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  • 1. Working With Money

2. Hi Kids! Do you know who I am?...
Thats right, I am a penny.
3. I would like you to meet my friends.
These are my friends, the nickel, the dime and the quarter.
4. Did you know?...
That a penny is only worth one cent.
one cent
So, if a penny is only worth one cent, How much is a nickel worth?
= ?
5. Thats right! A nickel is worth 5 cents.
So how many pennies does it take to make a nickel?
6. Good job, it takes 5 pennies to make 1 nickel.
7. What coin is this?
Thats right! This is a dime. A dime is worth 10 cents.
8. If a dime is 10 cents, how many pennies would make a dime?
10, Good Job.
9. How many nickels makes 1 dime?
2 nickels is equal to 1 dime
Now, what coin have we not talked about yet?
10. The Quarter
How much is a quarter worth?
25 Cents
11. How many pennies would make 1 quarter?
Thats right! 25 pennies makes 1 quarter.
12. How else could we make 1 quarter?
+ ? =
So far, there is 2 dimes. So that is 20 cents. We need 25 cents to make 1 quarter. What else could we add to 2 dimes to make 25 cents?
13. + + =
We could add 5 pennies to make 25 cents.
We could also add 1 nickel to make 25 cents.
14. Dollar$
How much is each one of these bills worth?
15. Dollar$
One Dollar
Ten Dollars
Five Dollars
Twenty Dollars
Fifty Dollars
One Hundred Dollars
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