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  • Wines, Beers and other Imbibements

    We are very proud to have received a

    Two Wine Glass Rating (Excellent) from

    Gourmet Traveller Wine for the last two

    years in a row and we continue to push

    and develop our list each year in an effort

    to improve.

  • As to other beverages beers, ciders, fortified wines,

    spirits and liqueurs we love them all. We have tried

    here to give you a list that has both depth and breadth

    so you can try all sorts of new drinks you may never have

    seen before. Feel free to ask about something if you are

    unsure or just go ahead and experiment!

    a bit about our drinks list . . .

    Cheers! Ian and Al

    Here at The Avoca we are passionate about both food and drink.

    We strongly believe that to really enjoy food at its best

    you need to combine it with the right beverage. Similarly,

    to get the most from a wine or craft beer and appreciate

    all of its complexities, you need to accompany it with

    good food.

    We also firmly believe in supporting local producers

    wherever we can. Thats why nearly every wine in our list

    is from the local regions and why so many of the beers

    are regional too. It is also one of the reasons why we use

    a great many locally sourced ingredients in our cooking.

    But we dont support local wines just for the sake of it;

    the wines of the Pyrenees/Grampians region are fantastic.

    They have unique qualities that set them apart from

    other Australian wines and so we commend them to you

    and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

  • Wines by the Glass and Beer Tap List 1

    Bottled Wines:

    Sparkling Wine 2

    White WineRiesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Others 3

    Red WineRose, Pinot, Spanish and Italian Varieties 4Merlot and Cabernets 5Shiraz, Other Varietals and Blends 6

    Winemaker's Choice WinesSpecial wines from other regions - Sparkling and White Wines 7Special wines from other regions - Red Wines 8

    Reserve Wines from Earlier VintagesReserve Sparkling and White Wine 9Reserve Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon 10Reserve Shiraz and Other Varietals 11

    Iconic Pyrenees Reserve Wines 12

    Apritifs 13

    Dessert Wines 14

    Digestifs 15

    Packaged BeerLight Ale/Lager and Bitter Ale/Lager 16Pilsner/Kolsch and Golden, Reserve and Dark Lager 17Wheat Beer 18Gose/Berliner Weisse and Pale, Blonde and Golden Ale 19India and American Pale Ale 20Seasonal and Traditional Ale 21Amber and Red Ale 22Belgian Abbey-Style Ale and Strong Ale 23Brown Ale, Black Ale and Porter 24Stout 25Lambic, Fruit and Sour Beer, Gluten Free Beer 26Ginger/Root Beer, Apple Cider, Pear Cider/Perry 27



    Australian Gin 28British Gin 29Gin from Elsewhere 30

    Armagnac, Clavados, Cognac/Brandy, Rum 31Tequila, Mezcal and Vodka 32

    Whisk(e)yAmerican Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye 33Australian Single Malt Whiskey 33Irish, Japanese and other International Whiskeys 33Blended Scotch Whisky 33Single Malt Scotch Whisky 34

    Absinthe, Grappa, Pisco, Ouzo, Raki and Others 34

    Liqueurs 35

    Avoca Cocktails 36

    Index to Beverages

  • Local Wine by the Glass

    NV 9

    2012 11

    NV 10

    2017 13

    2017 8

    2016 10

    2016 14

    NV 6

    2016 8

    2017 9

    2017 9

    2015 11

    2008 9

    2014 10

    2016 8

    2015 14

    2017 10

    2012 11

    2015 13

    2007 12

    Tap List Pot Pint

    Great Northern Supercrisp Mid-Strength 4.8 9.5

    Carlton Draught 5 10

    Carlton Dry 5 10

    Melbourne Bitter 5 10

    Red Duck Pale Ale, Ballarat 7 13.5

    Guinness Irish Stout, Dublin, Ireland 5.5 10.5

    Old Speckled Hen, Nitro Ale, England 6 11

    Estaminet Pilsner, Belgium (330ml) 9

    Hoegaarden Witbier, Belgium (330ml) 9

    Coedo Hanayoi, Rose & Hibiscus Ale, Japan (330ml, 5.5%) 10

    Saison Dupont, Farmhouse Ale, Belgium (330ml) 10

    Coldstream Apple Cider, Yarra Valley 5 10Cr






    0 m








    Counterpoint Scarlatti Shiraz/Cabernet

    Blue Pyrenees Cabernet Sauvignon

    Taltarni T Series Shiraz

    Summerfield Shiraz

    Pyrenees Nebbiolo

    Equus Classico Sangiovese

    Taltarni Fum Sauvignon Blanc

    M. Chapoutier Landsborough Chardonnay







    Degraves Road Riesling

    Moonlight Vineyard Merlot

    Redbank Winery Sasha Pinot Noir

    Pyren Little Ra Ra Rouge (Chilled)

