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Source: Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Editor & Translator: JosDoaiTran


  • 1. 1 En-Verson: Ms Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Vn-Verson: JosDoaiTran Words and Expressions That Frequently Appear on the TOEIC Nouns + preposition cause of / nguyn nhn ca The cause of the fire was carelessness. (Nguyn nhn ca m chy l s bt cn) combination of A and B/ kt hp ca v A combination of high interest rates and falling demands forced the company to close.(S kt hp ca li sut cao v nhu cu tiu dng gim buc cng ty ng ca). demand for/ yu cu cho The management has refused to agree to our demand for a 7 % pay raise. (Ban qun l t chi ng ngh ca chng ti tang lng 7%). development in/ s pht trin trong People are happy with developments in medicine. (Con ngi hnh phc vi s pht trin ca y hc) effect of/ tc ng ca, nh hng ca One of the effects of this illness is that you lose your hair. (Mt trong nhng tc ng ca cn bnh l bn mt mi tc ca bn). example of/ v d ca, th hin ca This church is a wonderful example of medieval architecture. (Ngi nh th ny l mt v d tuyt vi ca kin trc trung c). exception to/ ngoi tr, tr ra , phn i We dont usually do it this way, well make an exceptionto the rule in your case. (Chng ti khng thng xuyn lm cch n, chng ti s thc hin 1 ngoi l trong trng hp ca bn) idea for / tng, kin cho What gave you the idea for the book?(Nhng iu g cho bn tng v quyn sch?) improvement in / ci thin, ci tin trong There has been a significant improvement in the companys trading position. ( c nhng ci thin ng k trong v tr giao dch ca cng ty).

