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  • Alcohol free tipple Try our Elderflower or

    Ros Lemonade served in a wine glass

    WHITE WINE 175ml 250ml Bottle

    Castelbello Bianco 4.80 6.40 18.45 Italy Crisp and refreshing white wine, with subtle flavours of green apple and citrus fruit.

    Calia Chardonnay 5.55 7.15 21.15 Argentina Tropical fruit dominates the palate of this Chardonnay which has just a touch of light oak influence on the finish.

    Monte Verde Sauvignon Blanc 5.10 6.65 19.20 Central Valley, Chile A zesty Sauvignon Blanc with tropical fruit flavours and crisp style.

    Marchesini Pinot Grigio di Pavia 5.50 7.10 20.95 Lombardia, Italy A crisp, dry wine made to a fuller style than is typical of this popular grape variety. Cool-fermented for maximum fruit and acidity retention.

    Les Collinettes Sancerre 31.00 France Stylish and crisp, with the classic blackcurrant leaves and gooseberry character of this well-known Loire wine, from a top producer.

    Picpoul de Pinet 22.95 Languedoc, France A citrussy and stone fruit character highlighted with floral notes.

    Petit Chablis J.Moreau et Fils 32.00 Burgundy, France Classically dry, refreshingly lean and a deliciously crisp minerality.

    Villa Maria PB Sauvignon Blanc 24.95 New Zealand A benchmark white with classic mown grass, green pepper and tropical fruit flavours.

    WINE OF THE MONTHSpecially selected On Trade Exclusive Wines just for you

    RED WINE 175ml 250ml Bottle

    Castelbello Rosso 4.80 6.40 18.45 Del Veneto, Italy A soft, fruity red with juicy red berry fruit flavours. A blend of predominantly Sangiovese from central and southern Italy and Merlot from northern Italy.

    Footsteps Shiraz 5.00 6.65 19.25 Australia A rich, vibrant, red-berry fruit-driven style with just a pinch of oak spice.

    Marques de Morano Tinto 6.20 7.85 22.95 Rioja, Spain An easy drinking Rioja, just a hint of traditional oakiness and abundant juicy ripe berries.

    Rare Vineyards Pinot Noir 22.40 VdP DOc, France Strawberry and red cherry flavours intertwine in a soft, downy structure.

    Monte Verde Cabernet Sauvignon 19.95 Central Valley, Chile Full of upfront blackcurrant flavours and ripe tannins, oaked to give a smooth finish.

    Granfort Merlot 20.50 France This rich, juicy Merlot has been personally selected from some of the best estates to the west of Narbonne. It shows all the true characteristics of the variety, with lots of full plummy fruit and soft, rounded tannins.

    Malbrontes Malbec 24.95 Argentina A well balanced Malbec, tastes of velvety fruit with just a lightly floral note.



  • ROS WINE 175ml 250ml Bottle Vita Zinfandel Ros 4.85 6.45 18.55 Puglia, Italy Really fruity, really smooth and really easy to drink.

    Marchesini Pinot Grigio Rosato del Veneto 5.50 7.10 20.95 Veneto - Italy Just off-dry with delicious peach and strawberry flavours.

    BUBBLES 175ml Bottle Prosecco 6.95 26.95 Italy A fresh dry, fruity sparkler made using the Prosecco grape.

    Veuve Clicquot 59.00 France The champagne presents a fine balance between fruity aromas and more subtle toasty notes. Initial flavours of white fruits and raisins develop into notes of brioche and vanilla with bottle ageing.

    Laurent-Perrier Cuve Ros Brut 75.00 France This ros champagne is memorable for its freshness and unique aromas of fresh-picked red berries. Simply the best!

    Add some sparkle to your Thursday

    GIN Hendricks Meet the delightfully curious Hendricks Gin. Life is simply too glorious not to experience its peculiar flavour, infused with rose and cucumber in their remote Scottish distillery.

    Bombay The 10 precious botanicals used in this gin are held separate from the spirit in perforated copper baskets, and when the heated vapours rise, the distinctive flavour of the botanicals are released. The result? A complex aromatic liquid that delivers a broader, more balanced flavour.

    Gordons Gordons London Dry gin is carefully distilled using a secret recipe. The distinctively refreshing taste comes from the finest handpicked juniper berries and a selection of other botanicals. Its the taste thats made Gordons the worlds best-selling London Dry gin.

    Silent Pool Our signature gin, with 24 botanicals carefully chosen for their uniqueness, that work together in unison to afford a romantic, complex flavour. Fresh floral and clarifying citrus notes are grounded by earthy and spicy cassia bark and cubeb, and a smooth finish is achieved with the help of local honey. Refreshingly individual, intricately realised gin in 43% ABV.

