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A Women Entrepreneurs Breakfast Roundtable seminar hosted at the Latham & Watkins office in Dubai, examined challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in the Arab World


<ul><li>1.challenges &amp; opportunitiesMarch 5 2012rama chakakirama@baraka.ae women entrepreneurs in the arab worldMonday, March 5, 12</li></ul> <p>2. A global challenge .. a MENA reality!Monday, March 5, 12 3. rama@barakaMonday, March 5, 12 4. Fundraising USA - Keybridge - $60 M - 3 wks (VC) MENA Fundraising - zeedna - $500k - 3 yrs (F&amp;F) SOFTWARE: Social Media PlatformMonday, March 5, 12 5. other PRIVATE EQUITY venture capital seed angel networks grant organizations lending banks Investment LandscapeMonday, March 5, 12 6. Challenges entrepreneurs Humility &amp; poor self-promotion family &amp; society seek stability family rst build cupcake businesses investor prole risk averse accustomed to brick and mortar model lacking industry knowledge underdeveloped eco system insufcient seed &amp; angel investment networks Majles recommendations global pressure to invest in developed markets Media &amp; Multinationals Solving the wrong problemsMonday, March 5, 12 7. CONSUMER INTERNET: eCommerce &amp; Augmented RealityMonday, March 5, 12 8. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - GamingMonday, March 5, 12 9. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Mobile &amp; RETAIL &amp; eCommerceMonday, March 5, 12 10. SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - Science &amp; EducationMonday, March 5, 12 11. Opportunities An eco system - Women centric everything angel networks &amp; vc rms consumer internet &amp; mobile increased collaboration betweenacademic &amp; private sectors services web design, custom softwaredevelopment, e-education, digital agencies, social venturesMonday, March 5, 12 12. what we must do.. enable the powerful with knowledge &amp; tech tell stories &amp; celebrate success &amp; failure identify role-models Network push into the mediaMonday, March 5, 12 13. BUKSHA SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Volunteer TourismMonday, March 5, 12 14. connect.communicate.collaborate about.me/rchakaki @rchakaki rama.chakaki.comMonday, March 5, 12 </p>