2. 2 En-Verson: Ms Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Vn-Verson: JosDoaiTran 3. 3 En-Verson: Ms Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Vn-Verson: JosDoaiTran increase in/ tng, gia tng trong An increase in crime was one of the most serious problems that city had.(S tng ti phm l 1 trong nhng vn nghim trng ca thnh ph ny). native of/ni , gc , t nhin He is a native of California.(ng y l ngi gc California) part in / phntrong The question of cost will play an important part in our decision. (Cu hi v chi ph s ng vai tr quan trng trong quyt nh ca chng ti) price of/ gi ca, gi tr What is the price ofthis suit?/(Gi ca ci o ny nh th no?) probability of / kh nng ca, xc sut ca Theres very little probability of an agreement being reached. (C rt t kh nng ca mt hp ng t c). problem with/vn vi, rc ri v The company has no problems with the management. Cng ty khng c vn g v vic qun l. process of/ qu trnh ca Coal was formed out of dead forests by a long, slow process of chemical change. (Qu trnh c hnh thnh t cnh rng cht vi thi gian di, qu trnh bin i chm ca ha hc) reliance on/ Tin tng vo, tin cy vo, ph thuc vo I have complete reliance on his judgment. Ti hon ton tin cy vo phn on ca anh y. result of/ Kt qu ca His sickness is the result of the contaminated food./Bnh ca anh y l kt qu ca thc phm nhim. rules for / quy lut cho There are rules for driving./ C nhng quy lut dnh cho vic li xe. rules of (a game)/quy lut ca To enjoy golfing, you need to understand the rules of golf. 4. 4 En-Verson: Ms Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Vn-Verson: JosDoaiTran thng thc chi nh golf, bn cn hiu lut ca n. solution to/ gii php, phng n There are no simple solution to the unemployment problem. Khng c phng n n gin cho vn tht nghim. source of/ ngun ca Well have to find a new source of income. Chng ta s phi tm 1ngun thu nhp mi. a supply of / ngun cung cp Bring a large supply of food with you. Mang li ngun cung cp thc phm ln vi bn. a variety of/ a dng v The shirt is available in a variety of colors. Chic o s mi c sn nhiu mu khc nhau 5. 5 En-Verson: Ms Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Vn-Verson: JosDoaiTran Adjective/ Adverb + preposition afraid of/ e ngi v, lo s v Ive always been afraid of flying./ Ti lun lun s bay. angry at (something)/ gin d v vn g They were angry at the way they had been treated. H gin d v cch h b i x. angry with (someone)/ gin d ai I was[got] really angry with her./ Ti thc rt gin c y. attached to/ nh km, i theo The children are very attached to their grandparents. Tr em ang rt thn vi ng b. based on/ da trn He wrote a novel based on fact/ ng y vit quyn tiu thuyt da trn thc t capable of/ kh nng, c nng lc A force 10 wind is capable of blowing (= able and likely to blow) the roofs off houses. Cn gi cp 10 c kh nng thi bay mi nh. close to/ thn vi, gn vi She was very close to death for a while. C y gn nh cht i 1 thi gian. dependent on/ ph thuc vo Its very easy to become dependent on sleeping pills./ Tht l d ph thuc ng. different from/ khc vi Emily is completely different from her sister./ Emily hon ton khc vi ch gi. disappointed by/ tht vng v, tht vng b Im disappointed by the way our team played today. Chng ti tht vng v cch i ca chng ti hm nay chi. eligible for/ t cch, thch hp cho You have to be employed for six months to be eligible for medical benefits. Bn phi lm c 6 thng c hng li v y t. 6. 6 En-Verson: Ms Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Vn-Verson: JosDoaiTran essential to [for]/ cn thit cho, thit yu cho, bn cht A knowledge of English is essential for this job. Kin thc v Anh ng l mt iu cn thit cho cng vic. familiar with/ quen thuc vi Im not familiar with current research in the field. Ti khng quen thuc vi nghin cu hin nay trong lnh vc ny. free from/ nim ph t Because the organization is a charitable enterprise, it is free from tax worldwide. Bi v t chc ny l doanh nghip t thin, n min ph t thu trn ton th gii. free of/ t do v My doctor told me I would never be completely free of the disease. Bc s ca ti ni vi ti, ti s khng bao gi hon ton thot khi cn bnh. identical to/ ng nht vi, ging vi The test are identical to those carried out last year. Bi kim tra ging vi bi thc hin chng ti nm ngoi. inferior to/ thp km hn Theyfelt inferior to the others until the teams international success gave them some pride./ H cm thy thp km hn so vi cc nhm khc cho n khi s thnh cng quc t ca i cho h nim t ho. married to/ kt hn vi How long have you been married to John?/ Bn kt hn vi John bao lu ri? preferable to/ thch hp hn Surely a diplomatic solution is preferable to war. Cch chc chn phng n ngoi giao l thch hn hn chin tranh related to/ quan h vi Experts believe that a large number of cancer cases in the area are directly related to the new nuclear power station. Cc chuyn gia tin rng 1 s lng ln cc cn bnh ung th c lin quan trc tip n trm in ht nhn mi. 7. 7 En-Verson: Ms Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Vn-Verson: JosDoaiTran responsible for/ chu trch nhim, ph trch John is directly responsible for the efficient running of the office. John chu trch nhim trc tip cho vic iu hnh hiu qu vn phng. satisfied with/ hi lng vi, tha mn vi I am not fully satisfied with the standard of your work./ Ti khng hon ton hi lng vi tiu chun cng vic ca bn similar to/ ging vi, tng t vi I bought some new shoes which are very similar toa pair I had before. Ti va mua 1 vi i giy m rt ging vi i m ti c trc . subject to / chu, l thuc vo Japan is a country subject to earthquakes./ Nht l quc gia chu nhiu ng t suitable for/ ph hp cho, thch hp cho The movie is rated R and is not suitable for children./ B phim ny c xp vo R v khng ph hp cho tr em. superior to/ cao cp Manufacturing companies spend millions of dollars trying to convince customers that their superior to those of other companies. Cng ty sn xut tri hng triu la cho vic c gng thuyt phc khch hng cao cp ca h cho nhng cng ty khc. surprised at [by]/ ngc nhin v [bi] We were very surprised at the result. He seemed surprised by the question. Chng ti rt ngc nhin v kt qu. Anh dng nh ngc nhin v cu hi. 8. 8 En-Verson: Ms Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Vn-Verson: JosDoaiTran Verbs + preposition account for (explain) gii thch, gii trnh The army made no attempt to account for the missing men. Qun i khng c gng gii thch cho nhng ngi b mt tch. accustom oneself to/ lm quen vi Itll take time for me to accustom myself to the changes. S mt thi gian cho ti c th lm quen bn thn mnh thay i. agree to (a plan)/ ng vi, k hp ng Both sides in the conflict have agreed to the terms of the peace treaty. C hai bn trong cu tranh ginh va ng (k) cc iu khon ca hip c ha bnh. agree with (someone)/ ng vi ai , hp vi I agree with you. approve of/ chp thun, tun theo Thoroughly approve of what the management is doing. Tun theo trit nhng g ban iu hnh ang lm. arrive at/ n ni It was dark by the time we arrived at the station. Tri ti vo thi im chng ti n nh ga. arrive in / n (a im khng r) Early humans firstarrived in this area over 25,000 years ago. Ngi u tin n chu lc ny hn 25,000 nm trc. begin with/ bt u vi The wordcatbegins with the letter c. ChCat bt u vi t c believe in/ tin vo I believe in the fundamental goodness of the human nature. Ti tin vo bn cht tt lnh ca con ngi t nhin. 9. 9 En-Verson: Ms Mai Phuong- ngoaingu24h Vn-Verson: JosDoaiTran caution somebody against something / cnh bo ai khng lm iu g The writer cautioned the newspapers readers against buying (= warned them not to buy) shares without getting good advice first. Nh bo cnh bo cc c gi khng nn mua c phiu m khng nhn c li khuyn u tin. compete with/ cnh tranh vi If a company competes with another, it tries to get people to buy its goods or services instead of the other companies. Nu mt cng ty cnh tranh vi cc cng ty khc, n s c gng kim ngi mua hng ha hoc dch v ca mnh thay v ca cc cng ty khc. consist of/ bao gm The team consists of four Americans and two Europeans. i bao gm 4 Ngi M v 2 ngi u chu. contribute to/ ng gp Falling sales in the American market contributed to the companys collapse. Gim doanh thu bn hng gm phn khin sp cng ty. cooperate with / lin hip vi He said that he had cooperated with the government in its investigation. Anh y ni rng anh y lin kt vi chnh ph trong vic u t. deal with / i ph, gii quyt, tha thun The second part of this document deals with staff training. Phn hai ca vn bn by l gii quyt hun luyn nhn vin. Rumors that the company had done a deal with Microsoft to market its product. Li n cho rng cng ty c tha thun vi hang Microsoft v th trng sn xut. decide on/ quyt nh vo, la chn Were decide on a beige carpet for the dinin


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