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As published by the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader.


<ul><li><p>2 2011 Wooden Boat FestivaL Port townsend &amp; Jefferson County Leader</p><p>BOATS STAY DRY HOMES STAY DRY RVS STAY DRY CAMPERS STAY DRY</p><p>www.H2Out.com 360-385-0445Port Townsend</p><p>&amp;</p><p>KEEP IT DRY with an H2Out Air Vent Dryer (AVD) for your fuel tank or an H2Out Space Dryer for interior spaces. H2Out Space Dryers can protect interior spaces from mildew, fungus, molds and odors while eliminating rust, corrosion, oxidation and tarnish on electronics, tools, armaments and more. 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Their images out on the water captured my attention the first day of the festival. It was an image that seemed locked in time, a wonderful glimpse into the past. I love the lines of the boats and the silhou- ettes of their sails. They seemed such an appropriate symbol for the theme this year, images of a time when things were made with love and care by hand.</p><p>The Wooden B o a t F e s t i v a l i s a m a g i c a l p l a c e w i t h magical people a wonderful experience for any boat lover.</p><p>M e e t J a y n e a n d s e e m o r e of her art and photography at the NW Maritime Center dur ing the Festival or on her website, knottydog.com. Shell be located in the second-floor gallery of the yellow build- i n g . S i g n e d posters are also available.</p><p>Festival Committee &amp; CaptainsThe 2011 Wooden Boat Festival Committee and Captains are (from left) Daniel Evans, Harbor Master; Sue Cook, Volunteers; Kaci Cronkhite, Director; DeeAnn Nelson, Administration; Barb Trailer, Food; Maude Richards, Faculty; Jordan Pollack, Medical; Carrie Muellner, Bar Harbor; Eileen Johnstone, Green; Chuck Henry, Docks; and Burt Howells, Traffic. Not pictured are: Kelly Liske, Main Gate; Libby Urner, Boat Pages &amp; Packets; Scott Marple, Grounds; Steve Soltysik, Kids BB; Ace Spragg, Water Taxi; Myron Gauger, Races; Ted Pike, WBF Awards; Eva Coffin &amp; Judy Dahl, Main Gate ETeam; Janeen Armstrong &amp; Leigh Kennel, Membership.</p><p>Thirty-five years ago, an earnest group of boat-ers and dreamers decided to throw a party and invite all their friends who, like themselves, had fallen madly in love with the form and tradition of wooden boats. People sailed in from all over, and a movement was born. Thirty-five years, and 35 fes-tivals later, Port Townsends name is synonymous with wooden boats and is a hub of traditional and contemporary maritime craftsmanship renowned the world over.</p><p>For those of you I havent yet met, my name is Jake Beattie, and after a lifetime of sailing in the Northwest, teaching seamanship onboard traditional vessels and building community through non-profits, I am humbled and excited to have been brought on board as the next Executive Director. Those giants whose shoulders I am fortunate enough to stand on had a passion and commitment to pre-serving and furthering the craftsmanship, heritage and folly of these wonderful boats, and the Wooden Boat Festival is the building block for carrying the torch forward and growing our mission into the future.</p><p>My own first festival was number 25. I was fresh off a tall ship. When I walked through the gate in my pine-tar-stained Carhartts, my jaw dropped from the concentration of talent and beautiful craft. I was home! In years since, the festival has become a family reunion of sorts. Like many of us, I come to reconnect with people and the vessels themselves. For me, there is magic in the festival moments: reuniting with old crewmates over pizza, that moment when I find myself sharing a pint with a maritime legend in Bar Harbor, hearing a boat owner talk about their latest cruising adventure, witnessing the beauty and seamanship of the schooner race and sail-by; if you squint you can see Port Townsend Bay as it was a century ago.</p><p>Thank you for joining us for this years festival and adding your own stories and camaraderie. With your help and participation, well be celebrating the skills and these vessels for another 35 years. Enjoy!