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Emami Group started business initiatives under the parentage of Mr R S Agarwal and Mr R S Goenka since 1974Emami has successfully established its brands through strong celebrity endorsementsEmamis quality products not only have a pan India presence, but also have a deep imprint in over 60 countries across the world including GCC, UK, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, African and the CIS countries



Worlds First and Largest Fairness Cream Brand ,present in almost 60 countries with a value around 6 million.

In 2001 & 2002 company placed itself as rank4 among 180 top brands.

Fair & handsome USP - Fairness in Six Weeks has worked better for it.

Presence of several competitors with the same product line.

Entrance of foreign companies in Indian market with higher skilled to beat the domestic players

Many untapped market around the world

THREATExtending the equity of its leading fairness cream brand "Fair & handsome" to a premium Fair & handsome soap

Fair and Handsome is getting advantage by launching fair and handsome foundation that works for women empowerment achievement and transformationBCG MATRIX

4PORTERS FIVE FORCES MODEL FOR EMAMITHREAT OF COMPETITORS The threat of competitors is high because there are a lot of players in the Market.

The ayurvedic platform is also being used by other players like dabur and Ayur.Premiumpersonalcareproductsfacecompetitionfrominternational brands THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTS The exit barriers are low and thereby firms canenter and exit easily.

THREAT OF SUBSTITUTE PRODUCTS Many substitute products are there in the market comparing with fair & handsome like fair & lovely menz active etc

THREAT OF BUYERS BARGAINING POWERThe buyers bargaining power is low since they cannot influence the prices to such a great deal.

Emami made many broadcasting through advertisement on television that kept on increasing the sale regardless of the increase in the price of Emami productsTHREAT OF SUPPLIERS BARGAINING POWERIf the supply of Emami products is sufficient with respect to the demand of the market then there will be a threat to suppliers bargaining power PORTERSFORCE MODEL

IN RELATION TO MICRO ENVIRONMENTTHE COMPANYCOMPETITORSPUBLICSTHE COMPANY:EMAMI is a highly organized company with a good functional R&D which constantly upgrade their Lineage with newer & better products

SUPPLIERS:A network of over 4,25,000 retail outlets, 2,800 distributors,1,500 sub-distributors, 30 depots, six regional sales offices

MARKETING INTERMEDIARIES: Present in over 2.6 million Indian retail outlets and 65 countries

COMPETITORS :Garnier, ponds, Dove are the Major competitors in the Market

PUBLICS: Financial Public Non- Financial Public

IN RELATION TO MACRO ENVIRONMENTDEMOGRAPHIC FACTORSPOLITICAL FACTORS: Some of the political factors are competition between various states which has risen the sales taxSOCIAL FACTORS: With increase in status of the Indian people most of the consumers prefer costly products, which has more brand value than EmamiTECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS: EMAMI ltd is working very hard to gear up their products by using various technologiesDEMOGRAPHIC FACTORS: Age, Occupation, Social status and gender


CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOURNEED RECOGNITION A Customer first enters into the Market with a View of buying an Anti-Ageing Cream or a Fairness Cream. Then he goes for Searching the Brand from which he or she will be benefited.

INFORMATION SEARCH A Customer Before Buying the Product goes for Price of the product, its brand value and its value in Market i.e. whether there is any free gifts associated with it.

EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVES Before buying the product a Customer first goes for a Brand Selection. Then searches which brand suits the best.

PURCHASE DECISION In this stage of act the Customer does his final decision and go for a particular brand from which he or she chooses to depend on it.

POST PURCHASE BEHAVIOUR After using the product of a particular Brand, a Customer goes for a decision Whether he or she is satisfied with the Brand or not. FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR

KEY PSYCHOLOGICAL PROCESSMEMORYMOTIVATION* Three theories of human motivation that affects the Buying Behavior of the consumer are :> Sigmund Freud> Abraham Maslow> Frederick Herzberg PERCEPTION* Perception influences how the motivated person acts in the situation. In respect to EMAMI the person perceives to buy the product on that situation. Three perceptual processes are : > selective attention, > selective distortion and > selective retention.LEARNING* When people act, they learn. Learning involves changes in an individual's behavior resulting from experience.

* When a person consumes a EMAMI product, then by Post Purchase behavior an individual gains knowledge and experience about the product and gives feedback about the product.MEMORY* Memory is Classified under two categories as:

STM (Short Term Memory) : When a consumer consumes a product ,if he is benefited from the product then that individual remembers the product for a long time

LTM (Long Term Memory) : When a consumer is not benefited then the individual remembers it for a short period of time








Segmentation is the process or the way of classifying customers into groups who share same set of characteristics for ex: Fair and Handsome is basically for men who want to be fair

Targeting is the process of selecting a segment and working upon it for ex: Fair and Handsome targets the middle class people of India and it target men's between the age group of 15-50.

EMAMI positioned Fair and Handsome cream with a tag line WORLDS NO.1 FAIRNESS CREAM FOR MEN and MARDON WALI CREAM.


INTRODUCTION:Emami fair and handsome introduced in the year 2005 as the first fairness cream for men in IndiaEmami was formulated for the men who wants to be fair GROWTH STAGE:Fair and Handsome commands 63% of the male fairness cream marketFairness Handsome Continues to be the largest player in the mens fairness cream category MATURITY STAGE:The product contains 5 unique power that improves fairness in just 6 weeksEmami launched the Rs 5/- spout pack of 8ml and Rs10/- pack of 12ml which were well receivedBy getting the Tag line such as WORLDS NO.1 FAIRNESS CREAM FOR MEN , HI!! HANDSOME!!! HI HANDSOME!!!! and MARDON WALI CREAM. DECLINING STAGE:Though Emami has strong competitors in the market due to which the demand of fair and handsome cream may decline, however Emami will come up with more advance products in mens fairness cream segment in coming years.