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Deloitte Consulting LLP April 2016 Workforce development for additive manufacturing Additive manufacturing minds the talent gap

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  • Deloitte Consulting LLPApril 2016

    Workforce development for additive manufacturingAdditive manufacturing minds the talent gap

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    To realize the full potential of AM (additive manufacturing), manufacturing organizations must focus on developing a capable and skilled AM workforce

    Executive summary

    Today’s discussion will focus on:

    • Implementing and scaling AM

    • Challenges organizations face as they seek to hire, train, and retain engineers and technicians skilled in AM

    • Importance of an agile workforce planning process in helping organizations identify and bridge skill gaps in scaling AM throughout an organization

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    AM breaks two existing performance trade-offs: capital required to achieve economy of scale and capital required to achieve scope

    AM implementation and scaling

    Changing the capital versus scale relationship has the potential to impact how supply chains are configured, and changing the capital versus scope relationship has the potential to impact product designs.

    These impacts present companies with choices on how to deploy AM across their businesses.

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    The talent shortages facing AM mirror a widely recognized skills gap across the manufacturing industry as a whole.

    Talent challenges of AM

    AM to grow from $4.1B revenuein 2014 to $12.8 B by 2018

    1,834% increase in job advertisements calling for

    3D printing skills

    9 out of 10 manufacturers are

    struggling to findthe skilled workersneeded

    54% of manufacturers

    do not have a planto address the skilled labor shortage

    Worldwide revenue to exceed$21 billion by 2020

    AM talent gap

    Retention challenges• Retaining existing engineers and

    technicians• Outdated organizational


    Hiring challenges:• Accelerating retirement of

    skilled workers• A negative image of the

    manufacturing industry among younger generations

    • A lack of STEM skills in the manufacturing market

    Training challenges:• Shortage of AM-specific

    training programs• AM-specific skills gaps• Nascent AM culture

    Environmental and market drivers

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    Taking a collaborative, iterative approach to workforce planning may be the methodology best suited to the rapidly evolving and varied technical requirements of AM.

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    Determining when, where and why to invest in AM TalentMind the AM talent challenges

    Retention challenges• Retain your staff by re-recruiting them.• Establish and Innovation center. • Rethink the organization.

    Hiring:• Deploy strategic outreach and recruiting processes to find

    and develop STEM talent.• Assess which recruiting practices need to change to appeal

    to a limited pool of AM talent.• Appeal to Millennials with AM’s benefits in both recruitment

    and retention.

    Training challenges:• Deliver targeted training that addresses demand identified

    during workforce planning.• Retain both newly acquired and legacy institutional


    The workforce action plan should map back to and address the organization’s AM-related challenges, needs, and gaps identified during the planning process.

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    21st century technology deserves 21st century training solutionsImmersive learning for AM

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    Two recently published DU Press articles address the challenges AM poses for the workforce, check them out for more detailed discussion

    Deloitte eminence in AM

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