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Introduction to world religions


World Religions

World ReligionsCoach Crews World HistoryPolleverywhereIs religion important in our world today?Is it important to know about other religions?Does religion play a major role in your life?What is religion?Religion is that system of activities and beliefs directed toward that which is perceived to be of sacred value and transforming power.But religion is such a complex and varied human phenomenon that some sociologists prefer to avoiddefinitionsand think of religion in terms of anideal type. They will say thatmostreligions havemostof the characteristics of the ideal type, but they need not haveallof them.

An ideal type of religion includes:interaction with the supernaturala diagnosis of something essentially wrong with the human condition, and a prescription for salvation or liberation from itregular, repeated behavior (ritual)community practice

What is religion?Many believers are quick to say their faith is unique and not like those other religions. For example, evangelical Christians in America are fond of saying that Christianity is not a religion, its a relationship. Well, so be it, but Christianity is most definitely a religion, too. Yes, Christianity is unique becauseall religions are unique. Our goal here will be to appreciate and investigate their similarities and their differences See more at: study religion?Why should we study religion? Most people will not need an answer. But let us consider some good reasons for studying religion:

To better understand our species. Few things are more fundamental to the human experience than religion. To understand religion is to understand ourselves.

2. To better understand each other. For billions of people, religion is the most defining aspect of their lives. And yet we typically know very little about the religion of our neighbors. Studying religion can help us understand our neighbors, what is most important to them, and what makes them tick.

See more at: study religion?To better understand human cultures. It is impossible to understand religious cultures in general without understanding their religious histories in particular. Even todays largely non-religious cultures are greatly shaped by their religious pasts for example Christianity in Scandinavia and Shinto in Japan.

4. To better engage the global society. The world is connected as never before. Many interactions succeed or fail on the basis of our understanding of each other. For example, the failure of the U.S. government to understand the religious dimensions of conflicts in Southeast Asia or Iran helps explain many of their errors in judgment in recent decades.

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Differing opinionsObviously there are many belief systems around the world. Not everyone is going to agree on what religion is the best.However, some people disagree over the importance of religion all togetherImpact of religionReligion impacts societies around the world, both in their founding and in life today

Exit SlipWith your partner, list 3 positive or negative effects of religion (what it can teach you or how it can impact your life)