work uniforms: rent, lease, or purchase?

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DESCRIPTION | Using work uniforms gives businesses many advantages, such as a more professional image and brand awareness. Businesses can rent, lease, or purchase uniforms from Prudential Overall Supply.


  • Work uniforms are an important part of a business identity. At Prudential Overall Supply, we appreciate how critical work uniforms are, and strive to offer textile services that go beyond outdated industry standards. As such, we offer three different work uniform options rent, lease, and purchase all with their own unique benefits.

  • Work uniforms make it easier for customers to identify employees, which facilitates more timely customer service.

    Work uniforms also give a business a sense of identity and help it create a visual appearance for its employees that can become a part of its brand.

    Having staff wear work uniforms can not only create a professional atmosphere but a safer one as well.

  • Purchasing uniforms gives businesses more control and freedom to make choices regarding them.

    It also gives employees more freedom to choose styles that fit them, and to take personal responsibility for their own work clothes.

  • Prudential advises businesses who lease uniforms on the best colors, styles, and materials for their needs.

    When businesses lease their uniforms, all they have to worry about is laundering them.

    Prudential regularly monitors the garments and replaces any that are worn-out or torn, as well as outfits new employees.

  • Prudential will measure each employee and create a set of uniforms tailor-made for the staff of your business.

    Professional cleaning services included Prudential will make weekly pickups to take away dirty uniforms, deliver clean ones, and deal with any damaged uniforms that need attention.

    If an employee ever needs to change uniform sizes, Prudential will re-measure them and issue a new uniform.

  • Prudential Overall Supply has been in the commercial textile business since 1932, and in that time weve never once wavered in our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service. Our work uniforms are of the highest quality, and our experienced staff is always ready to provide the best insight and advice in the industry.

  • Another benefit of using Prudential for your work uniform needs is our commitment to Clean Green business practices. Unlike other uniform services, our laundry procedures are designed to cause as little harm to the environment as possible, and to set a new standard for eco-friendly practices in the laundry business.

  • Employees will be happy to have clean, well-fitted clothes that they can wear at work.

    Work uniforms help promote a company just by having their employees wear them.

    Customers trust employees who dress professionally more than those that dont especially when they all wear the same uniforms.

  • Prudential Overall Supply is an industry leader in work uniforms, commercial laundry services, and work safety products. The quality of our products is second only to our commitment to excellence. Learn more today at


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