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<ul><li> 1. W ELCOME TO W INSTON DUNNWinston Dunn Inc. is a premier insurance consulting firm specializing in two key growth components for retail agencies, brokers, wholesalers, MGAs and carriers across the (954) 796-8900</li></ul> <p> 2. Services Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance Specialist Specialist Whether you are buying or selling, we at Winston Dunn have the experience, relationships, and compassion to guide you through the process. Ron Lieberman, Founder of Winston Dunn has been working as a consultant in the insurance industry since 1993, and has developed strategic partnerships with thousands of principals of insurance brokerages and agencies on a national level. The following are what we've identified as the most common components of a new partnership:Post Acquisition Role Definition of partners and key employees Culture of both the buyer and seller Personalities, Values and Experience of the firms' Core Leadership Brand and Culture sustainability Cross-solicitation opportunities Identification of dual entity Markets, Resources, Programs, and Specializations Capital that can be infused to accelerate growth post-acquisition Capabilities that will enable you to participate in regional or national growth (954) 796-8900 3. Services Executive Search for Insurance Clients &amp; Executive Search for Insurance Clients &amp; Candidates CandidatesAt Winston Dunn we partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve even the most significant growth issues. Our clients look to us for advice that is honest, objective, thoughtful, and rich with experience. We are in the business of clarity. As recruiters, we take time to gather truthful information from both the client and potential candidate. Once that information has been distilled, it is our role to accurately and clearly explain all the details to both parties so that the best decision can be made. We see it as our job to discover whatever similarities and differences exist and share that knowledge with you so that you can make decisions for the best possible match. With a deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities within the insurance industry, we are confident that our consultants will help you win the war for exceptional talent. We are problem solvers with a passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to client services. We take our role seriously with the aim of aiding you in the creation long-term, sustainable (954) 796-8900 4. About Our Founder About Our Founder Ron Lieberman is the founding partner of Winston Dunn, Inc and is recognized throughout the insurance industry for his exceptional skills in evaluating professional talent coupled with his intense understanding of the complexities of this broad business sector. Leaders in the industry have consistently relied on Ron's advice and expertise to grow their own firms. Prior to the creation of Winston Dunn in 2010, Ron built and orchestrated his former venture, Global Recruiting, from start-up to a multi-million dollar success in thirteen years. Ron leads from the front and has been proven to be one of the industry's premier trainers. Under his guidance, Winston Dunn is becoming the nation's leading provider of exceptional talent within the insurance industry. As a Michigan State Alumni, husband and father of four boys, high school ice hockey coach, youth football coach, member of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce and author of the book HIRED, Ron has always has a thirst and passion to lead and grow on both personal and professional levels. (954) 796-8900 5. Contact Us Contact Us W instonDunn, Inc. inston Dunn, Inc. W 12258 NW .49th Street . 12258 NW 49th Street Coral Springs, FL 33076 Coral Springs, FL 33076 Telephone: (954) 796-8900 Telephone: (954) (954) 796-8900 6. Contact Us Contact Us W instonDunn, Inc. inston Dunn, Inc. W 12258 NW .49th Street . 12258 NW 49th Street Coral Springs, FL 33076 Coral Springs, FL 33076 Telephone: (954) 796-8900 Telephone: (954) (954) 796-8900</p>