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Ma = mother Question: When a working woman takes a break to take care of her newborn it is called? Pa = father Question: When a man stays home after his wife has had a baby it’s called?. Word: maternity leave Word: paternity leave. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ma = motherQuestion: When a working woman takes a break to take care of her newborn it is called?

    Pa = fatherQuestion: When a man stays home after his wife has had a baby its called?

  • Word: maternity leave

    Word: paternity leave

  • Fra = brotherDefinition: an organization of brothers. Based on university ties for social purposes or an organization of laymen for religious or charitable purposes.

  • Word: fraternity

  • archaeo = ancient/primitiveDefinition: really, REALLY old.

  • Word: archaic

  • Arch = chief, primary, firstDefinition: ordered from most important to least important

  • Word: hierarchy

  • Aster/astr = starDefinition: the study of the stars and space

  • Word: astronomy

  • Audi = hear Definition: loud enough that it can be heard

  • Word: audible

  • Bene = good/wellDefinition: a person who gives help, especially financial help.

  • Word: benefactor

  • Bio = lifeDefinition: The earths crust, water and atmosphere that sustains life

  • Word: biosphere

  • Brev = shortDefinition: the shortening of words/phrasesNorthwest NWU R GR8

  • Word: abbreviation

  • Derm = skinDefinition: doctor who specializes in the skin

  • Word: dermatologist

  • Chloro=greenDefinition: the green pigment found in plants.

  • Word=chlorophyll

  • Chrono=timeDefinition: a history of facts arranged in the order in which they happened.

  • Word: chronicle

  • Dic/dict = speakDefinition: a ruler with absolute power

  • Word: dictator

  • Fer = to carryDefinition: a boat that carries people and cars over water to another point of land

  • Word: Ferry

  • Fix = fastenDefinition: to direct all attention at something; unwillingness to let something go

  • Word: fixate/fixation

  • Gen = birthDefinition: to create something from scratchenergy or ideas

  • Word: generate

  • Gen = birthDefinition: the way in which something comes to be; originsThe first book in the Bible

  • Word: genesis

  • Geo = earthDefinition: The study of the earth and its physical and cultural properties

  • Word: geography

  • Graph = writeDefinition: a diagram

  • Word: graph

  • Graph = writeDefinition: famous persons signature

  • Word: autograph

  • Hemo = bloodDefinition: the escape of large amounts of blood from a blood vessel; heavy bleeding

  • Word: hemorrhage

  • Herb = plantDefinition: animal feeding on grass or plants only

  • Word: herbivore

  • Herb = plantDefinition: plant based remedy

  • Word: herbal

  • Hydro = waterDefinition: to add liquid to the body

  • Word: hydrate

  • Jur/just = lawDefinition: a group of people sworn to hear the evidence and judge the facts in a case to give a decision.

  • Word: jury

  • Log/logue = word/thoughtDefinition: a long speech in a play by one character

  • Word: monologue

  • Luc = lightDefinition: letting light pass through

  • word: translucent

  • Manu = handDefinition: to make by hand or by machine

  • Word: manufacture

  • Manu = handDefinition: first completed draft of a book or screenplay.

  • Word: manuscript

  • Meter/metr = measureClue: In Canada and much of the rest of the world, speed is measured in

  • Word: kilometer

  • Meter/metr = measure

    The standardized measuring system of most of the world

  • Word: metric literally translated from Greek/Latinrelated to measure

  • Neg = noDefinition: to ignore or disregard

  • Word: neglect

  • Neg = noDefition: the opposite of positive

    4-7=-3Take your medicineNo!

  • Word: negative

  • Ocu = eyeDefinition: two small telescopes mounted side by side for personal viewing

  • Word: binoculars

  • Path = feelingDefinition: the projection of your personality onto someone else to understand that person. Feeling for someone else.If I were you, Id feel sad. I love my dear doggy.My dog died this morning.

  • Word: empathy

  • Path = feelingDefinition: lack of emotion; lack of interest

  • Word: apathy

  • Olig = fewDefinition: a government in which a few are in controloften selfish and corrupt

  • Word: oligarchy

  • Osteo=boneDefinition: the disease of brittle bones

  • Word: osteoporosis

  • Op/Oper = workDefinition: in use, currently working

  • Word: operational

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