WORKSHEET Present Simple and Present Continuous

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WORKSHEET Present Simple and Present Continuous

A) Read the paragraphs and answer the questions:Hello! My name is Douglas Hunter. Im a pilot for British Airlines. I fly planes. I am not working today. I am playing golf. It is my favorite sport.What is his name?

What does he do?

What is he doing now?

What is his favorite sport?

He is Gordon Lester. He is a champion jockey. He rides racehorses, but he isnt riding a racehorse now. He is dancing with his wife.

What is his name?

What does he do?

Is he a good jockey?

Where is he now?

What is he doing?

Who is he with?

They are Bob and Michael. They teach English in a school. They arent teaching now. They are in the pub. Theyre talking and laughing.Who are they?

Do they teach?

What do they teach?

Where are they now?

What are they doing now?

She is Rosalind Graham. She is a ballet dancer. She dances for Royal Ballet. She isnt dancing now. She is having a bath.What is her name?

What does she do?

Is she dancing now?

What is she doing?

B)Write DONT, DOESNT, ISNT, ARENT or AM NOT in the blank space in each sentence:He isnt listening to the radio right now.

He doesnt listen to the radio every evening.

We . watching a television program now.

We . watch television every day.

They . study their lessons after class.

They . studying their lessons right now.

It .. raining very hard right at the moment.

It rain very much during the summer.

Mr. Johnson eating his lunch now.

Mr. Johnson always eat at that place.

I . see any students in that room.

I . hear anyone in the hall now.

C) Complete the sentences:Every Monday my father because . .

Linda usually ..... but she .. today.

I want to buy a because . .

My teacher often . but today . .

At the moment the children . they often .

D) Read the following text and answer the questions:My name is Kate OHara. I live on a farm with my mother and father. I like it but I work very hard. Every morning I wake up at five oclock and feed the horses. Then I can go back to the house. Mum makes breakfast at 5:30 and Im not late for breakfast because I dont like cold eggs. After breakfast I help dad for an hour. Then I have a shower and get ready for school. The school bus leaves at 8:15. I leave home at 8:00.After school I can watch TV for an hour. Then we have our dinner. We have chicken for dinner but I hate it. I eat it because mum gets angry. After dinner I do my homework. Then I go out and feed the horses. I go to bed early because Im always very tired at the end of the day.

Where does Kate live? .

What time does she get up every morning?..

Who makes breakfast every morning?..

Why isnt she late for breakfast?...

When does she have a shower?.

What time does she catch the school bus?

How long can she watch TV?...

What do they have for dinner?..

When does she do her homework?...

Why does she go to bed early?...

True or False: 1. She doesnt like the farm. ______2. Kate doesnt work very hard. ______3. Kate has a shower before 8:15. ______4. Kates mother doesnt like chicken. ______5. After dinner Kate feeds the horses. ______

E) Complete the sentences using DO / DOES / AM / IS / ARE / HAVE GOT /HAS GOT:.. the children want toy for their birthday?

Dazzle .. a new dress for the party.

When your brothers birthday?

How much . these glasses? 80.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson two children.

. your uncle like chocolate?

. I your friend?

How much your new tennis racket?

F) Circle the correct answer:Look! Thomas is bringing / brings his little sister to class.

My older sister is often listening / often listens to pop music.

We are writing / write an exercise now.

Mmmm! Mum is making / makes a cake.

Our teacher is giving / gives us a test every month.

Listen! Dad is reading / reads a story to Ricky.

Mr. Michael usually is growing / grows roses in his garden.

They are building / build a new house on the hill now.

Maria is drinking / drinks milk every morning.

Look! Nick is running / runs down the hill.

G) Change the following sentences into POSITIVE, NEGATIVE and QUESTION form:You know the answer.

(-) .(?) He has breakfast at 8 oclock.

(-) .(?) .Some schoolgirls dont wear uniforms.

(+) (?) Does she cut her husbands hair?

(+) (-) She does her homework everyday.

(-) .(?) .

H) Supply PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE in the blanks:He (teach) his son to ride a bike.A: Why .. Ann (wear) her new dress?B: Because she (have) a party tonight.

Cindy usually does the shopping, but I (do) it today because she is ill.

She .. (not / work), she (swim) in the river.A: . Tom (clean) his shoes now?B: No, he . He .. (tidy) his room.A: Where is his brother?B: He is in the garden, he (water) the flowers.


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