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Presented at the Alternative Educator Resource Convention June 25, 2010


<ul><li> 1. Would You Like More?Pleasure in Learning<br />Kirsten Olson, Ed.D.<br />AERO Conference<br />Albany, NY<br />June 25, 2010<br />1<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Looking at wounded learners<br />Awarded notableeducation book by the American School Board Association (January 2010)<br />Live book discussion on Teacher Magazine most visited book feature<br />Top selling book at Teachers College Press this year<br />Nominated for Book of the Year by Foreword (May 2010)<br /> 3. Im bored in school most of the time.Photography is the one time when Im really interested.<br /> 4. There was always something mechanical about school, a mold I never fit into, never quite understood.Although I knew inside that my writing was powerful and artistic, I was unwilling to make myself vulnerable to someone elses critique.The years of frustration and failures had taken a toll on my confidence and I found myself unable to trust my own ability in the classroom.<br /> 5. I told my teacher I wanted to go to college.He said Id be pregnant and drop out in two years. <br /> 6. I went to kindergarten as a happy child.Throughout my years in the educational system, I lost a lot of my happiness, imagination and enthusiasm.It all faded away, confined to the labels of the outside world, based on the concept of intelligence.The school system was focused on organizing and labeling students based on so called innate abilities.If you get good grades, test well, you are intelligent.This pierced my self-esteem armor over and over to the point of self-hatred.<br /> 7. Schools a game, and I can never stop running.I never rest.Im always jumping the next hurdle, because thats what people say I should do.<br />Im gifted.<br /> 8. Im one taco short of a combination plate.<br /> 9. Crazy. Stupid. Lazy.<br />I believed I was broken.<br /> 10. Trapped in an old fashioned institution<br />Mass education was the ingenious machine constructed by industrialism to produce the kind of adults it needed <br />-Alvin Toffler, Future Shock, 1970<br /> 11. Designed to sort and track kids<br /> 12. Define Learning As Product<br /></p> <ul><li>Too manylow-level cognitive tasks </li></ul> <p> 13. Rigorabout memorization 14. Cantadapt to individual learners 15. Frontal, monolithic teaching (Christensen,2008)</p>