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<p>INTERNET &amp; SOCIAL NETWORK FUNDRAISING</p> <p>Trends in Worldwide Fundraising John Baguley MBA PhD FinstF</p> <p>CEOInternational Fundraising Consultancy</p> <p>20th Austrian Fundraising CongressInternationalCountry Offices:London MilanAmsterdamGenevaKievOttawaNew YorkLimaSingaporePartner Agencies:FranceSpainPortugalBelgiumDenmarkGermanyIrelandIndiaAustralia</p> <p>ClientsWorld Health Organisation.Amnesty International.Cancer Research.Royal Free Hospital.UNICEF.Shoola.</p> <p>International Fundraising Consultancy</p> <p>Best Strategic / Fundraising ConsultancyThe future is already with us - it is just not evenly distributed. </p> <p>William GibsonThe Trends </p> <p>Negative trendsWhilst drowning in digital technology, and the death throes of direct mail, we are assailed by the recession.A Trend Towards Safety</p> <p>Fewer large scale imaginative initiatives or capital appeals.</p> <p>Less risk taken with new programmes.</p> <p>Less investment in new fundraising techniques.</p> <p>Rekindling love for our donorsGetting to know you, Getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, Getting to hope you like me</p> <p>The King and I</p> <p></p> <p>Donate moneyLeave a gift in your WillDonate by cancer typeDonate in MemorySpecial occasionBecome a major donorDonate goods to our shopsPayroll givingDonate through our partnersDonate with our Give and Gift cardsShare giving Pay in money you've raisedFundraising for usTaking part in an event</p> <p>Positive trends - Wealth</p> <p>The Giving Pledge. org</p> <p>Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg plus 108 billionaires. The rich are giving more to non-profits than ever before but we are not asking for enough often enough</p> <p>We need to join the push to give from the Giving Pledge and from the trend towards Corporate Social Responsibility. Imagination</p> <p>Immortality AuctionBest selling authors promise fame to highest bidders in "Immortality Auction</p> <p>Moonlight WalksThank you for taking part in the 2013 Midnight Walk for St Luke's Hospice (Harrow and Brent)</p> <p>Social mediaShare on facebook </p> <p>Share on google +one</p> <p>Share on twitter</p> <p>More Sharing Services</p> <p>From Cancer Research</p> <p> 81% of the population (2012) of Austria are Internet usersAffinity Marketing</p> <p>Give4Sure .com</p> <p>"It's Easy to be Ethical"Your supporters can support your charity every time they shop online.AVAAZ.ORG</p> <p>Avaaz is only five years old, but has exploded to become the globe's largest and most powerful online activist network. The Guardian</p> <p>Research : trending now</p> <p>Research into our donors and prospects is now critical in creating sustainable fundraising programmes.</p> <p>The organisation with the best researchers will win, and there are no second prizes.</p> <p>Be distinct or extinct</p> <p>Generations X &amp; Y</p> <p>Generational cohortsBorn between:Seniors or Heroes1901 1924Silents1925 1945Baby Boomers1946 1964Generation X1965 1984Generation Y</p> <p>1985 - 2004 QR Codes / Mobile Barcodes</p> <p>Simon on the Streets to raise funds for the homeless. </p> <p>Flathead River Valley is a large swath of wilderness. </p> <p>QR codes used on billboards, posters &amp; magazines.</p> <p>Celebrity culture</p> <p>Organisations must innovate faster than the rate of change in their external environment </p> <p>Andy Grove CEO IntelQuestions?</p>