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  • Working closely with our clients

    and partners worldwide

    t h e p o w e r t o p r o t e c t

  • Sollateks global infrastructure is delivered through a network with local presence

    Global and local

    Established for over thirty years in the United Kingdom, Sollatek is a manufacturer of innovative products in power control, energy saving, temperature control, and solar energy. With its head office in the UK - where engineering, production, sales, marketing and logistics are located - Sollatek has a network of partners across the globe.

    The Sollatek network comprises local Sollatek companies (with service centres) in over ten countries and distributors and resellers in over thirty countries.

    We work closely with our partners around the world to deliver our promise of a two year worldwide warranty, and in some local countries this is further extended to a five year warranty.

    With a customers across the world and a local presence in more than 30 countries, Sollatek is able provide support services wherever you are.




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  • Sollateks global presence

    Country: AustraliaCompany: Kanga SchoolsProject: Supply of solar powered lanterns for educational institutions in the developing regions

    Country: UKCompany: OxfamProject: Worldwide supply of voltage stabilisation and solar lanterns

    Country: USA Company: US State deptProject: Worldwide supply of voltage regulation equipment

    Country: USA Company: Coca-ColaProject: Global supply of OEM refrigeration components

    Country: UAECompany: Dubai-WFOProject: LTA for the supply of voltage regulators worldwide

    Country: NepalCompany: US EmbassyProject: Voltage regulation for the US Embassy.

    Country: Japan Company: JICA & UNICEFProject: JICA & UNICEF collaboration for supply of stabilisers for Cold Chain

    Country: Egypt Company: PepsiProject: Supply of three phase regulators for multiple applications

    Country: Denmark Company: UNICEFProject: LTA for the global supply of voltage stabilisers for Cold chain

    Country: Netherlands Company: PhilipsProject: LTA for the supply of voltage regulators with medical xray/CTscan/MRI machines worldwide

    Country: SwitzerlandCompany: ICRC, MSF, UNHCRProject: Global supply of voltage protection, and solar power products

    Country: UKCompany: SiemensProject: Three phase voltage regulation for Europes largest offshore wind farm

    Country: MexicoCompany: CriotecProject: Supply of OEM refrigeration components

    Country: NicaraguaCompany: PAHO/WHOProject: Supply of voltage stabilisers for protection of vaccine fridges

    Country: PeruCompany: UNICEFProject: Supply of voltage stabilisers for protection of vaccine fridges

    Country: ChileCompany: MimetProject: supply of OEM refrigeration components

    Country: Ghana Company: MTNProject: Providing more than 1400 BTS sites across the country with telecom voltage regulators

    Country: BeninCompany: MTNProject: Multiple BTS site telecom voltage protection

    Country: Nigeria Company: EtisalatProject: Multiple GSM site voltage regulation

    Country: LibyaCompany: LibyanaProject: Design and installation of solar powered generators for Libyanas mobile network across the Sahara desert

    Country: Tanzania Company: ZainProject: Supply of three phase voltage regulation for telecom BTS sites

    Country: Saudi Arabia Company: S.H.EProject: Thousands of Stabilisers for Saudi Ministry of Interior. Hundreds of dual voltage stabilisers for ATM machines

    Country: IraqCompany: South Oil CompanyProject: 500 complete solar streetlight systems in Basrah

    Country: Kenya Company: Coca-ColaProject: Supply of three phase voltage regulation

    Country: Botswana Company: IECProject: 3,000 Glowstar solar lanterns for the Independent Electoral Commission

    Country: South Africa Company: GameProject: Largest supermarket chain in SA, supplying all domestic voltage protection equipment

    Country: India Company: TokheimProject: Supply of OEM automatic regulators for petrol pumps

    Country: JordanCompany: Jordanian MOEProject: Over 1,500 stabilisers supplied to the Ministry of Education

