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    cothurnus, tragedy

    Conthurnus - The World

    14 kingdoms exist. Adnatos Aferenzai Atlas Estival Gracidel Laevis Lyristis Nimiety Paraesthesia Paragon Syncera Thera Thuban Yarrow

    Each kingdom has a patron god. Monsters have taken over territories, leaving neutral

    ground. Uncharted territories exist. Monsters live in this area. The world is not flat. It is spherical.

    sections 1

    Conthurnus - World 1. Adnatos 2.Aferenzai 3.Atlas 4.Estival 5. Gracidel 6. Laevis 7. Lyristis 8. Nimiety 9. Paraesthesia 10.Paragon 11.Syncera 12. Thera 13.Thuban 14.Yarrow

    Divinity Hierarchy Magic Economy Military Species

    Humans Fae Merians Dreigons Ferals Elves Dwarves Deimons Gyants Sproutlings


    1 Clicking on the titles in Sections will bring you to said section in view mode

  • Divinity

    The royal families have a contract with the patron god.

    Rule is not legitimate without the gods approval. Without approval, the god can destroy or abandon

    the kingdom as they please. Should a kingdom be conquered, the former patron

    god ceases to exist. Reviving the fallen deity is possible, requiring you

    to: Travel to their sacred grounds Perform the Approval Ritual


    People with magic are usually higher in the social pyramid, but for those who have an affinity for 1 or none are usually lower.

    The only way for a magicless people to be not looked down upon is to be an established warrior in reputation or army or to simply hide that fact, but prejudice isnt easily washed away.

    The social hierarchy for each kingdom is different regarding species (ex. Humans on top of the social pyramid in Aferenzai.).


    There are 11 basic elements in the world Fire: - Any magic that utilizes fire. Water: - Any magic that utilizes water including ice. Wind: - Any magic that utilizes wind. Earth: - Any magic that utilizes earth including metals and

    minerals. Lightning: - Any magic that utilizes lightning. Light: - Any magic that utilizes light. ( Protection against others

    with barriers, benevolence, reflection. ) Darkness: - Any magic that utilizes darkness including curses

    and illusions. ( Manipulating someone against their own will also counts. )

    Life: - Any magic that utilizes life such as augmentation, healing, shapeshifting, the use of nature ( plants and animals), and allowing inanimate objects to move.

    Sound: - Any magic that utilizes sound. Summoning: - Any magic that summons an entity. Special: - Any magic that doesnt fall any of the elements

  • above. This also includes magic that is over physics and laws of the world such as gravity, time, and space.

    The average person has an affinity for at least 2 elements.

    A person can have affinity for a maximum of 6 elements.

    It becomes increasingly rarer to have more than 2 affinities.

    Having six affinities is exceedingly rare, even more rare than having a Special element. Its nearly impossible to have six affinities.

    Affinity only dictates an individuals mastery and efficiency over an element. It is harder for an individual to perform an element they do not have an affinity for.

    Some magic can be a combination of 2 or more elements.

    Special is a very rare element, not very many have an affinity for it.

    Affinity is something everyone is usually born with. It is possible for someone to be born with an affinity for 1 or none affinity or to have 2 or more affinity.

    Affinity doesnt affect an individuals genetics and theres a slim chance for affinity to be passed down from the parents.

    The environment you live in can factor the type of affinity youll have, but its not always the case. (ie: some people can have a water affinity in a volcanic kingdom.)

    Yarrow has developed a drug that can grant temporary affinities. Duration of the effect depends on the amount taken, but it usually comes with the side-effect of intense pain and could possibly lead to death.


    Currency 200 bronze = 1 silver 100 silver = 1 gold 50 gold = 1 sacred gold

    1. Gracidel Known to be the richest country purely from trading.

    They trade worldwide with a majority of the countries and could easily lead a country to bankruptcy if they cut off ties from Gracidel. They are a power to be

  • feared when it comes to money. 2. Aferenzai

    Being the largest Kingdom in Conthurnus you can expect that they needed quite the amount of funds. With their numerous connections for trading and their high taxes ( though somewhat differs with each city ) the country has steadily grown in wealth.