    Dog Rock Grenache

    The Avoca Pyrenees Chardonnay

    Blue Pyrenees Viognier

    Drinks ListF





    Luna Pinot Chardonnay Sparkling

    Taltarni Brut Tch Vintage Sparkling

    Blue Pyrenees Sparkling Shiraz

    Blue Pyrenees Sauvignon Blanc

    2016 Quartz Hill Menca Rose


    0 m


    Mount Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Pinot Gris

  • White Sparkling Wine

    NV 33

    2013 40

    2012 40

    2013 48

    2013 55

    2005 165

    Pink Sparkling Wine

    NV 39

    2012 40

    NV 50

    Red Sparkling Wine

    NV 38

    2011 45

    Blue Pyrenees Estate Sparkling Shiraz

    Dog Rock Pedro's Sparkling Tempranillo/Shiraz/Grenache

    Blue Pyrenees Estate Cuve Riche

    Clover Hill Cuve Ros

    Tamar Valley, Tasmania

    Although the fruit is from Tasmania, this wine is made right here in the

    Pyrenees by Taltarni. Because it is so good, we have decided to include it in

    our list. It is a really beautiful blushed sparkling.

    Tamar Valley, Tasmania

    Sparkling Wines(all from the Victorian Pyrenees unless noted otherwise)

    Blue Pyrenees Estate Luna Pinot ChardonnayDelicious off dry non-vintage fizz from one of the region's best makers

    Taltarni Blanc de BlancsTaltarni's first 100% Chardonnay sparkling. Lovely wine

    Taltarni Brut

    Deep pink in colour. A rare Demi-Sec (semi sweet) sparkling wine

    Taltarni Brut Tch

    From the French for stained, this is probably Taltarni's most famous

    sparkling wine

    Blue Pyrenees Estate Midnight Cuve Chardonnay

    Extremely well made methode traditionelle brut. 100% Chardonnay. Earlier

    vintages of this wine have been multiple recipients of national and international

    acclaim. Great wine.

    Mitchell Harris Sabre Chardonnay Pinot NoirHaving come from Chandon in the Yarra Valley, winemaker John Harris shows

    his fine sparkling wine pedigree in this amazing methode traditionelle

    Clover Hill Cuve Prestige Blanc de Blancs

    10 years on lees! The absolute crme de la crme of Australian sparkling

    wine, and it was made right here in the Pyrenees! Close your eyes as you drink

    this magnificent wine and you could easily believe you are drinking cuve

    prestige champagne from France!

    Page 2

  • Riesling2015 35

    2017 36

    2017 43

    2016 38

    2017 49

    2011 52

    Sauvignon Blanc2017 29

    2016 32

    Chardonnay2013 30

    2015 42

    2016 59

    2015 95

    Viognier2016 30

    2014 52

    2014 64

    Other White Varietals/Blends2017 37

    2015 39

    2014 44Glenlofty Estate Marsanne/Roussanne

    Blue Pyrenees Estate Viognier

    These Rhone varieties are also set to do well here in the Victorian Pyrenees.

    The wine is lovely and buttery but with great acid balance and length.

    Quartz Hill ViognierUnctuous and delicious, this wine displays all of the hallmarks of great

    Viognier. This variety has a great future here in the Pyrenees.

    Dalwhinnie Moonambel Viognier

    Mount Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Pinot Gris

    Best's Great Western RieslingGrampians, Victoria

    Blue Pyrenees Estate Chardonnay

    Dalwhinnie The Hut Chardonnay

    A savoury mix of 79% Sauv Blanc and 21% Riesling with extended skin contact

    to yield the first Orange wine from the Pyrenees.

    Pyren Vineyard Little Ra Ra Roopa

    Grampians, Victoria

    The benchmark for Pyrenees Chardonnay. Beautiful balance between fruit and

    oak. Oozes class.

    M. Chapoutier Domaine Tournon Landsborough Riesling

    Blue Pyrenees Estate Sauvignon Blanc

    Taltarni Fum Sauvignon Blanc

    White Wines(all from the Victorian Pyrenees unless noted otherwise)

    Mount Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Riesling

    Dog Rock Reserve Riesling

    Good example of Pyrenees Riesling, with delicious fruit, citrus overtones and

    good acidity. Nice weight on the palate.

    Grampians, Victoria

    Crisp and fresh with lovely forward fruit. Typical herbaceous characters of

    Sauvignon Blanc. Great with seafood.

    A more full-bodied style named after the Sauvignon Blanc wines from the

    Pouilly Fum region in France. The wine spends some time in charred oak

    barrels giving it a different structure and palate.

    Grampians, Victoria

    Degraves Riesling

    Best's House Block Riesling (Off-dry, Kabinett style)

    M. Chapoutier Domaine Tournon Landsborough Chardonnay

    Dalwhinnie Moonambel Chardonnay

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  • Ros and Light Reds2017 30

    2015 34

    2017 36

    2017 43

    Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier2015 35

    2013 44

    2017 56

    2017 56

    2015 67

    Italian & Spanish Varieties & Blends2010 32

    2017 34

    2012 38

    2015 39

    2013 53

    2013 43

    2014 45

    2016 46

    2011 55

    2015 58

    2015 60

    2010 72

    M. Chapoutier Domaine Tournon Pyrenees GrenacheFrom the masters of Grenache in the Southern Rhne, this wine has great

    intensity, delightful palate weight and a lovely, fruity, elegant finish.

    M. C