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  • Afghanistan ATG Solar lighting system for Airport Algeria Algeria Telecom Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersAngola BP Angola Voltage Protection Devices Chevron Voltage Protection Devices Schlumberger UPS British Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Norwegian Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Swedish Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersAustria International Atomic Energy Association Voltage Protection DevicesAzerbaijan US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersBhutan Alcatel Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersBurundi Groupe Ladak Voltage protection + Solar lightingCape Verde US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersChile Mimet Refrigeration Controls (OEM)Columbia BP Columbia Solar Balance of Systems ComponentsCongo US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersCroatia Red Cross Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersDenmark Vestfrost Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersEgypt Kodak Photo Shop Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Pepsi Cola Refrigeration Controls (OEM) Vodafone Automatic Voltage Regulators for Comms Stations Click Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Mobinil Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers for Comms Stations Nile Sat Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers for Satellite Stations Toshiba Medical Systems Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Dutch Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers RadioShack Automatic Voltage Stabilisers and UPS Ministry of Health Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Egypt Telecom Automatic Voltage SwitchersGabon US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersGeorgia US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersGermany US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersGhana Ghana Telecom Voltage Protection for Telephone Systems Ghana Telecom Lightning Suppressions + Voltage Protection for Broadband Ghana Telecom Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers for Comms stations House of Parliament Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Ministry of Health Glowstar Solar Lanterns for Rural Schools Ministry of Education Glowstar Solar Lanterns for Adult Literacy Classes Forestry Commission Solar Balance of Systems Components Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Automatic Voltage Regulators/UPS for Transmission/Repeater Stations Canadian High Commission Automatic Voltage Regulators/UPSs Ghana Commercial Bank Voltage Protection for Branches and Offices Mobitel Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers for Telecom Sites MTN Voltage Stabilisers for 1650 Telecom Sites Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA Voltage Protection DevicesGreece FrigoGlass Refrigeration Controls (OEM)Haiti US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersHolland Philips Medical Systems Worldwide Automatic Voltage Regulators for X-Rays and Imaging SystemsIndia Tata BP Solar Balance of Systems Components Coca Cola OEM Automatic Voltage Regulators Total Automatic Voltage Regulators for Petrol Pumps Bose High Voltage Protection DevicesIraq Tigris/US Military compound Solar Street Lighting Southern Oil Company Solar Street Lighting

    Sollateks Client list

    Jordan Ministry of Education Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers for over 1000 Computer Labs Kenya US Embassy Voltage Protection Devices UNDP Solar Balance of Systems Components EU Diplomatic Mission Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Royal Danish Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Bureau Veritas Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Aga Khan Hospital Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersKyrgzystan US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersLesotho US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersLiberia IRG Solar Systems & Solar Street Lights DAI, Solar Technologies, Interwood Solar Balance of Systems ComponentsLibya Libyana Solar Generators for GSM Repeaters/Transmitters Center for Solar Energy Studies Solar Systems for Large Scale Rural Electrifications General Post & Telecoms Solar Generators for Microwave RepeatersLuxembourg Dometic Automatic Voltage Regulators/Surge ProtectionMalawi US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersMauritania UNICEF Solar lighting systemMexico Criotec Refrigeration Controls (OEM)Mozambique Isofoton Spain Portable Solar Lantern (Glowstar)Nepal US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersNigeria US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Sartra Solar street lighting UNICEF Automatic Voltage Regulators/StabilisersPakistan Avanceon Solar system for SCADA MSF Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Humanity First Pakistan (HFPK) Portable Solar Lantern (Glowstar) US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Special Communication Org (SCO) Automatic Voltage Regulators/TelecomRwanda US Embassy Voltage Protection DevicesSierra Leone Cardinal invetment Solar water pump + Hospital lightingSouth Africa SA Breweries OEM Voltage Protection Guinness OEM Voltage Protection US Embassy Automatic Voltage Regulators/Stabilisers Nestle Voltage Protection Devices Sanyo SA OEM Voltage ProtectionSpain BP Solar Solar


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