    3. Atlas Though only trading with Gracidel they have still

    grown quite rich. The two Kingdoms have frequently traded with each other and with the frequency of their trading its no surprise how much profits they have made.

    4. Lyristis Lyristis, known as Mother of Literature, is what we

    would call a Renaissance country. The country where paper was discovered, the birthplace of new music, literature, and arts, and the place where the printing press was invented. This enabled their new ideas to spread throughout the world quicker than before. With traders wishing to purchase their books, paper, art, and etc. its no surprise how quickly their economy grew.

    5. Thera Its more or less known as the Blacksmith Country.

    Its the Kingdom where a majority of the other Kingdoms know the strength of the weapons theyve created. With a majority of the kingdoms wishing to have a strong army with equally strong weapons, Thera is the place they will go to.

    6. Syncera Though only being on Conthurnus for 100 years, they

    are quickly growing in their economy. For trading they are known for oils, natural resources, spices, and their main export, aquatic animals. Though not wealthy as some other kingdoms they are still able to make an admirable profit.

    7. Paragon The land where the jewels glow and the coins of their

    trading patterns roll in. The ores and minerals that are produced are used in different ways, depending on which country they trade it off to. For example, Estival would use the ores for making things such as jewelry, while countries such as Gracidel could be using it to trade the minerals & ores to other countries.

    8. Adnatos Adnatos is a new country that recently gained its

    independence from Aferenzai. With it being the newest country its no surprise that it isnt known world wide yet. Only Gracidel are aware of the potential of the products the Kingdom is singing.

  • Magic infused weapons is a product to behold, and Gracidel is willing to pay for it.

    9. Thuban Nicknamed to be, The Land of Milk & Honey this

    land is known for their phenomenal food and as well as their textile products. With the stylish, functional, and comfy clothes plus the food that will make you feel like youre back in the Garden of Eden its no surprise how many countries would want a piece of their amazing products.

    10. Estival Known to have the best parties in the land and also

    known to be slackers, this still doesnt mean they arent making a profit. With their people mindlessly buying things in the city and the recent development of gunpowder powering their fireworks, they still do make quite the profit. Unfortunately, it isnt as high as it once was.

    11. Yarrow Ah, Yarrow, the Kingdom that has 2 sides of the

    same coin. One side shows the development of drugs and the other shows the development of medicine. Both sell quite well, but with the civil war occurring in the Kingdom, both products arent made as well as they could be.

    12. Nimiety Though they have bountiful land to trade, they seem

    to have a horrible government that seems to constantly create horrible economic decisions. At least they have strong warriors I suppose?

    13. Paraesthesia To be blunt, this country focuses more on military

    strength to conquer other lands than their economic strength.

    14. Laevis Laevis land is barren and can barely maintain any life.

    Unfortunately the patron god didnt seem to take their side, leaving them with close to nothing to trade.

    Military Rankings

    1. Aferenzai I mean, is this really a surprise? They have the largest

    Kingdom in the World, of course they would have a powerful military. Of course this isnt saying they didnt use any underhanded tactics to gain that land.

    2. Atlas With the amount of research they do, they need

  • something powerful to protect their precious information. Hence why they built their powerful underwater armada to defend against enemies. Its unwise to fight them underwater.

    3. Paraesthesia The country that basically hates everyone and wants

    to conquer everyone. It only makes sense they majorly focus on their military strength. Thats most likely why their children are sent to a school where all they learn are battle tactics and just being part of the army in general.

    4. Gracidel You dont expect them to do all that trading and not

    having an army to make sure none of their trading deals go awry do you? Gracidel takes precautions to make sure none of their precious cargo is damaged. If you happen to damage it Be careful. They have more than their army on their side.

    5. Thera Theyre a country that specializes in creating

    weapons, did you think their military forces would be weak? Though they dont show off their army all that much, they are still a formidable force. After all, many of the blacksm

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