    Any Gin & Fever-Tree Tonic 4.50ALL DAY, EVERY WEDNESDAY

    *Offer excludes doubles#gin&tonic


    MIXERS Belvoir Sparkling Elderflower Presse - 250ml

    Fentimans Rose Lemonade - 275ml (our favourite tipple with Hendricks)Fentimans Ginger Beer - 275ml

    FEVER-TREE Tonic Water - 200mlFEVER-TREE Light Tonic Water - 200mlFEVER-TREE Mediterranean Tonic - 200mlFEVER-TREE Elderflower Tonic - 200ml FEVER-TREE Aromatic Tonic - 200ml

    Try our NEW Rhubarb & Ginger

    Gin With Fever-Tree

    Tonic Delicious!

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  • AWARD WINNING ALES, LAGERS & STOUT London Pride - 4.1% Youngs - 3.7% Greene King IPA - 3.6% Peroni Nastro Azzurro - 5.1% San Miguel - 5.0% Kronenbourg - 5.0% Carling - 4.0% Fosters - 4.0% Guinness - 4.1%

    BOTTLES Singha Thai Beer - 5.0% Corona Extra - 4.6% Budweiser - 5.0% Desperados - 5.9% Newcastle Brown Ale - 4.7% SanMiguel - Alcohol Free 0.00% Gluten Free Lager - Please ask your server for availability

    CIDER Strongbow - 4.5% (DRAUGHT)

    Cloudy Apple - 4.5% (DRAUGHT) NEW Sparkling cloudy cider made in Hertfordshire

    Bulmers Original - 4.5%

    Old Mout Cider - 4.0% - Summer Berries - Passion Fruit & Apple - Kiwi & Lime - Pomegranate & Strawberry


    PREMIUM SPIRITS A small selection of our premium spirits can be found below, but dont forget to ask at the bar for the full range!

    Silent Pool Gin Hendricks Gin Crystal Head Vodka Hennessy XO Glenfiddich 12yr Old Malt Whisky Woods 100 Old Navy Rum

    LONG DRINKS Bloody Mary Big Tom tomato juice and Premium Vodka with all the trimmings Irish Mule Jameson Irish whisky and Fentimans Ginger Beer PIMMS & Lemonade By the glass or Pitcher! We make that PIMMS OClock..

    SOFT DRINKS Belvoir Sparkling Elderflower Presse Fentimans - Rose Lemonade J20 - Various flavours Pepsi, Diet Pepsi & R-Whites Appletiser Coca Cola Diet Coca Cola Harrogate Still or Sparkling. (330ml and 750ml)

    JUICE Big Tom Spiced Tomato Juice | Fresh Orange Juice | Cranberry Juice Pineapple Juice | Britvic 100% Apple Juice

  • LIQUEUR COFFEE What better way to end a stylish feast than with a wonderfully wicked liqueur coffee. IrishBrandyBaileys LatteFloater Just like a liqueur coffee but without the alcohol

    HOT CHOCOLATE Hot Chocolate made with fresh steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate powder.


    The biccies are on us

    COFFEE Espresso A short, strong black coffee.

    Espresso Doppio A double Espresso.

    Macchiato An Espresso with a dash of creamy milk.

    Flat White A ristretto with densely foamed flat milk.

    Americano Long black coffee with or without milk.

    Cappuccino Coffee combining Espresso with steamed and frothy milk and an optional chocolate topping.

    Caffe Latte Coffee made with steamed milk.

    Mocha Caffe Latte with hot chocolate topped with creamy frothy milk.

    Decaffeinato Espresso coffee without the caffeine.

    Our Caf Crme beans are not just any old coffee beans,

    they are Coffee bay Caf Crme beans roasted

    and locally sourced from Surbiton, Surrey.

    In a hurry? Enjoy your favourite coffee to go!


  • TEA

    Everyday BrewA perfectly balanced blend with a malty, zesty, rich strength.Good if youre feeling... In any mood, this cup is perfect for any mood any time of day. If youre feeling slightly grizzly, its a guaranteed hug in a cup! If youre in a brilliant mood, it will make you feel even better hurrah!

    Jasmine PearlsVery delicate green tea with a light, floral, refreshing, natural jasmine taste.Good if youre feeling... In need of relaxation and detox. Like all teas, this is bursting with antioxidants - the good guys that help keep us young and healthy.

    Mao Feng Green TeaThis tea has a delicate natural taste of fresh summer air, peaches and apricots. A lovely clear pale green infusion, not the murky brown you often see with standard green teas.Good if youre feeling... In need of a make-over. Cant afford rehab, liposuction or Botox? Why not settle for a nice cuppa? You may have heard about the many reputed benefits of drinking green tea, ranging from weight loss to anti-ageing - more fun than cosmetic surgery!

    Earl Grey StrongStrong black tea with delicate darjeeling and fancy bergamot. An earl grey but with wallop!Good if youre feeling... In need of a sophisticated boost!

    Peppermint LeavesPure mint - so, as youd expect a strong minty taste, then very refreshing, very light. Naturally caffeine free.Good if youre feeling... Rumbly - we all know that this will do the trick.

    Lemon and GingerA ginger kick with refreshing lemon.Good if youre feeling... Mellow - this lemon and gingery blend will lift your spirits on even the cloudiest of days.

    NIBBLES & R AMEKINS Wasabi NutsSa