</p><p>Jake BeattieExecutive Director, NW Maritime Center &amp; Wooden Boat Foundation</p><p>From the Helm ... </p><p>Welcome!If your heart beats a lit-</p><p>tle faster, your smile bursts into laughter, your body r e l a x e s , your brain s p a r k s , and your soul soars F e s t i v a l weekend, well rest k n o w i n g a n o t h e r year of our lives was well spent! Welcome to wooden boat heaven!</p><p>For a decade now, Ive been honored to stand at the helm of this one-of-a-kind event and to work with an amazing crew of talent-ed, passionate people who make this place special. </p><p>While some things have changed in our world, our organization and down-town, the heart and soul of this Festival and our port community remains the same. Were still as pas-sionate, committed, idealis-tic and profoundly grateful as the founders were in 1977. Every day, we cel-ebrate the talented people who, with all their boats, continue to visit, live here, work here, sail from here, then circle back.</p><p>This is a travelers com-munity and an infinitely inviting homeport. Its a rare gem of a place that Na-tive Northwest tribes and early pioneers were drawn to, and modern-day sailors, artists and other intellec-tually curious people love to visit again and again. Whether its down to the beach each morning or back on the ferry for your next trip, we hope you gain inspiration this weekend, taking the lessons and art-istry of wooden boats into your hearts and lives for another year.</p><p>Thanks for being here doing your part to nurture our wooden boat world!</p><p>Kaci CronkhiteWooden Boat Festival </p><p>Director since 2002</p><p>IndexHighlights: Learn, Listen, Love it! ..............6, 8tug Elmore: 122 Years Young ......................12Kid stuff: Messing about with Boats .............14Lifetime achievement award Recipients ........16shuttle Bus, Pets, &amp; other General info ........18Master schedule of Workshops, events .... 19-22dance Music &amp; songs of the sea ..................23Boatyard draws in Hollywood Filmmaker .......24Festival Faculty: Learn from experts ........ 26-32Guide to 2011 Festival Boats .................. 34-39</p><p>New Director Is Back Home</p><p>Festival Poster Artist Is Jayne Hemmerich</p><p>Find It on the Mapschedule, venues, map of Festival .... 19-22</p></li><li><p>Port townsend &amp; Jefferson County Leader 2011 Wooden Boat FestivaL 5</p><p>330-C 10th St., Port Townsend(360) 385-9967 porttownsendbrewing.com</p><p>In the Port of Port Townsend</p><p>Any wood.For any Boat!</p><p> Over 60 species of Lumber and Plywood Purpleheart Timbers Planking Material</p><p> Mast and Spar Stock Specialty Veneer Epoxy Tooling Hardwood Flooring Decking Books</p><p>Visit our Showroomwww.edensaw.com</p><p>360-385-7878Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 4 pm211 Seton Rd., Port Townsend, WA 98368</p><p>925 E 25th St., Tacoma, WA 98421</p><p>TOWNSEND BAY MARINE919 Haines PlacePort Townsend, WA 98368(360) 385-6632www.townsendbay.com</p><p>No matter how shes built, well give your boat the sametender care we have been giving this classic for years.</p><p>... and composites,</p><p>aluminum, and</p><p>steel ...</p><p>We LoveWoodenBoats ...</p><p>Proud to support the2011 Wooden Boat Festival</p><p>THANK YOU!Festival Sponsors</p><p> Gold EDENSAW WOODS</p><p>PORT OF PORT TOWNSENDPT BREWING COMPANY</p><p>SEA MARINESKAGIT CENTER </p><p>FOR MARINE TECHNOLOGYWOODENBOAT MAGAZINE</p><p> Silver CHESAPEAKE LIGHT CRAFT</p><p>WEST SYSTEMTOWNSEND BAY MARINE</p><p> Bronze FISHERIES SUPPLIES</p><p>HOMER SMITH INSURANCEPORT TOWNSEND SAILS</p><p> Copper CARLS BUILDING SUPPLY</p><p>PLATT IRWINPT FOUNDRYWEST MARINE</p><p>ZENITH MARITIME ACADEMY</p><p>Contributor Business MembersAlan Greenwald, MDBear Cub Studio</p><p>Brion Toss Yacht RiggersCascadia Consulting</p><p>Chamberlin InnConcentricomKaci Cronkite</p><p>Devlin Designing Boat BuildersEmerald Marine</p><p>Gale Investment Management Inc.Generations Dental</p><p>Gooding, OHara &amp; Mackey, PSGreen eet Monitoring ExpeditionsIsland Marine Instrument Co., IncJe erson County Farmers MarketKristin Manwaring Insurance</p><p>MAS ProductsMcClanahan LumberMiller|Hull PartnershipMinisterial Organization </p><p>of Port TownsendPoint Hudson Boat ShopPort Townsend Arts GuildPort Townsend Computers</p><p>Port Townsend Marine Trades Association</p><p>Port Townsend Paper CompanyPort Townsend Sails</p><p>PropEle Electric Boat Motors, Inc.Schooner Martha Foundation</p><p>Schooner MyciaSchooner SuvaSirens Pub</p><p>Small Craft AdvisorSport Townsend</p><p>Stig Osterberg DDSSunrise Co ee Company, Ltd.