working with distributed teams: how i learned to stop worrying and love webex

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Describes differences between the office of yesterday, where everyone was located together and usually shared values, backgrounds, and institutional memory - and today's distributed work teams, where people never meet in person and come from a wide variety of backgrounds and expectations.


  • 1. Working with distributedteamsor How I learned to stop worryingand love WebExLarry KunzOctober 29, 2014 #writersua #techcomm

2. What well cover today The workplace of yesterdayvs. the workplace of todayOct 29, 2014@larry_kunz Whats a manager(or anyone) to do? Corporate culture 3. The workplace ofOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzyesterdayGathering around the water coolerImage: Really, really bad clip art 4. Oct 29, 2014@larry_kunzand todayGathering around the water coolerGathering around the WebExmaybe at 6:00 amImage: 5. So whats a manager toOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzdo? Make plenty of opportunities for theteam to meet in real time (at leastweekly) Have everyone contribute Ensure easy access tosoftware builds Create a team directory 6. The workplace ofOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzyesterdayCommunication channels are obviousand well understood 7. Oct 29, 2014@larry_kunzand todayCommunication channels are obviousand well understoodTeam members prefer different stylesNo common understanding of toolsand expectations 8. So whats a manager toOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzdo? Dont assume that everyonecommunicates in the same way Explicitly set up communicationchannels Reinforce messages Monitor to make sure everyone istaking part One size doesnt fit alldo whats right for your team 9. The workplace ofOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzyesterdayEveryone (or nearly) everyone sharesa common background:Cultural moresWork experiencesGoals and expectations 10. Oct 29, 2014@larry_kunzand todayEveryone (or nearly) everyone sharesa common backgroundHeterogeneousCulturesSkill setsExpectations 11. So whats a manager toOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzdo? Respect differences in style Understand cultural differences Ensure that everyone hasa chance to be heard 12. The workplace ofOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzyesterdayEveryone works for The CompanyImage: Apple 1984 commercial 13. Oct 29, 2014@larry_kunzand todayEveryone works for The CompanyThe team is likely to includeFull-time employeesPart-time employeesIndependent contractorsEmployees of one or more contractagencies 14. So whats a manager toOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzdo? Dont expect the same things fromeverybody Provide an easy repository forpolicies, style guides, etc. 15. The workplace ofOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzyesterdayThere are lots of old handsMentoring is natural and common 16. Oct 29, 2014@larry_kunzand todayThere are lots of old handsMentoring is natural and commonInstitutional memory is hard to come byMentoring is harder when the team isgeographically dispersed 17. So whats a manager toOct 29, 2014@larry_kunzdo? Encourage mentoring when specificneeds arise Make mentoring short-term andfocused Make expectations clear to all(mentors and protgs) 18. Oct 29, 2014@larry_kunzCase studyThe corporate culture at AutomatticFrom Scott Berkuns The Year without Pants: There was a corporate office; hardly anyone everwent there Little use of email; strong reliance on discussion lists Great value placed on peers helping each other Scotts team met 3 or 4 times a year fora few days of intensive work (and fun) Corporate culture: We all work hard. Weve all got each others back. If you're good with that, come join me. If youre not, don't. 19. Oct 29, 2014@larry_kunzCase studyThe corporate culture at Automattic Scott insists that you can establish a corporate cultureif you really want Whether people work remotely or not, is immaterialScotts tweets:When the boss reads and writes carefully, everyoneelse follows. When they read and write thoughtlessly,everyone follows.Culture is grown, not built. Leader has to defendcultural values in their behavior, & hire people whomatch them. That's it. 20. Corporate cultureOct 29, 2014@larry_kunz Provides a framework for Employee interaction Collaboration Connecting with clients, customers Is not outmoded Just might be more vital than ever 21. Oct 29, 2014@larry_kunzYour Turn 22. Oct 29, 2014@larry_kunzStay in Touch!Larry KunzTwitter:


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