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Flanagan Campus Center Fundraising Mailer


  • 1. The William H. Flanagan Campus The Center for Sciences andEngineering tomorrowWentworths next generation ofShare in our commitment toprovide the students of today with Your contribution to the Tomorrow Fund affords WOCenter, as the future hub of the Biomedical Engineering isWentworth community, will give our primed to be a world-class teachingengineers will benefit from facilitiesthe resources they need to be thethe Institute the capacitythat are evolving to meetand leaders of tomorrow. Wentworth and agilityto meet these Rstudents and faculty an energetic, facility with cutting-edge equipmentvibrant space to exchange ideas, and and resourcespreparing our students surpassthe advance of technology is investing to build two new, needs and to continuebuild connections and relationshipsto be leaders across a key range in their field. Our engineering and state-of-the-art buildings, butleading the way. Rthat will last a lifetime. of high technology, high demandtechnology alumni set a high bar we need our alumni community industries.and todays students will have theto invest with us to make theseInvest with us todayin ourtools to reach for it.projects the best they can be. campus, our students, and the O Wentworth of the future.Designing tomorrowOur reputation as a vanguard ofOur design, build, and architecture Mcutting-edge technology education ntigraduates have always made creative also depends on our capacity tocontributions to how we live and work.smeet new needs and demands veOThe next generation is building onas they arise, and to provide our inthis traditionand we can provide students with the equipment and Tthem with the environment and tools resources necessary to excel.to make even more of a difference.Brenda SanchezVice President forInstitutional AdvancementManaging tomorrow 617-989-4331Wentworth management alumni maketomorrow@wit.eduthings happentheyre respected acrosswww.wit.edu/investwithusa wide range of industries for theirCAMPUSenergy and diligence. Our managementstudents will continue that reputation Wentworthwith your support.Institute of Technology550 Huntington Avenue WENTWORTHBoston, Massachusetts 02115-5998 Institute of Technology

2. Since we opened our doors in 1911,Rapid evolution in technology and Two Architecture graduates, just Nick hit the ground running atAl Spagnolo, Less than a decade later, Al foundindustry has challenged us to develop over 40 years apart but each oneSpagnolo, Gisness & Associates, Architecture 70 another key mentor in his journey:Wentworth Institute of Technology and expand our facilities to stayis making a valuable contribution and quickly became one of the most beloved Wentworth professorahead of the curve rather than just valuable members of the team. Al knew his lifes calling years beforeGordon Anderson, who recognizedhas always focused on hard work and keeping pace. We want our students to to one of the most important Wentworths focus on practical skills he could actually pursue it. As ahis considerable talent, and encouragedhit the ground running, wherever they projects in Wentworths history. and hands-on learning was clearly fifth-grader in Providence, RI, he usedhim to pursue his dream career.achievement... on training and educatingchoose to land.evident in his contribution to theto sit by the window of his familys planning and promotion of the apartment, sketching variations on the Al credits his experience at Wentworthstudents to make a real difference in The knowledge and training we providenew initiative. And it made a hugecitys skyline. His teacher, Margaretwith giving him a strong foundation forNicholas Testa,are unparalleled. The most cutting-edgedifference in Nicks life, as well: Wood, recognized his budding talent, his future successesfrom exceptionaltheir industries and communities. Our technology available is being used toArchitecture 11 and recommended him for a weekendpostgraduate work through to his rolecentury-long commitment to meetingcreate real-world solutions. And thats Nick was ready to put his skills to work I gained invaluable experience architecture program for young students. as the co-founder of one of the mostwhy Wentworth is a place wherein a co-op position with a local firm during my time at Spagnolo,well-regarded architecture firms inthe needs of our exceptional students students will get the right education and Al Spagnolo was looking for a smart, Gisness & Associates, and developedNew England.for right nowmotivated student to take part in theconfidence in my workand chosenhasnt changed. But fulfilling this mission effort to transform Beatty Hall into the direction. The co-op experience and for TOMORROW. new Flanagan Campus Center.was truly one of the most important There is much that has evolved andin our ever-evolving world requiressteps in my education.grown at Wentworth, especially fromconstant change and investment... a program and technology standpoint. The core values havent changed, thoughinvest inthe students have a work ethic that TOMORROW S STUDENTSmake them standouts in our industry. Al Spagnolo, co-founder of Spagnolo, Gisness & Associates