</p><p>Totera Web SystemsYo-Leven Charters</p><p>PATRON BUSINESS MEMBERSInterstate Merchant Services, Inc.</p><p>Miller/Hull PartnershipPort Townsend Food Coop</p><p>Port Townsend Paper ComapnyPort Townsend RiggingSeaCraft Classics, Inc.</p><p>Service Education AdventureSport Townsend</p><p>Sunrise Co ee Comapny, Ltd.The Bishop HotelThe Swan Hotel</p><p>H2OutThe Swan Hotel</p><p>Sunrise Co ee Comapny, Ltd.</p></li><li><p>6 2011 Wooden Boat FestivaL Port townsend &amp; Jefferson County Leader</p><p>Here are some highlights from our 35th annual Wood-en Boat Festival schedule of events. Check the columns in the Center Schedule, and Boats and Faculty sections for more details.</p><p>Double Good News: Two Woodworking Stages</p><p>Sponsored and boosted with content annually by lifetime WBF member and longtime FSC and boatbuilding wood and tool specialist Edensaw Woods, the number of Wood-working stages has doubled this year. If youve missed a demo in the past few years and told us about it, your wish has come true. Weve filled two stages with boatbuilding, woodworking and tool demos, along with other marine trade demonstrations. Youll also find repeats of some of the most popular speakers and topics. Big thanks to major sponsors Edensaw, West System and Chesapeake Light Craft, as well as local marine trades and educators, including PT School of Woodworking, NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock and the PT Marine Trades Association, for helping round up the experts. Nonstop hands-on tool and boatbuilding demos are now bigger and bet-ter at The Point. Bleachers and the Wee Nip Beach Bar (open Saturday-Sunday, noon-6 p.m.) make it a great spot to hang out with other boat geeks in the afternoons.</p><p>Changes to Festivals Main Gate Flow</p><p>This is our second year to have the whole facility up and running. The Main Gate will flow through part of the Boat Shop and Education Building. Wireless and iPad options help speed the entry of e-ticket purchases made online ahead of time. Goodbye, old cash registers or at least most of them. Be sure to walk through and all around the buildings. Festival faculty presentations expanded another 30 percent this year, so check out the Maritime meeting rooms and AV rooms (second floor, both </p><p>buildings), along with all the other options around the marina. The Wooden Boat Chandlery, in the Maritime Heritage &amp; Resource Build-ing (yellow) does not require a ticket for entry. You can find Festival clothing, post-ers and books, in addition to the high-quality wooden boat products and nautical gifts featured year-round. While in the Chandlery, have an espresso at the cafe. Were open early! In the Boat Shop (first floor of red building), check out Lie-Nielsen and Festool demonstrations.</p><p>Welcome Back, Lin &amp; Larry Pardey</p><p>Legendary ocean sailors, boatbuilders and authors Lin and Larry Pardey are back after a 7-year hiatus from U.S. events (with the exception of their quick trip for the 2010 Spring Boating Symposium in PT) with some of their most popular topics: The Compel-ling Power of Adventure and 16 Ways to Ensure Your Partner Shares Your Cruis-ing Dream, as well as two special evening events (tickets required): The Unstoppable Cruising Boats: From Nuts and Bolts to a Real Budget (Friday, 7-9 p.m.; $20) and Storm Tactics (Saturday, 7-9 p.m.; $20). You can find them all weekend among the Fes-tival crowd. Be sure to check </p><p>out Lins most recent title, Bull Canyon: A Boatbuilder, a Writer and Other Wildlife. Known and respected world-wide, the Pardeys attended the first Wooden Boat Festival. T...</p></li></ul>


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