world affair world affair start up plan and investment proposal

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  • World AffairWorld Affair Start Up Plan And Investment Proposal.

  • Initial Start Up SuppliesComputer $700.00Point Of Sale $600.00QuickBooks Program $350.00Signage $250.00Build out $1500.00Misc. $500.00Advertisement $900.00

  • Start Up ExplanationComputer; Compaq 6000.Point of sale; barcode reader, register, and program.Quick books; taxes, general ledger, stock tracker, accounting.

  • Explanation Cont.Signage; Main sign, 4 x 8 sign for building, 5-2 x 3 road side style signs for the road. Build out; Materials for shelves, wall, store front, floor, storage room, front counter.Misc.; printer, paper, office supplies, labels, decoration.Advertisement; local newspaper, phone book, Gwinnett Daily Post, Athens paper.

  • Initial InvestmentJ.T. Knight; 6 months free rent.Unknown; $75,000.00 investment for stock and initial start up cost. $75,000.00 can be divided among any amount of investors, 15% to 20% of company will belong to investors divided among amount invested along with 20% simple interest paid on the borrowed money.

  • Payment Plan3 year pay back with first 6 months no payment. Monthly payments starting on the 7th month of loan date. Loan paid in full by the 4th year of business.Loan paid before profit split, percentage of company paid monthly from beginning.5% interest added to balance of loan if payment is more than 30 days past due.

  • 1st 6 Month W.A. Percentage Layout

  • After 6 Month Stretch

  • 1st Year ProjectionsPercentages will be off of Gross Profit.Overhead includes utilities, office supplies and advertisement, lease*, loan payment*.* 3rd & 4th Quarter.

  • Sales Per Week Per QuarterSales 1st Quarter Per Weekly Average $4615.39Sales 2nd Quarter Per Weekly Average $5307.70Sales 3rd Quarter Per Weekly Average $6000.00Sales 4th Quarter Per Weekly Average $6692.31

  • Average Customer WeeklyProjections Based On Average Consumer Spending $50.00.

  • Percentage Payout Projection.

  • Inventory Categories.

  • World Affair SuppliersWorld Affair will be buying from liquidation companies and vendors that buy in extremely large bulk and then sell in a slightly smaller bulk. Our main vender will be S.M.C., a wholesale company out of California. The rest of the vendors will be on account of supplies and price.

  • Vendors

  • Reason For LocationInvestment PurposesOption to expand with little cost and no relocationGrowth of area and wide variety of income.Wide variety of consumers (small town, college community, golf communities)

  • GoalsSatisfy the communityGive back to the communityOffer great products at low pricesExpand across greater Atlanta and further.Expand business opportunities.BECOME A HOUSEHOLD NAME!!

  • Reason For Consumer ReturnLow PricesMonthly SalesSeasonal ItemsWide Varity of ItemsConstantly Changing Items (causing people to buy immediately)Friendly AtmosphereGreat Customer Service (make them feel like family)Easy to Find Location (located 1.3 miles from 316, .3 miles off Hwy 8, and 15 miles from 85.) Located at 1898 Rail Road St. Statham, GA 30666, In the same building as Carpet & Home Design.

  • World Affair Thanks YouW.A. thanks you for you time and hopes that we can do business with you. We hope you see the potential in us that we see in the future.