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WOMEN OF ASEAN A celebration of International Women’s Day

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Women of asean

Women of aseanA celebration of International Womens Day

What is Asean?Which countries are in asean?

*For T: Association of Southeast Asian Nations; Note current Myanmar flag not on student handouts but reflected in this presentation.2

What do we know about the women of asean?

They are strong. They are smart. They are leaders.

Who is this woman of asean?

For T: Her Majesty Queen Sirikit5

And who is this?

For T: Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn


HM Queen Sirikit And Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn


Both the Princess and HM The Queen help children and do other great charity work. They are amazing women in our world.

What other women do you know about from Thailand or from asean?

Thailand: Jintana Kaewkao

Ms. Kaewkao is from Prachuab Khirikhan

She is a mother. She also works very hard to protect thailands natural environment.

For Ts: she fought against Thailands Union Power Development Company (UPDC Ltd) when they tried to build a coal-burning power plant in Ban Krut which would destroy peoples homes, land and coral reef as one of their plants is currently doing in Northern Thailand, which they have since been sued for damages. She is an activist this is very dangerous work. Jintana Kaewkao is very brave. 11

Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi

She spent 15 years under house arrest because she spoke up to her government.

For Ts: Aung San Suu Kyi is loved by her people. She speaks out against violence and works for peace and freedom of her country. Her father was a famous general and started the independence revolution of Myanmar from the British. 12

She speaks up for human rights in her country. She is now the leader of Myanmars government.

For Ts: In early 2016, Aung San Suu Kyi won what is recognized as the first fair election in Myanmar in decades and became the head of parliament. Some people in the world still call Myanmar Burma for reasons that are very personally important to them. 13

Philippines: Miriam Defensor Santiago

She is an extremely smart woman who works in law and government in the Philippines.

For Ts: Miriam Defensor Santiago stands up for what is right and what is smart. She is a mother; she has faced the losses of one of her sons and her husband. She also has a disease called lung cancer but continues to write books and be active in her work. 14

She does not care if she is popular or if she wins. She cares about solving problems using her heart and her brain.

For Ts: Miriam has served as a judge for the International Criminal Court before she became too ill to continue, one of the highest honors. She has morals and she is not afraid to speak her mind or to show how smart she is. She is also a very funny person. 15

Malaysia: Datuk Nicol David

She is a world champion squash player from Malaysia.

For Ts: Squash is a sport similar to tennis with the use of raquet but small fast ball played in singles (2 ppl) or doubles (4 ppl). It is played at a very fast pace against a wall and on a court. Nicol excels at singles and is only 32 years old.16

She is not afraid to be strong and competitive, but she is also not afraid to Fail. She tries her best.

For Ts: When she was very young, she was the only female squash player to ever achieve winning something called the World Junior Title twice Nicol is currently ranked number 3 in the world as a professional squash player. She has won the World Open title 8 times, as well as the British Open Title 5 times. She finally lost her number one ranking in July of 2015, but she is still nothing short of amazing. She is considered one of the best squash players of all time. 17

Vietnam: The Trung Sisters

Trung Trac and Trung Nhi were fierce warriors 2,000 years ago.

For Ts: The Trung Sisters were Vietnamese military leaders who ruled for three years afterrebellingin 40 AD against thefirst Chinese domination of Vietnam. They are regarded as national heroines of Vietnam. 18

They empowered and believed in each other. They worked as a team for something big.

For Ts: Revolts against the Han began in 40 AD led by the Trngs. The Trung Sisters are highly revered in Vietnam, as they led the first resistance movement against the occupying Chinese after 247 years of domination. Many temples are dedicated to them, and a yearly holiday, occurring in February, to commemorate their deaths is observed by many Vietnamese. A central district inHanoicalled theHai B Trng Districtis named after them. In addition, numerous large streets in major citiesand many schools are named after them.The stories of the Trng Sisters are cited by some historians as hints that Vietnamese society prior to Chinese societal influence was amatriarchalone, where there were no obstacles for women in assuming leadership roles.Even though the Trng Sisters' revolt against the Chinese was almost 2000 years ago, its legacy in Vietnam remains.[11]The two sisters are considered to be a national symbol in Vietnam. They represent Vietnam's independence. They are often depicted as two women riding two giantwar elephants. Many a times, they are seen leading their followers into battle against the Chinese. The Trng sisters were more than two sisters that gave their life up for their country, they are powerful symbols of Vietnamese resistance and freedom.


Talk about these women with your Teacher.

Did you like learning about them? What was different to you?

Who else reminds you of these amazing women of ASEAN?

The end. Activity Time