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<ul><li> 1. Oct. 10th: Ancient Egypt, part 2Why is Egypt said to be mysterious?</li></ul> <p> 2. Rosetta Stone: carved in 196 BC(found by Napoleons troops in 1799) Jean Francois ChampollionAncient Egyptian (hieroglyphs)Demotic(an Egyptian script from 200 BC)Greek(from 200 BC) 3. Cross section ofinterior of Khufupyramid) EgyptianhieroglyphsEsoteric: pertaining to deeply hidden meanings 4. Cranes for rotating blocksCranes for liftingblocks 5. Straight ramp 6. External ramp 7. Internal rampJean Pierre Houdin 8. Combination of external and internal ramps 9. Bob Brier Jean Pierre Houdin 10. What the internal ramp mighthave looked like from above 11. What the microgravimetric survey showed Overlaying the two shows a good matchWhat the internal ramp mighthave looked like from above 12. What the the infrared thermography results should look like 13. Riddle of the Sphinx 14. Not to be confused withGreek Sphinx and her riddle Riddle of the Sphinx 15. Riddle of the Sphinx: How old is this thing?Most common answer: 4500 years old 16. Pyramid of Pharaoh Khafre 17. During Reign of Khafre (son of Khufu) ,When was Sphinx built? about 2558-2532 BC. 18. Statue of Khafre 19. Khufu figurine(from Abydos) Closeup of Khufu figurine 20. Khufu ??? Khafre 21. The notion that the Egyptians are mysterious is false: we know more about themthan other ancient cultures Most of the final questions about pyramid building have been answered, and the last remaining questions are in the process of being answered Even the Sphinx is not a riddle 22. The words in this line count as a script.The words in this line</p>


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