL YOUR LEADS 5. 6. Increase your sales by using your leads database to email market promotions and specials to your potential clients on a monthly basis getting them back to your showroom.Cost effective top of mind advertising with a guaranteed results. 7. Increase your referrals and sales with monthly email newsletters that contain helpful information and tips to your existing customer database to maintain that important relationship.You can harvest those referrals by asking for referrals and making it easier to refer friends and relatives. TOP OF MIND ADVERTISING 8. How do we reduce your costs?

  • By streamlining your paperwork and construction processes we assist pool builders in reducing costly mistakes, increase their personnel productivity and provide an outline on managing your business.

9. Most costly mistakes are caused by improper paperwork process, poor communications or from lack of follow up on change orders. In Pool Pro Office everyone has access to all current plans, change orders and communications log on each project anytime, anywhere.Reduce your costs by keeping all parties on the same page. 10. 11. Reduce personnel costs and increase productivity by eliminating lost time searching for project files. Every project folder and documents are at your fingertips in seconds to assist current clients, review files, or create a service and warranty call. 12. 13.

  • Time is money. By streamlining your construction processes you will be able to increase personnel productivity and reduce overhead costs per project. Pool Pro Office also serves as a training device for new personnel so you can maintain your established process.

14. 15. How do we increase your referrals?

  • Increase your referrals by providing your clients with the very best in project management, scheduling, communications, and service and warranty.Your satisfied clients will recommend you to their friends and relatives as the best in project management.


  • Lack of good communications is the most common complaint pool buyers have during and after construction.Pool Pro Office assists you in maintaining communications with your client, employees, and contractors on your projects.It also archives details of all communications in each project folder for review and to address communication concerns.


  • Increase your referrals with monthly newsletters with helpful information and tips to your clients.By asking your satisfied customers for referrals and making it easier to refer you as the best pool contractor of choice.

18. Dont sink, swim with Pool Pro Office

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